Building for the Kingdom

In response to the Lord’s provision for increased production, we are beginning a building project that will allow us to greatly streamline our workflow, significantly enhancing efficiency of operation; and will also increase our shipment staging space to care for the growing number of container and freight shipments we are sending all over the world!


We are praising God for His provision, and want to thank you our partners for helping us reach and surpass our funding goal of $716,000 for constructing the Shipment Staging Warehouse extension! Our plan is to have the excavation completed and footers poured before winter.

Additional gifts toward the Building for the Kingdom project will be used to help reposition our booklet and New Testament binderies to the south end of our existing facility, including extending electrical service and adding a newer higher-capacity scrap paper baler.

Thank you so much for your prayers and gifts!

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($44 per square foot will help us build our new shipping
warehouse of 16,000 plus square feet.)