World Missionary Press
Capital Needs for 2024

Please join us in prayer, as we seek the Lord in raising funds for the following capital needs:

ALL of 2023 Capital Needs have been FUNDED!  PRAISE THE LORD!  Thank you to everyone who gave to make this possible!  Here are the needs we have for 2024.

Roof Repairs – $78,365

Section 1 is now our Bindery Area and Section 2 is our 6 color press and cutter area.  We need to repair and upgrade sections 1 and 2 (in pic) of our roof.  Section 1 will be sprayed with an elastomeric coating to seal up cracks/holes.  Section 2 will have insulation added then covered with a Duro-Last Roofing system.  Total Cost: $78,365.

New Barcode Printer – $18,321.20

The Rena Envelope Imager that we have been using for the past 12 years has been a critical component in World Missionary Press operations. It is currently used to address monthly newsletter Response Cards, 6×9 envelopes for IPO Mailings, #10 Envelopes for Chaplain Mailings, and 5×3 envelopes for Datebook Mailings; but this printer has reached the end of its lifespan. Parts for the Rena are no longer being manufactured. The ink cartridges have been discontinued and are difficult to find. Over the last year, machine malfunctions have increased in both frequency and duration. We would like to purchase a new printer and conveyor belt system designed for these applications – a Quadient AS-650.




Factory Refurbished Palamides Bundler/Stacker – $16,557


We need to refurbish one of our Palamides for Bindery A.  This is scheduled for the middle of January 2024.  Approximate cost: $16,557.  This is the best estimate we have.  Cost may go up depending on what else is found to be wrong with this machine.





Reverse Osmosis Water System – $12,143

With the increased demand for mineral free water for our equipment we need to upgrade our Reverse Osmosis Water System.  This will enable more water to be available for our humidity system, as well as, our presses.  Cost will be approximately $12,143.

Thank you so much for your support! Your prayers and gifts towards the cost of these items will greatly benefit our efforts to meet the growing need for Scripture booklets around the world! To help financially with these needs, please designate your gift towards one of the above items, or to “Capital Needs” to be used towards any of our needed capital items.


God bless you!

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