We appreciate your willingness to get involved by giving.  No gift is too big or too small to help reach souls for Christ!

Ways you may choose to give:

Give in Honor of someone:  Would you like to make a donation in honor of a special loved one?  If so, after your donation is made, In Honor – Click Here to download a card that you can print and send them showing where their gift went.

Stocks and bonds.  Gifts of stocks and bonds which have lost value should be liquidated first and the proceeds donated (so that you can take a deduction for the loss).  Stocks and bonds which have appreciated in value can be transferred directly to the World Missionary Press account at Edward Jones (Account No. 943-07667-1-8; DTC routing No. 0057).  You do not need to pay capital gains tax and can usually take a deduction for the gift.  WMP policy is to liquidate gifts of stocks or bonds immediately to benefit the ministry.

Once the transfer has been made, please contact Marie Mack, Treasurer, by phone at 574-831-2111, ext. 221, or by e-mail at marie@wmpress.org with the number of shares and the name of the stock(s) that you are transferring, along with your contact information, so that we can send you a non-cash charitable gift receipt, necessary to qualify you for any available federal income tax deduction on your contribution.  (According to the IRS, valuation of non-cash gifts is the responsibility of the donor.)

Bequests. God has used the distribution of estates which named World Missionary Press, Inc. as a beneficiary to help increase production of His Word. If you desire to leave a legacy of providing God’s Word to eternal souls in their own languages, you may want to name World Missionary Press, Inc. as a beneficiary in your will, either to receive a specific amount or a percentage of the proceeds of your estate. To avoid any conflicts of interest, World Missionary Press does not assist in the preparation of wills (please contact your own attorney) or in acting as trustee or estate executor.

Other gifts. Donating paid-up insurance policies with cash values (and no longer needed) is one example. If you are interested in giving appreciated real estate or other property, please contact WMP Treasurer, Marie Mack.

Our Vision

World Missionary Press, Inc. does not sell any of its Scriptural materials. From the beginning Watson and Rose Goodman’s vision was to provide the bread of God’s Word to the multitudes of earth free of charge. The words of Jesus rang in their hearts, “Give ye them to eat” (Matthew 14:16b). And so the work began – God providing the means to give out His Word to those who would then give it out to the multitudes who are like “sheep without a shepherd.”

God puts it on the hearts of individuals, churches, and businesses to share what they have. Like the little boy who brought his lunch to Jesus, it is multiplied. “Little becomes much when God is in it.” For many years now, God has enabled the cost of a 48-page topical Scripture booklet to remain at less than 5 cents, including all costs of printing and binding, overhead, and shipping anywhere in the world, on average. Because of the economy of operation (high-speed equipment printing on rolls of paper, “missionary” wages, and the work of hundreds of volunteers), each ECFA_Accredited_Final_CMYK_ET2donated dollar provides the equivalent of twenty-five 48-page topical Scripture booklets to reach people worldwide in their own language.

If you would like to review our audited financial statements, Form 990 informational returns filed with the IRS, or annual reports for past years, please click on:   Financial Info.

View status of WMP’s charitable solicitation registrations/exemptions and any required disclosure statements for each state at our disclosure statements page or request a copy.