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Capital Needs for 2019/2020


World Missionary Press is seeking funding for the following needs. Would you like to help us by giving towards these projects?

World Missionary Press Capital Needs for 2020


Dedicated Folder for The Path to Life Handout                               $15,000

We have seen much higher demand than anticipated for the new The Path to Life handout. This handout takes advantage of our extra capacity on our full-color press. The handout does not include web-press pages, and does not go through one of our booklet binderies. We estimate it to be about a 2/3 equivalent of our standard-size HFA booklet. It is also easily translated into new languages.

We had been using a small table-top folder, and more recently set up our newsletter folder to slit and run two-at-a-time through the machine. We have been watching auctions for a dedicated folder that would slit and fold four-at-a-time – which would be much faster/more efficient, and would mean we would not need to re-configure our newsletter folder each month.



Thank you so much for considering the above capital needs. If you would like to help fund part or all of any of the needs listed, please click on the above DONATE button. May the Lord continue to bless and encourage you during 2019!

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