There are many opportunities to be involved in the work of World Missionary Press.  First and foremost, PRAY!  We need all the prayers we can get when it comes to producing the Word of God.  For our staff, equipment, vendors, personal walk with the Lord and protection from the enemy.  Secondly, you can volunteer.  Every month, hundreds of volunteers come to our facility to help package booklets from the bindery, work in shipping, with newsletter stuffing, and many other areas.  Thirdly, you can give.  For less than a nickel, we can produce Scripture booklets in quantities and ship anywhere in the world.  Best part, it’s FREE to those who receive, we never charge anything.  We provide as the Lord provides.  Last but not least, you can contact us if you would like to order Scripture booklets to distribute in your part of the world.

Please take a look at our website.  If we can assist you, feel free to contact us.