October, 2015 Newsletter (pdf)


Teenagers “Acquire the Fire” in Myanmar
p1aMISSION MYANMAR began July 16 when 50 young missionaries from the U.S. and additional teams from China, South Korea, and Taiwan converged on the city of Yangon,” stated a press release from Teen Mania International, announcing that they had been invited by Myanmar Evangelical Christian Association to share the gospel in their country (also known as Burma). Other ministries joined in this unprecedented opportunity “to provoke a young generation to passionately pursue Jesus Christ and to take His life-giving message to the ends of the earth!”

After two days of intense training, these young missionaries provided support for ministries and local churches, working in orphanages and medical missions as well as visiting destitute communities to extend invitations to the two-day “Acquire the Fire” youth rally in the capital city. Invitations had been posted throughout Yangon and teams had traveled all over Myanmar for six months to appeal to pastors, youth workers, and leaders to attend this life-changing event. No one could predict how many would come. It had been 60 years since the gospel was publicly proclaimed to this predominantly Buddhist nation. “We were completely dependent on God.”A group of ladies prayed “on location” for 24 hours before the rally began on Friday, July 24.

Seven hundred volunteers from area churches assisted with all aspects of the amazing event. Enormous tents provided cover for 10,000 seats on the field of Yangon’s outdoor Insein Football (soccer) Stadium, with its covered bleachers.

Just days before the main event, David J. (picturedp1b right, already in Myanmar) called Kendall C., his long-time associate in Thailand, about a possible supply of Christian literature. Apparently certain literature plans had not come through, and other sources had to be found quickly. Kendall thought of WMP’s national coordinator in Myanmar and offered to make the connection. “It was a shot in the dark getting a quick reply from Martin (pictured above left),” said Kendall. “But I tried, and he responded!”

For more than half an hour, Kendall in Thailand and Martin in Myanmar shot messages back and forth on Facebook concerning what WMP booklets Martin had available for the event that weekend. “It really was something that only the Lord could have orchestrated!” Kendall wrote later.

Martin committed to 5,000 copies total of Help From Above, A Bible Study on Genesis, He Is Risen! and God Loves You as well as copies of The Way to God andHow to Know God from his “very low supply.”

That very day a Twitter message from David J. informed his followers: “Just secured over 5,000 free Christian booklets from @WMP_USA in Yangon for the @TeenMania @acquirethefire Mission Myanmar! So blessed.”

Teen Mania reported, “Many people traveled hours and hours, by car or bus or train. Some groups rode the train for three days, coming from the northern region…. You could sense the desperation for God that transcended language.p2a

“What a stunning, awe-filled moment to hear the sound of thousands of voices singing in worship to our God! Even more amazing to experience it in the pouring rain, under a massive tent, right in the middle of the capital city of a country where it has only become legal to worship God with this kind of freedom in the past several years. The sounds of around 13,000 people worshiping in both Burmese and English… felt a lot like heaven.”

p2bWhen the invitation was given to follow Jesus Christ with their whole lives for the first time, “thousands got out of their seats and moved through the mud-soaked ground to lay their hearts before God. About 3,000 people over the course of Friday and Saturday committed their lives to Christ.”

It was on the second day of the “Acquire the Fire” youth conference thatnearly 6,000 WMP booklets were handed out to attendees, along with a free lunch provided by the conference hosts. What a privilege for WMP to be involved in providing God’s Word for such a far-reaching event!
In recent weeks, heavy monsoon rains and Cyclone Komen (with landslides and flash floods) have devastated vast areas of Myanmar. In the Kalay region p2calone, where Martin’s ministry has churches and where some of WMP’s booklet distributors live, nearly 5,000 families still need food and shelter.

Printings of Help From Above in the Shan language and Meditations in the Psalms in Mizo for Bible study have recently been completed in Myanmar. Martin wants to print 100,000 copies of How to Know Godand 30,000 copies of God Loves You in Burmese to distribute along with relief aid to flood-affected families. “During this time of disaster in Myanmar, people are looking for God.”

Find out more about the Myanmar “Acquire the Fire” event and the recent devastation in Myanmar by scanning the QR code at right or visit www.wmpress-restofthestory.org

  [You can help provide Myanmar with much-needed Scripture materials – a gift of $50 to produce 1,000 Scripture booklets; God Loves You salvation coloring books cost just 15 cents each!]


Grateful Quotes

p3a“Something Written in Their Language”

   Bruce and Gail U. have used World Missionary Press literature in Peru for 20 years. They have planted churches, built safe houses for women and children in distress, established a Bible school for pastors, and developed a camp ministry for children and families. They also visit those in hospitals and prisons.

“Greetings from Peru! Gail has been ministering to four women in prison – one from Germany and three from Thailand – who need Christian literature in their languages. The German [woman] comes from an atheistic family where not one believes in God. And the Thai women all believed in and served Buddha. But now they have all accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior! Praise God! Is it possible that you could send us literature in German and Thai for these new believers?”

 In response, WMP sent Scripture booklets in Thai and German as p3bwell as a German New Testament which someone had donated to WMP. Bruce replied,

“Thank you so much for the German New Testament and the booklets in German and Thai. They arrived safely and have already been given to the four women in the Iquitos prison. I wish you could have seen the three Thai women as they saw something written in their language. They were exuberant!! They told me the titles of the booklets and were all smiles as they kept telling me thank you for such a precious gift. The thanks go to you and WMP for making this all possible. May God continue to bless you and the ministry of WMP.”         –Bruce U., Peru


Meet the Team
Marilyn C., Prepress Assistant
p3cI first heard about World Missionary Press through Every Home for Christ. Their prayer request list included World Missionary Press at New Paris, Indiana. When I discovered it was only 55 miles from where I lived, I decided to attend the next open house. A desire had always been in my heart to work for a mission ministry. A couple of years after my first visit, I was asking God if it would be possible for me to be involved with this ministry. It wasn’t long before He  answered this prayer!

After expressing my interest, I was interviewed by Jay and Vicky Benson and Jay asked me to join the staff.  I  guess I passed the test!  I started in January, 2006, more than nine years ago, in the prepress department. I burned and developed printing press plates – before we acquired CTP (Computer-To-Plate) equipment, scanned booklet typesetting and negatives into the computer, and now I prepare languages on the computer for plating.  I also enjoy proofreading.

The best part of WMP is the  printing and sending  of Scripture booklets in many languages to get the  Word of God into the hands and hearts of those who don’t know who Jesus is. It’s amazing how God has brought together so many different personalities, all with the goal of producing and sending out Scripture booklets all over the world. I feel “at home” here, working alongside others who share my desire.

In my spare time I enjoy playing the piano (especially when accompanying someone who sings or plays an instrument), reading, and Bible study.  A friend and I give music programs each week for residents in nursing homes in the Knox, Indiana area.  She plays the flute and I accompany her. With the Lord’s help, I have participated in ministry trips to Guatemala (twice), Cuba, and Argentina.

The Lord has blessed me with  four wonderful children, fourteen grandchildren, three granddaughters-in-law, and six great grandchildren – who were a great comfort to me when my husband passed away in December, 2013. Several have been on mission trips to various countries, which is a great blessing to this mother’s heart!

And now Dale C., a long-time staff member at WMP, is part of my family, too, since we were married on July 18! God brought us together to serve him here at WMP.  To God be the Glory!

   [Last month’s Meet the Team featured Marilyn’s new husband, Dale.]


WMP Partners Around the World

Pioneer Outreach Ministries, Int’l.

For 40 years Howard and Helen T. have been leading teams overseas to build, teach, and evangelize. Each team takes World Missionary Press literature to help give every opportunity to share the message of Christ’s love and sacrifice for hurting, hungry hearts.  WMP celebrates with this faithful couple in what God has done through their obedience to His call.

p4aWMP: Could you briefly describe your ministry and the impact WMP literature has had?

Helen:  I am excited to write a short testimony regarding World Missionary Press literature. We are Rev. Howard and Helen T., Pioneer Outreach Ministries, Int’l. We will celebrate 40 years of ministry and 57 years of marriage in October. Pioneer is a building ministry for churches, Bible schools, pastors’ homes, and feeding centers in remote parts of the world. We have helped in 33 countries, teaching and preaching the Word of God with helps from WMP in many languages and dialects.

Approximately 35 years ago, I was given a coloring book from World Missionary Press by a pastor in Ohio. My heart was inflamed by this book. I immediately made contact with WMP and began receiving these coloring books, New Testaments, and Scripture booklets for Mexico, Peru, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, India, and many other countries. Many children and adults in remote areas have never seen a coloring book, crayons, or literature such as this. These items are first in our packing. We see smiles from every recipient and have even had teachers of schools request them as literature to teach with. Pastors request the material over and over.p4b-PresCorner

Our visit to World Missionary Press [several years ago for the Open House and Anniversary Dinner] was amazing – to see seniors and others volunteering to run machines. May God keep this press rolling for Jesus!

Howard and Helen both struggle with major health issues. But when planning for a team to Peru in July of this year, Helen (82) called WMP from her hospital bed to be sure they would have Spanish coloring books and New Testaments for the pastors and for the children particularly. The team of 17 returned home with full hearts – blessed beyond measure – stirred by the great needs and what the next step would be for each of them.

President’s Corner

Here at World Missionary Press we just can’t stop praisingGod for the privilege of producing and sending millions of portions of His Word throughout the world every month!Imagine the eternal impact, as He uses these Scripture materials to bring light and life to the lost. Wow!

As a valued member of our team, you are invited to join us October 24 to celebrate our 54th year of ministry! See the enclosed flyer for details about our open house and carry-in dinner. Has it been awhile since you’ve visited? Come see our new property, building upgrades, and new equipment in operation.
You don’t want to miss our carry-in dinner that evening, featuring main speaker Dr. Cleopas Chitapa, Regional Director of the Every Home for Christ work in 25 African nations. Too far to
drive? You can join us via live stream at www.wmpress.org.p4c-UpcomingShipments

A Bonus Blessing – This fall WMP is partnering

with Soles for Jesus, collecting shoes for a container shipment to Africa. Shoes and Scripture are shared together, meeting both physical and spiritual needs. Bring new or gently-used pairs of shoes to our Open House or Dinner to bless bodies and souls in Africa!

Thank you so much for your partnership in reaching millions with the Gospel!

Harold Mack, President