World Missionary Press
Capital Needs for 2017/2018


World Missionary Press is seeking funding for the following needs. Would you like to help us by giving towards these projects?

Cutter for Booklet Bindery – $97,000  PRAISE THE LORD this was funded, purchased and installed.

Our custom-built Tatum cutter on Bindery “A” (one of our two booklet binderies) cannot keep up with requirements for sustained high production. The Tatum was originally designed and installed on a slower bindery, which has since been retired from service. The Tatum cutter can only run at about 68% of Bindery “A” top speed before causing frequent stops. The Tatum also requires extended down time for blade changes and other maintenance. We spent the past few months looking into options, and arrived at three possibilities for replacing the Tatum. The best and most cost-effective option is an SCS Automberg Trim and Perf S600, which will cost us $97,000 installed. We recently visited a print shop in Indianapolis with three of our staff, to view a Trim and Perf in operation. We also sent SCS Automberg samples of our booklet signatures to run through one of their cutters; they sent us a video of the machine cutting the signatures into booklets.

Our Board has approved purchase of the Trim and Perf S600. As is our practice, we need to raise at least 80% of the $97,000 before we can proceed with the purchase.

President Harold Mack (blue sweater), Plant Manager Jerry Whitener (not pictured), Bindery Supervisor Kent Biller (right) and Bindery Operator Alun Reese (left) went to Indianapolis to see the Trim and Perf first hand.



Thank you so much for considering the above capital needs. If you would like to help fund part or all of any of the needs listed, please click on the above DONATE button. May the Lord continue to bless and encourage you during 2019!

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