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Children, ask your parents to help you!

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WTG pictures enlarged for coloring.





Sammy the Scripture Booklet

coloring pages…

Join “Sammy the Scripture Booklet” as he goes thru the production process and travels around the world sharing God’s Word in 350 languages and growing
Files are pdf’s, open with pdf reader and print out.

   Sammy the Scripture Booklet comic book 

 Come’ on, follow me….

  Sammy introduces you to World Missionary Press

                    –Sammy Welcomes You

                   –Sammy shows you how the process begins

                    –Sammy shows you how Scripture booklets are typeset

                    –Sammy shows you the printing process

                    –Sammy shows you the Web Press

Something fun to read…


“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”—Genesis 1:1

“For by Him all things were created that are in heaven and that are on earth….”—Colossians  1:16

“May you be blessed by the Lord, who made heaven and earth. The heaven, even the heavens, are the Lord’s; but the earth He has given to the children of men.”—Psalm 115:15,16

The earth was perfect when God gave it to man. Read this booklet to find out what happened.  To read or print click on (Printable PDF Version)

Word Search Puzzles
Puzzles created by Rose Goodman.  Click on link and print.

Love of God    Promises of peace   Presidents    Old & NT Word Puzzle
Names of Jesus

Sharing Christ with children around the world!

Parents, Pastors, Sunday School Teachers, and children’s workers are you looking for a great way to teach your children about praying, supporting and being involved in missions?  For less than 5 cents on average prints and sends a Scripture booklet anywhere in the world!

You can have a part in reaching children in Africa, Brazil, China, Iraq, Mexico, Russia and the rest of the world for Jesus!

(Click on the label for a printable version)  Cut and tape on a jar or can and save change in 2023.  Then pray, count it, and send to us to print booklets for children, like yourself, all over the world!

Bank Label PDF

newbanklabel for website

bible read a thon 1BIBLE READ-A-THON

Parents, Pastors, Sunday School Teachers, and children’s workers….you can get your children reading the Word of God and helping to provide the Word for children all over the World, at the same time!  

What is World Missionary Press?

World Missionary Press is a ministry in Indiana which prints 48-page Bible verse booklets in many different languages.

These Scripture booklets have gone to more than 210 countries and islands in 350 languages  and growing!

Each month, about 10 million booklets are printed and sent to people all over the world
for FREE.

Many children and adults have come to Jesus and grown close to Him through these Scripture booklets.

What is a Bible Read-A-Thon?

A Bible Read-a-thon is a way for YOU to give God’s Word to children in other countries.  You can do this by just READING YOUR OWN BIBLE!

People sponsor you to read as many chapters of the Bible as you can.  You send the money to World Missionary Press…MORE (please set your printer to landscape to print)