Ideas for sharing the Good News!

Share the Good News with WMP Scripture Booklets Brochure (pdf)


While shopping…

– Hand a Scripture booklet to the cashier
– Hand Scripture booklets to the passengers on the elevators

While on vacation or traveling, give them to…

– Waitresses
– Cashiers
– Flight Attendants
– Cab Drivers
– Local Employees
– Gas Station Workers
– Truck Drivers
– Fast Food Employees

At Motels:

– Leave one on Dressers for the Maid
– Leave one in the Gideons Bible

Share with Missionaries:

– Write or e-mail missionaries supported by your church (or ask them when they visit). Ask them which language and titles they would like. Then start sending booklets. When you order, just ask us to ship directly to your missionary.

Other ways to use booklets in languages other than your own:

– Hand Scripture booklets out in Korea towns, China towns, International Festivals, Fairs, etc.
– Take Scripture booklets with you when traveling overseas, mission trips, on business or pleasure.
– Attend international events, such as the Olympics, where many languages are spoken.

During Christmas Season:

– Many churches hand out flyers in their neighborhoods inviting people to attend Christmas services. By adding a booklet to your flyer, you can be sure each household gets a clear Gospel presentation in case they don’t make it to your service.
– Send booklets with Christmas cards
– Give booklets out with your Church Christmas program/bulletin
– Go see the Christmas lights and hand out booklets to the sightseers
– Put booklets in food baskets and with gifts
– Give gift bags to your fellow workers with a small inexpensive gift (chocolates, mug, etc) and include a booklet

At Your Home:

Your home can be an ideal place for witnessing to family and friends.

– Leave booklets on your coffee table for your guests
– When paying bills enclose a booklet with your payment
– Having a garage sale? Set up a “free literature” table (Ask for a WMP business display)


This Halloween, trick-or-treaters will come to your door asking for a treat. It’s the perfect time to drop a booklet in their bag along with the candy. What better “treat” is there than the gospel?

This is one of the greatest opportunities we have to point a dying world to Jesus! It never gets easier than this to give kids and their families the gospel in one night.


In Your Church:

– Ask your pastor if you can put booklets in the church pews for people to take home with them after the service.
– Hand a booklet to every visitor as they leave your service
– Include them in your church “Welcome” packet to new visitors
– Give everyone in your Sunday School class a Scripture booklet and teach the lesson from it. Then send the Scripture booklets home for their parents to read.
– Hand out Scripture booklets along with the programs for your church plays.
– Set up a WMP business display at your church next to your tract rack.

Places NOT to leave Scripture booklets:

  1. Please do not leave Scripture booklets in restrooms or other public places in a mass distribution effort.  Often these Scripture booklets are cleaned up and thrown away.
  2. Please do not place in mailboxes.  This is illegal.
  3. Please do not leave them laying in places to be trampled underfoot.
  4. If you do a mass distribution, please pick up any that are thrown on the ground.  PLEASE DO NOT LITTER!