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To request a copy, e-mail or call 574-831-2111 ext. 213.  You may also download the following online version…Mission Ideas for Children!  (pdf)

You can give God’s Word to children who need it!  (pdf)  Download your free copy of “You can give God’s Word to children who need it!” poster.  It’s a 12X18 full color poster that you can use for your VBS program.

bkltswshadMissions Ideas for Children

For your children’s ministries, Sunday School, children’s church, or VBS –   You will find here a variety of suggestions for your consideration as a focus for your children’s ministry missions offering.

These project ideas relate to reaching boys and girls in other countries with the powerful Word of God.

What better investment can there be! What better way to encourage children to begin focusing on worldwide outreach and the influence they personally can have in fulfilling the Great Commission!




Idea #1
Thermometer Display

Make a large poster of a thermometer showing funds raised for The Way to God Scripture booklets. Color with a red marker as funds increase. Adjust the numbers on the poster according to your expectations.


Idea2-HIR-leftIdea #2

Salvation Coloring Books for Children in Other Countries

Your children can provide 32-page He Is Risen! salvation coloring books, filled with pictures to color and excellent teaching from God’s Word, for other children in the States or in Mexico, Russia, Romania, Brazil, or other countries.

   The cost to print 1,000 coloring books (at 19 cents each) is $190; 2,500coloring books cost $475; 5,000 coloring books cost $950.

WMP can provide a variety of languages for the He Is Risen! coloring book so that you can use them to make an attractive poster or project display.

If you wish, you could announce that for every $10 raised, a picture of one coloring book will be added to a display at the front of your meeting room. (You can photo copy the front cover of a He Is Risen! coloring book, making enough copies to represent the offering raised.) To make your own copies, you may download  He Is Risen PDF.

Idea #3
Boxes = Fulfilling the Great Commission!Idea3-Whitnerkids-rt

Children respond well to the challenge of raising funds to pay for boxes of Scripture booklets to be sent around the world.

As each $20 in offerings is collected, another box can be stacked in front of the meeting room. An offering of $300 would add up to a stack of 12 boxes. Or an offering of $500 would build a tower of 20 boxes!

Every filled box contains about 500 Scripture booklets, ready to tell boys and girls in other countries about the love of Jesus.

WMP can loan you empty boxes for this purpose. You can arrange to pick up boxes at WMP.


Idea4-ship-leftIdea #4

Shipping Scripture Booklets to a Foreign Country  

1. Make a paper or cardboard ship about 10 feet long, proportioned similarly to the picture above. Post that ship at the front of your meeting room. You could label it, USS Scripture Booklets.

2. Cut out rectangles from cardboard or brown paper to represent boxes of Scripture booklets. If your ship is 10 feet long, the boxes should be 8″ long and 3″ high.You could write on each box 500 Scripture booklets.

3. Tell the boys and girls that for every $20 they bring for their offerings, they can put one box on the ship to be sent to a foreign country.

4. The goal is to pile the ship as high as possible with boxes of Scripture booklets.


Idea5-globefaces-1stpar-rtIdea #5

Faces of the World

Prepare a large colored drawing of the world (about 10 ft. wide) to post at the front of your meeting room. Have the students color the faces of children from other parts of the world.   As every $25 comes in for the missions offering, one of the children can glue or tape one of the colored faces onto the world.  PDF’s available:  Color or Black and White.

This serves as a visual reminder that your students are touching other children around the world with God’s Word.  At some point, each child can be given a copy of The Way to God Scripture booklet OR He Is Risen! salvation coloring book as a reminder of the ministry they are supporting. (Request enough free copies for this purpose.)

Idea #6
Buy a Roll of PaperIdea6-paperroll-rt

One 35″-wide roll of paper for our big printing press, costing about $1,430, can produce the inside pages of more than 80,000 48-page Scripture booklets.

An investment of about $500 provides for the inside pages for 40,000 Scripture booklets likeThe Way to God.

Your offering of $715 or $1,430 could reach 40,000 to 80,000 children with the gospel!


Idea #7WTGsuitcase

Fill a Suitcase

Leaders can present a big, empty suitcase at the beginning of VBS, labeled “Sending the Word to the World.”  For each dollar a child brings in offerings, he/she can place a (rubber-banded) pack of 25 Scripture booklets into the suitcase. (It actually costs just $1.00 to produce 25 booklets!)

The goal is to fill the suitcase as full as possible with Scripture booklets.

You can request a supply of The Way to God Scripture booklets for this purpose. They come 500 per 10-lb. box.

Boys and girls in countries around the world need to learn about Jesus and His love. By reading Scripture booklets in their language, they can know how to have their sins forgiven and receive the gift of eternal life.
Please send VBS offerings in a check to the address below. If you can, please also send a photo and/or a description of the project you used to raise funds.

bible read a thon 1Idea #8

Bible Read-A-Thon

Both teens and children are challenged to read chapters from the Bible. They find sponsors who will pay whatever amount they decide upon for each chapter read. WMP provides a chart and further information. After an allotted time the readers count the chapters read, collect the money from their sponsors, and give it to their project leader. Then the funds are sent directly to World Missionary Press. To download and print a copy of the Bible Read-A-Thon, click here. To request free copies, please contact us.



Idea #9

Fill a BankSammyNewLabel

5 cents will print and send one Scripture booklet anywhere in the world! $1 will print and send 20 Scripture booklets on average! Banks can be provided by WMP for this purpose. To accompany the bank, you may also   to hang in your classroom. These banks can be placed in many locations – people always have loose change! When finished, collect the money from the bank(s), write a check to WMP for the amount, and re-use it!


Idea #10

Packing Boxes of Booklets

Workers at WMP place Scripture booklets carefully into boxes as they come off the conveyor belt. You can help them fill a box! It costs about $20 to fill one box with 500 booklets. This can be an exciting project and can provide competition between classes or individuals. Who can fill the most boxes? We can provide empty boxes for visual impact for this purpose if you wish.


Idea #11Quarter-sm-rt

Quarter Power

Each child is given 20 quarters. They are to exchange the quarters for whatever anyone will give for them – one dollar, five dollars, etc. At the end of a specified time they all bring their increased amount to the project leader. See what can be done as children work enthusiastically to multiply their gifts. One group sent to WMP a donation 40 times the original investment!



 Idea #12kidonbike-lft


Young people could find sponsors who agree to pay them so much for each mile they bike. After biking, the young person would contact each sponsor, collect the money earned, and then send it to World Missionary Press.




My Height in Quarters

As a group project, you could take the average height in inches of the people in your group. Multiply the number of inches by 14 to find the number of quarters that would be needed. For example, if the average height of the members of your group were 4′ 7 1/4″, that would amount to $193.38. (55.25″ x 14 = 773.5 quarters = $193.38)
By using a similar nickel project, one primary department sent a check for $280 to WMP.


Pointers for Success

1. Help young people learn and practice faith by setting a realistic goal that is not simple to meet. Emphasize that “with God nothing shall be impossible” (Luke 1:37).

2. Involve elements of suspense, surprise, and challenge, using realistic goals on the one hand, but at the same time acknowledging the power of God and the wonderful faith that children are capable of.
3. In telling the stories about the NEED involved in the project selected, be truthful. Use no fabricated stories. If the teacher has pondered the story so well that he/she is moved emotionally, it will relate effectively to the children. They will catch the impact and will respond enthusiastically.

4. It is good to show each day the total money given that day and the total number of booklets the offering represents. (Each booklet costs 4 cents for production and mailing. Each dollar pays for 25 booklets on average.)

If you have created projects of your own that would help to send out God’s Word, we would like to hear about them. Also, it would be of interest to us to hear about the blessings you received from using the projects listed above.

Projects for Adults

Our Number One Need

PRAYER – PRAYER – MORE PRAYER! Satan will bring every type of confusion, onslaught, and battle against the Word of God, which he despises.

We can send you a detailed prayer letter with a request for every day of the month. As you join thousands of others in prayer for specific requests, we will literally see God’s power at work. To join our prayer team, click here to receive our prayer sheet via E-mail, or click here to receive our  prayer letter  via regular mail.


Monthly Support

Establish a personal “$30.00 Club” (or “Club 30”). Through World Missionary Press you can reach an equivalent of one person every hour, 24 hours a day, for $30.00 per month.

Smaller Gifts

Perhaps you can’t take on any of the above projects, but you could send $5 or $10 each month, trusting God to provide it for you.Little is much when God is in it!

Projects which Cost Nothing in Dollars and Cents

Have a Garage Sale
Collect and sell items at a garage sale or auction. Several families could cooperate in conducting a garage sale and send proceeds to WMP.

Used Bibles
Many letters come from pastors, Sunday school teachers, and others overseas, asking for complete Bibles. Do you have good new or used King James Version or New King James Version Bibles you could send? Those with study helps are especially appreciated by workers overseas.

Used Postage Stamps
Yes, we can use them, too. They are exchanged for money so we can print more booklets. Care must be taken when cutting stamps off envelopes so the stamps are not cut or torn. Leave 1/4 inch border around the stamps. We can use only FOREIGN and COMMEMORATIVE U.S. stamps.

WMP Videos/DVDs
Invite some friends or neighbors in and show them one of WMP’s videos or DVDs. Give each one a copy of Help From Above and the latest issue of WMP News. Prayerfully introducing the work in this way can pay rich dividends.

For more resources click here.

Boys and girls in countries around the world need to learn about Jesus and His love. By reading Scripture booklets in their language, they can know how to have their sins forgiven and receive the gift of eternal life.

Idea6-2boys-leftPlease send offerings in a check to the address below.
If you can, please also send a photo and/or a description of the project you used to raise funds.Idea5-kidphotos-2ndpar-left

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