Our Website contains more than 500 pages of content.  This is a simplified Site Map that will hopefully help you to navigate and find the things you are looking for in a timely fashion.  If you have any questions about where to find something on our website, please contact the webmaster via email.

  • HOME
    You can find numerous things on our home page with links to the most current edition of our Newsletters to PSA’s and  Videos.  Most of our most popular listings are located on the menu bar.





    Read A Booklet – most of our booklets available in numerous languages.
    Booklets Available – booklets that have been produced. (call for availability).
    Languages Produced – list of languages that have been produced. (call for availability).


     Pray – ways in which you can pray with us and for us.
    – basic information about volunteering at WMP. (call our volunteer coordinator for more information)
    – ways that you can donate.
     Church Resources
    – resources available to you for church use.
     Schedule a Representative
    – Contact Joe@wmpress.org for information about scheduling a representative to share in your church or with your group.
     Tour the Plant
    – a video tour of our facility with additional information.
     Job Openings
    – a listing of job openings if any exist.
     Mission Ideas for Children 
    – ideas for how you can involve children in missions and be a part of sharing the Gospel around the world.
     Kid’s Korner
    – online activities for you to share with your children.