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When Every Home for Christ national directors gathered in Zimbabwe in August to discuss strategies for saturating their countries with the gospel, WMP President Harold Mack and his son Stephen (WMP Visual Communications) were there. As ministry partners of World Missionary Press, EHC Africa directors often double as national coordinators for WMP, receiving large shipments of materials to supply hundreds of volunteers who journey village to village, door to door, to bring the Good News to every last person.Nov15NL-p1b

Scripture Booklets Are Vital

For many, Scripture booklets from WMP are indispensable for their ministries. Antonie B. was emphatic: “Our team in South Africa cannot be successful without this literature. Whenever I go, wherever I am – if I do not have it, I feel incomplete…. This is something that we could never, ever in our lives be without.”
“Without the support of gospel booklets,” said Richard K., EHC’s director for Zambia, “our campaigns would have been almost impossible. We have seen our work in the nation penetrating so many areas, particularly because of WMP. We couldn’t really make it, communicating the gospel verbally. [It’s] different when you give something to somebody to read. That is the power behind the printed page.”

Responses to Scripture Booklets

Story after story unfolded of people responding enthusiastically to the Scripture booklets, even becoming distributors themselves right in their own neighborhoods. Fred M. of EHC Uganda shared, “I found that one guy, who I used to give these booklets to, had torn [them] in half. I said, ‘Why are you spoiling this?’ He said, ‘I’m not spoiling it. Did you not know each page carries a different message? So, I’m able to reach more people with one booklet when I tear it up….’ That was so amazing.”

Antonie B. of South Africa related, “Many times when we go into an area and minister to people, people get saved, and you’ll always have one or two persons say, ‘Can I get five booklets?’ I give him the
five booklets, and immediately he turns around and starts to minister where he lives. Immediately! I look at what we do at Every Home for Christ, and the impact that World Missionary Press has with the literature, and I can see the fruit of the gospel being produced.”

Richard’s testimony was especially powerful: “It’s one thing to distribute, and [another] when you begin to hear testimonies of how God is using those booklets. A woman told us of visiting a village house. No one was home, so she dropped a booklet inside the house and left. When the owners of the house came back, they found the booklet and read it. After some months, she went back to that village and was amazed to be told that… the booklet Who Am I that a King Should Die in My Place? led them to the Lord. This is a true story, proven by many people around.”Nov15NL-p2-PleasePray

Upcoming Shipments

Tanga C. from Botswana is eagerly awaiting his shipment of booklets and Bible studies in English and Tswana, currently in production. Tanga effused, “[I’m] so glad and happy, excited and expectant for the shipment of literature that is coming to our country. We have been waiting for this for a long time, and we can’t downplay the impact that this shipment will bring to this nation, where you can hardly find a piece of literature anywhere. We are desperately in need of this. A lot of churches have [contacted] my office requesting gospel literature. It will actually help make our work much easier, because we will have something to give to the people as we go home to home preaching the gospel, particularly in rural places where people are least reached. Nothing excites me more than the printed page of the gospel.”

WMP is also preparing a shipment, scheduled for early 2016, for Rwanda, where EHC’s Ananie B. will use Scripture booklets to “invade Rwanda with the gospel.”

New Faces

Among familiar faces, the Macks encountered some new ones. Douglas M., who has taken the helm of EHC’s activities in Namibia, a largely unreached country, said, “I believe that hearts are very receptive to the gospel and this is a time that we can partner together and make Jesus Christ known to the nation.” (WMP is preparing its first large shipment in many years for Namibia.)
In Mozambique, Godfrey B. has taken up the torch when the beloved Anacleto F. was suddenly called Home to be with the Lord. “I want to assure you that the Lord is on the move,” Godfrey reported. “These wonderful gospel booklets have helped us impact communities and change lives. Lives marred with drug and alcohol abuse and prostitution have been transformed. My team says they love to use WMP booklets because of their portability. They are very small but very powerful, and in many homes it will be the only piece of gospel they have.” Expressing appreciation for WMP’s national coordinator in Mozambique, Tanneken F., who channels materials to EHC, Godfrey said, “She always gives us the literature when we request it; she always brings it rapidly, without any delay. Our partnership with her has gone a long way in taking the gospel across the nation of Mozambique.”

For Harold and Stephen, the trip was well worth four intense days of travel, as the bond between the two ministries was heartily reaffirmed. The intrepid Americans sampled such delicacies as crocodile and
warthog (which they found especially delicious) and witnessed a variety of wildlife during their stay by the Zambezi River, including an elephant which skirted the perimeter of their outdoor dining area one evening at dinner.

Nov15NL-p2aNetworking to Reach Zambia

Cleopas C.  of Zimbabwe, recently installed as EHC’s regional director over 25 Southern and East African nations, was the keynote speaker at WMP’s 54th anniversary dinner in October. Soles for Jesus (partner of EHC and WMP) was represented by founder Diane S. New or lightly-used shoes were to be collected through October to be part of a shipment of 8,000 pairs of shoes and more than one million Scripture booklets for EHC ministry in Zambia.Thank God for cooperation between believers to reach the world for Him!

Nov15NL-p2b   Visit or scan the QR code on the right to view national leader testimonies from Harold and Stephen’s trip.

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Meet the Team

Nov15NL-p3b-JennyJenny H.

Volunteer Coordinator

My family heard about World Missionary Press in 1994 through friends who volunteered here. Our large family has attended WMP’s annual dinner each fall for many years. In November of last year, my family and friends were volunteering at WMP when my dad heard about a job opening. Growing up, I had a desire to work at WMP, but never really thought I would be able to for various reasons. I was so excited when I heard that God had opened the door. I started working two days a week as a receptionist and assistant to Angelee, secretary to the president.
Nov15NL-p2c-ShipStatusSince March of this year I have worked as Volunteer Coordinator, which involves scheduling the many bindery groups that come to WMP on a regular (usually monthly) basis to man our binderies which operate many hours of every work day. I also schedule and oversee volunteers who regularly stuff envelopes for mailing. My involvement with donor communications consists mostly of entering data and handling the bulk mailings, which include the monthly newsletter and prayer letter, the Public Service Announcement (PSA) mailing to radio stations, and introductory packets to new partners.

I thoroughly enjoy the work I do at WMP, mostly because of the many Christians I come into contact with. From co-workers to volunteers, many have blessed my life in so many ways. I also appreciate the time set aside each day to meet in chapel. It is such a blessing to be able to pray for and encourage one another.

When I am not at work, I enjoy practicing piano and flute, reading, gardening, writing to friends, and being outdoors. Most of all I enjoy spending time with my brothers and sisters. I live in South Bend with my family. I have eight older siblings and four younger. Two of my siblings are married and have a total of five children.


Grateful Quotes

Nov15NL-p3cRefugees Arriving in Europe Receive Scripture Booklets

 As the immigrant situation has intensified in Europe, pleas for WMP Scripture booklets have increased from several churches in Hungary who are reaching out to Muslim refugees from Syria and Afghanistan.

   “The church is doing outreach to Muslim refugees who are arrested at the border and taken to the train station here for a few hours. We help with food and clothes as well as share the gospel when the language permits.”   -Andrew F. (July 2015)

“Thousands of immigrants are flooding into Hungary from both the Middle East and Africa. Some are living at the train station in Budapest. We need these booklets to distribute among them! Help!!”  -Zachary G. (August 2015)

“Received the Arabic booklets! We will hand them out to the Syrian refugees in Hungary this week.”  -Zachary G. (September 2015)

“We spent the day at Keleti train station again. Hundreds more had arrived late that night.”  -Phil M. (September 2015)

“Calvary Chapel has a Bible college and churches throughout Hungary which have been serving the thousands of refugees who are crossing the border into Europe daily. We work with other churches and relief agencies and have been sending teams out in various cities and refugee camps to service these people’s desperate physical and spiritual needs. We have been giving out the How to Know God booklets, and almost every person we give it to receives it gladly. They are a great way to communicate the gospel and share Bible verses when no translator is available. We have pretty much run out. We would like to place a large order so that we can distribute booklets to various churches and teams.”  -Andrew F. (September 15, 2015)

   Upon receiving word from WMP that his order would be sent out right away (a total of 12,000 booklets in Arabic, Farsi, Hungarian, English, Urdu, Dari, Bengali, Uzbek, French, and German), Andrew replied,

 “Thank you so much! We are blown away by the work of the body of Christ. If the refugees end up being rerouted around Hungary, we are still working with them just across the border in Serbia. Thank you for your prayers and support.”   -Andrew F. (September 16, 2015)


WMP Partners Around the World

Nov15NL-p4bHarrell Family Missions, Honduras

Harrell Family Missions has received almost 1,850 boxes of Scripture booklets, New Testaments, and salvation coloring books in Spanish over several years. Recently Ken Harrell shared many ways in which WMP materials have been used as part of their varied programs and projects in Honduras. We thank God for this wonderful partnership and the seed that has been sown in a needy land.

“Harrell Family Missions and Children’s Gift Ministry is celebrating eight years of ministry to Honduras and among many other things we’re giving God thanks for thirteen construction projects, many of them churches! These churches were birthed because of evangelism, many with World Missionary Press Scripture booklets. They continue to grow through discipleship and small groups which also use WMP Scripture booklets.

“WMP Scripture booklets are used in our Children’s Gift Ministry outreach programs such as EQUIP children’s pastors’ conferences, which have trained hundreds of children’s pastors who are presently reaching thousands of children throughout Honduras. These new children’s pastors use Scripture booklets and coloring books in outreach events to evangelize the children in their communities, to bring children to the knowledge of God’s love in their children’s churches and Sunday schools, and then for discipleship as children grow in their relationship with God.
Nov15NL-p4a   “In January 2015, through its annual ‘Back to Classes with Jesus’ event, in which WMP Scripture booklets are included in each backpack filled with school supplies, Children’s Gift Ministry reached 2,600 children in twelve cities across Honduras. This truly is a great need, as Honduras continues to be the most violent and dangerous country in the world per capita for violent murders, mostly because of the gangs that recruit children to peddle their drugs and commit murders, as many cannot afford the basic school supplies required to attend school. Our goal for January 2016 is to reach 4,000 children in twenty cities across Honduras, getting them off the streets and out of the reach of the gangs through the ‘Back to Classes with Jesus’ event.

“The Children’s Gift Ministry recently received a special request from the Honduran Assemblies of God National Office for 100 boxes of Scripture booklets for National Day of the Bible outreaches on September 26, when young people from many churches would be out on the streets, at tollbooths, at red lights, and [going] from house to house in many communities, sharing the love of God through WMP Scripture booklets.

“Finally, at the National Evangelical Conference in December, more than 1,200 pastors and church planters from all over Honduras will receive Scripture booklets to take back with them to use for evangelism outreaches, church planting, and discipleship – from the jungles of the Moskitia to the islands of the Caribbean (including the Northern island of Roatan), to mountainous villages and to inner cities like the one we live in – San Pedro Sula – dubbed the most violent and dangerous city in the world.Nov15NL-p4c-FreightShips

“We are nearly completely out of booklets and are praying for a shipment that will give us fresh wind in our sails. We’re committed to planting and building churches and reaching as many as we can as long as we can, and WMP Scripture booklets are an integral part of that.

“Words cannot express our gratitude to World Missionary Press for your partnership with us, enabling us to provide the invaluable tool of the Word of God in such a convenient Scripture booklet form, as well as the evangelistic He is Risen coloring books. Thank you!”  -The Ken Harrell Family

Harrell Family Missions is scheduled to receive another 768 ten-pound boxes of WMP literature to continue and expand the projects and opportunities Ken described. They will be shipped on a 20-foot container holding a total of 2,560 boxes, also supplying WMP’s national coordinator Walter P. and Jim T. of  “Jesus Es Real Ministries” of Honduras.

[You can help reach Hondurans with powerful portions of God’s eternal Word! A gift of $25 enables us to produce and send 500 Scripture booklets; $100 helps provide 2,000 souls with Help From Above!]


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