Building for the Kingdom

“So they said, ‘Let us rise up and build.’ Then they set their hands to this good work.” —Nehemiah 2:18b

Day after day, requests for World Missionary Press Scripture booklets are received from near and far. Year by year, the volume of booklets needed to respond to these requests has grown. Seeing the effectiveness of the booklets and how eagerly they are received encourages more orders, and those who have just “discovered” WMP excitedly ask how many booklets they can receive.

“I am a member of a missionary movement in Barcelona, Spain,” wrote Moises. “A brother told us about your material for evangelism, and I wonder if there is any possibility that we can get your material, which we know will be a blessing in our evangelism ministry for the salvation of the souls here in Spain. We also direct churches in countries like France, Portugal, United Kingdom, and the Netherlands.” In the Church worldwide there is a growing awareness of the need for action to reach families, cities, and nations with the words of hope and eternal peace that come only from God.

Like any growing organization, WMP continues to adjust in order to accomplish more. Taking responsibility to be efficient in production not only honors the donations we receive but also encourages our staff in their work. As we have been able to dramatically increase production, we have discovered that there is a limit to how much we can do in the space we have. WMP President Harold Mack describes the vision and plan to care for this need.

“The Lord has been steadily, purposefully building our capacity and capabilities towards significant increases in production. In 2013 we were able to purchase the property adjacent to our main facility, which included two buildings we repurposed for shipment staging, New Testament production, and a prayer center. We were blessed to purchase a New Testament bindery at auction for a great price; and a remanufactured cutter for reliably cutting booklet covers. The Lord blessed us with a six-unit press we are using for full-color covers. A workhorse second booklet bindery along with a Palamides booklet bundler helped us increase our production capacity; a second Palamides bundler and a cutter for our other booklet bindery further increased capacity and efficiency. As production has steadily grown thanks to God’s provision, we have a need to reorganize our plant layout to improve workflow—which will also improve our overall efficiency of operation.

“For the past few years we have considered a building project that would connect the two structures on our new property, enabling us to accomplish the needed reorganization of equipment and also increase our shipment staging space to care for the growing number of container and freight shipments we are sending all over the world. We believe that now is the time for this building project. The planned building extension will add an additional 16,000 square feet to our facilities, at an estimated cost of $617,000. This addition will allow us to greatly streamline our workflow, significantly enhancing efficiency of operation; and will give much-needed space for staging additional container shipments.”

Scan the QR code or visit to view a plant walk-through describing the need for this building project.

Container shipments going out from World Missionary Press often include many titles in multiple languages. Each title and language must be printed before the entire shipment is ready to leave the plant. Staging these materials requires a great amount of floor space, which can constrict the smooth flow of product from one stage of production to another. The Lord has provided funds which, added to the regular monthly income, will allow WMP to continue increasing production in the coming years. Our part is to move forward where God has made a way by preparing physical facilities, machinery, staff, and spirit as He leads.


W.S. from Liberia wrote “We send teams into tribes that have not been reached with the gospel. To those who have never even heard the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ. And when we arrive, there are always those that are waiting and ready, those to whom our Lord has already revealed Himself. He has included us, His Church, in His plans to reach these that are lost. He has prepared the lost and commanded us to go find them. We must inform everyone, every tribe, every person. We must go in obedience!”

From Bolivia, M.G. wrote, “In spite of the pandemic and the many restrictions, we were blessed to receive the container of materials in the middle of 2020.… It’s such a blessing that though there are restrictions, people wanting to share the gospel find diverse ways to do so.”

This is the spirit of the people we serve. It is our desire to respond to each request with the Word of God that brings salvation. The shipment charts on this page and page 4 provide a glimpse into the growing activity at WMP and the challenges ahead. God is at work in the world! Praise His Name!

[You can help provide God’s Word for outreach throughout the world. Every donated dollar provides for producing 29 powerful Scripture booklets for people around the world in their own language. An investment of $100 will touch the lives of 2,900 people; $1,000 will impact 29,000 people who need to know God. You may also specify a gift or part of your gift toward the building project. We will not proceed until 85% of the total needed has been received or promised.]



Grateful Quotes

We continue to witness the greatness of God

“Our hearts are filled with thankfulness. In all outreaches we continue to witness the greatness of GOD and His amazing grace which keeps us moving, fighting a good fight of faith.

“The water wells we have been able to set up in various villages battling with challenges of consuming unsafe water over the years have not only brought a smile in the lives of the folks but have also brought to reality the amazing grace and love of GOD into the hearts of many. Sharing the gospel has not left the folks the same again! We continue to witness transformation in the lives of many in areas where the LORD has directed us to reach out.

“The Scripture booklets from World Missionary Press continue to be one of the resourceful tools, carrying a powerful message that unlocks every heart to the uniqueness and beauty of GOD in an easy-to-read format and in various languages. Thank you so much, World Missionary Press! We are so thankful and appreciate your walk with us in Uganda.”

—Albert, Uganda


Meet the Team

Fay J.



I have known about World Missionary Press since my early teens, as someone from WMP would occasionally speak at our church. A lady from my church had also worked in the Finance Department for several years in the early 2000’s.

I had started looking for another job three or four years ago when it became apparent that technology was going to replace me at some point. I put my résumé on job boards, spoke to friends, and prayed for God’s timing. It seemed nothing was coming my way, and I was getting somewhat discouraged. I didn’t want to be working at my current job when it disappeared, but that is what God wanted.

In the spring of 2020, one week before COVID hit the US, we learned that our jobs would be discontinued in eight weeks. At first, we were all okay with that because we had eight weeks to really search, and other jobs were open within the same company. But when COVID became what it is, there were no jobs available. I felt I had enough severance and vacation coming that I could rest for a couple of months before looking for another job. But by mid-August, when nothing had opened up, I wondered what God had in mind for me. I had been seeking His guidance for four years and wasn’t seeing a light on any path!

One day, shortly after talking to God about this dilemma, I opened my email and there on the job recommendation board was World Missionary Press looking for a part-time receptionist! I knew this was MY job. I applied and was called about scheduling a tour prior to an interview. After the tour, God said, “THIS is your job!” After the interview, He again confirmed it to my heart. As of mid-January 2021, I have been with WMP for five months as the afternoon receptionist.

Working at WMP has been an uplifting experience for me! It has opened my eyes to yet another way God is moving around the world. I am in awe of all the languages that are printed and sent out! When I am not working at WMP, I like to bake, crochet, knit, sew, garden, and spend time with my three adult children and two little blessings.




WMP Partners Around the World

Peniel D.


God has blessed the work of evangelism in Bolivia as believers increasingly use WMP Scripture booklets in schools, remote villages, major cities, and prisons. God led a young pastor from Paraguay to Bolivia, giving him a vision that has reached half-way around the world—into Brazil, Angola, Italy, Spain, and Portugal—as well as through his Points of Support program for local evangelists.

WMP: Peniel, can you tell us how God led you to Bolivia?

Peniel: In 2004 a pastor came to our house and told us that God had a work in another country. He told me not to create roots in Paraguay, because I would be taken to another country, that we would reach many people with the Word, that I would be traveling, and other things. I did not want to accept that word very much, and I thought it was of man and not of God. Then my wife and I began to pray, and one day God gave us a word, BOLIVIA.

In 2006 we gave up the church, sold everything we had, and came to Bolivia, where we started the work of evangelism to open a church. We brought WMP Scripture booklets from Paraguay to use in evangelism. One day God told me very strongly that the goal was not a church, but HE had another job for us. So my wife and I entered prayer for guidance. God’s answer was, “Peniel, I’m going to put a lot of material in your hands. I’ll bring the evangelists, and you’ll support these evangelists.”

WMP: How did the Lord expand the distribution of WMP literature to other countries?

Peniel: In Portugal, missionary Daniel had contact with local churches who were not constantly involved in evangelism, but when they did outreach, they received the Scripture booklets. Daniel observed our work in Bolivia through videos and tried to do something similar in context with the reality of Portugal. Teams of young missionaries from Brazil would come to Portugal to do distribution in the streets and in mailboxes, but they focused mainly on teaching the Word of God in the houses. This was the most successful strategy for them. Their work was not restricted to Portugal. From Portugal they would go to Spain, Italy, England, and other countries in Europe. They would take groups to do evangelism in each region. Consequently, local churches became excited about the work they were doing, generating animated interaction which boosted their providing materials to other groups preparing for service.

WMP: What effect has the COVID pandemic had on the evangelism efforts in Bolivia?

Peniel: Despite the great challenge 2020 presented, it was one of the years that we had the most results in completing the support system. At one point everything was stopped, and yet a young evangelist from the other side of the city came to my house with a backpack looking for evangelistic materials, which I gave him. He would go to the market to buy food and use the opportunity to preach. He said people were so heartbroken that you didn’t even have to hand out the booklets. As you put them on the table, people came and took them. The pace of the work decreased a lot, but we were not stopped. More and more, every day God puts in our path men and women with a lot of love for evangelism. Each one does his part, and in Christ Jesus we reach the target.

In 2010 God told me that He would raise a great army and flood this nation with the Word, and today that is exactly what we are seeing. God has raised up a great army of preachers of the Word, and the written Word of God is reaching all parts of this nation. God also told me that I would bring the Word to places where my feet would never step; I currently receive a report of the Word of God reaching places where I must consult the map to know where it is! God is faithful.