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Capital Needs for 2022


World Missionary Press is seeking funding for the following needs. Would you like to help us by giving towards these projects?

We have the following items to consider:  Replacement of an aging furnace / HVAC unit in the web press area; replacement of 8 press cylinders on the web press; running 480 volt electrical service to the back of our existing building, in preparation for moving binderies; approval to raise funds for Building for the Kingdom Phase 2 equipment and other expenses.

Furnace / HVAC Replacement                                                              $7,190

We are in need of replacing a Furnace and A/C unit located by the web press. The current unit is from 1993 and is an R12 Freon unit. It has begun having significant air conditioning issues and it is recommended we replace it. A new high-efficiency unit will cost $7,190.

Web Press Cylinder Replacement                                                       $70,000 (approx.)

We are looking at needing some substantial maintenance done to the web press in the next 6 months. Our web press team has battled some mechanical issues. Our repairman is saying that it appears that we will need to replace the 8 cylinders in the press. The quote for the cylinders is $53,514 for parts, plus labor. These parts will likely have to be manufactured. Our repairman is going to try one other thing to fix the press, if this doesn’t fix it then the cylinders would be the next step. Labor guestimate is approximately $15,000.

Building for the Kingdom Phase 2                            $250,000 (approx.)

We consider the following to be part of the second phase of our Building for the Kingdom project. Phase two entails reorganizing the equipment in our main production area to optimize workflow and increase overall production efficiency. As part of this phase, we need to run power from the front of our existing facility to the back; we would like to purchase a new (additional) baler system for handling bindery paper scrap; and we would like to purchase a third booklet bindery. We will also need to add ductwork for blowing bindery scrap paper to the baler, run electrical to each bindery and the baler once the equipment is moved / installed, run compressed air piping, and purchase additional pallet racking for the new shipment staging area. The estimated cost for phase 2 is $250,000.

Run 480 Volt Electrical Service to new Bindery Area                    $33,062

Part of the Building for the Kingdom project is relocating equipment to improve workflow and enhance efficiency. We need to begin preparing for moving the bindery equipment from their current locations to the back of our existing facility. Part of doing so requires getting electrical service, 200 Amp, 480V, to the current Small Orders Department and on back to the back warehouse for the NT Bindery. We would like to run the electrical service now, to have it in place before the shipping warehouse is completed. This involves running the power from the existing entry point, 250 feet to the Small Order area. The main run will cost $33,062. There will be additional cost involved with running the power from the electrical box to each machine.

Refurbished Baler and Dust Collection System                               $63,800 (approx.)

In order to have a smooth transition of equipment to the Small Orders area and because our existing baler is approximately 51 years old, we’d like to purchase a newer Scrap Paper Baler and have it installed before we move the booklet binderies. We would also need a dust collection system capable of handling 3 binderies, plus fans and connecting components. Approximate price for the newer baler components is $63,800. This is based on a currently-available newer used baler and new dust collection system. Lead time for building the dust collection system is quoted between 2 and 4 months. We would not want to take delivery of the baler and dust collection system before the new shipment staging warehouse is completed, and we are able to move the Small Orders Department.

Note, each year we receive approximately $30,000 from the sale of scrap paper, collected primarily from operation of the booklet binderies – so the new baler and dust collection system will pay for itself in about two years.

Newer, Good Condition Third Booklet Bindery                   $140,000 (approx.)

We would also like to have a newer third booklet bindery installed and operational. Additionally, a third bindery would allow us to have a bindery always set up to run two up booklets or Bible studies, saving setup time in frequently needing to change Bindery “A” over between 4-up and 2-up runs. As we move to 10 million per month production level and beyond, a third booklet bindery will also give us flexibility in scheduling routine maintenance on our binderies, becoming increasingly important as the two current binderies are both being used full time; and flexibility to accommodate larger volunteer groups (at times having all three booklet binderies running at the same time). This is the ideal time to purchase and install a third booklet bindery, so that during the relocation of equipment we would be able to have two binderies operational at all times as each bindery is being moved and reinstalled. So we are requesting funds be raised for a newer bindery. Estimated cost for a remanufactured bindery and installation is in the $140,000 range.




Thank you so much for considering the above capital needs. If you would like to help fund part or all of any of the needs listed, please click on the above DONATE button. May the Lord continue to bless and encourage you during 2022!

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