World Missionary Press Fact Sheet

Fascinating facts 23 (PDF)

– In 1961 God brought Watson and Rose Goodman from the mission field in South Africa to Indiana to launch a worldwide Scripture-producing ministry.

– World Missionary Press, Inc. is an interdenominational faith service ministry energized, directed, and provided for by God for more than 62 years.

– Our mission is to spread the Word of God by producing, mailing, and shipping topical Scripture booklets, Bible study booklets, salvation coloring books, and New Testaments for free distribution worldwide. WMP does not sell any materials. Everything is given away free.

– WMP has produced 48-page Scripture booklets in 350 languages and growing for 210 countries and islands of the world, and has printed Bible study booklets and New Testaments in a variety of languages.

– One wide roll of paper, 12 miles long, 1,500 pounds, prints the equivalent of the inside pages of 85,000 Scripture booklets and costs on average $1,434.

– One 48-page Scripture booklet costs, on average, less than 5 cents to produce and mail – about 20 people are reached ECFA_Accredited_Final_CMYK_ET2with the gospel message with each contributed dollar.

-WMP often sends 20-ft. and 40-ft. ship containers which hold up to 2.1 million booklets. Every container saves WMP thousands of dollars over what the post office would charge for the same amount.  Last fiscal year WMP shipped 239,770 ten-pound boxes of Scripture booklets, including 69 container-size shipments destined for 121 nations.

-More than 36,000 distributors in many nations gladly use WMP Scripture booklets.

– During the past fiscal year nearly 10 million  Scripture booklets on average were produced each month for free distribution worldwide. 120 million Scripture booklets were produced in fiscal year 2022/2023.

– More than 430 individual volunteers from more than 65 churches and organizations within a several-state radius donate their time and talent at WMP.