August, 2015 Newsletter (pdf)

God’s Work in Mexico

WMP WILL SOON BEGIN PRODUCTION for freight shipments to several Latin American countries, a major concentration of Gospel literature in Spanish. Among them is Mexico, the largest Spanish-speaking country in the world. The Church there faces significant challenges including poverty, drug trafficking, violent crime, and government corruption. Additionally, though over 95% of the population identifies as “Christian”, many Amerindians actually practice a syncretism of Catholicism and indigenous spiritism. Despite these obstacles, the power of Christ to save to the uttermost is at work in Mexico, bringing healing and hope to desperate souls. WMP’s national coordinator and Every Home for Christ national director, Gloria L., recently sent us some encouraging words about what God is doing there.

At the end of 2014 Gloria enthusiastically testified, “God reached more souls in this year than in many others.” The hearts of many Christians were also rekindled in passion for the Great Commission. EHC workers witnessed “thousands of people coming to the Lord Jesus.” Gloria also gave us the exciting news about EHC Mexico’s expanding outreach:

“At present Mexico EHC is working with every Christian denomination in all our national territory… our regional promoters have jumped mountains, crossed rivers, walked through deserts and jungles, looking for the last home in Mexico just to deliver a tract with the printed message. We have found the poorest areas in our country where people still live without electricity and drinkable water in ‘houses’ without roofs or walls and floors of earth. There are no schools… There, the Word of God is elemental. They need to know that Jesus can make the difference, and the Lord has already reached thousands of souls for salvation.”

This past March WMP sent more than 4,000 boxes of Gospel literature to EHC Mexico. They wasted no time putting it to good use, especially focusing on impoverished single mothers and children. These children aren’t in school and are vulnerable to criminals who prey on their desperation, recruiting them into gangs. The women, whose men have either migrated to the US looking for work or been killed or kidnapped, are also pressured to join organized crime, their families often threatened to coerce them. This constant threat of violence makes many receptive to the Gospel. Gloria says, “The Word of God has brought peace and security to the people with whom we have shared. We are welcomed heartily and people accept Christ and are instructed in the Word of God through tracts. There is the danger we risk every time we go out to the streets of being kidnapped or caught in the crossfire of organized crime while preaching the Gospel. People receive the Word as the only hope that their lives will change and that they can obtain peace and security in Jesus Christ.”

EHC volunteers evangelizing home to home tell stories of entire families receiving Christ. These families often set aside one or two days a week to pore over WMP booklets and Bible Studies with the volunteers, who visit them regularly. Many eventually join a local church and are baptized. Large quantities of WMP materials are also being distributed at schools, offices, hospitals, and prisons. Angel P., who received Jesus through this ministry, testifies:

“I just accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior. I was handed a leaflet that made me think about my need to know God. I gave my life to Christ and asked Him to change my life. I am now very happy and have much desire to go forward. I’m going through a very difficult situation, but I’m not alone. My God is with me; I only ask for strength to continue.”

The love of Christ is also lifting the weight of lifeless religion from Mexican shoulders. Recounting a mission to the community of San Andres, Gloria explained: “The main difficulty in this community is that people are very religious. Here they are very devoted to the saints, like St. Andrew, St. Francis of Assisi, and the Virgin of Guadalupe. All collaborate or engage in the activities of the fair that takes place every year in honor of these idols.” Still, God’s grace is penetrating the hearts of people in San Andres. Angel G., Leader of Evangelism at the Baptist Church “Libertad,” testifies:

“The Lord has been wonderful to take us to witness to people of this community. It is an honor to speak of Christ, and see how the Lord continues to save souls. We pray that the seed that was sown bears fruit in these lives for the glory of God. I also want to use this opportunity to sincerely thank God for the ministry of World Missionary Press because without their faithful support, it would not be possible for us to get such wonderful printed messages which we can assure you really reach and touch the hearts of our people who are living with uncertainty and fear of the future.”

Gloria also sent us her thanks for WMP’s help, “to continue working harder every day until the Day of the Lord when we are sure  we will see how many thousands of Mexicans  found salvation in Jesus Christ because WMP did not hesitate to send us the holy seed to be sown in the hearts of our people. We know  not everyone will be saved, but those that do accept the Lord Jesus as the only Way forSalvation will [rejoice] with us in the day when we will all be in Heaven worshiping our Holy God. You  are a column in the vision of Mexico EHC. God bless and reward 100% our beloved donors.”
As EHC Mexico looks forward to its 49th anniversary of ministry this September, please join us in prayer for wisdom, protection, and peace for those who take the Good News to Mexico’s needy and beleaguered. Praise God as well for His love for Mexico and the laborers He has provided to draw more and more souls to Himself. May the Lord continue to bring freedom and joy to Mexico’s poor in spirit.

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Meet the Team

Marv N., Volunteer

I heard about World Missionary Press from a friend and former colleague of mine, Ralph K. Ralph had been volunteering at the Press since his retirement from teaching. After I retired from teaching, he invited me to go with him and I have been coming on Thursdays ever since.

I decided to volunteer at the Press because of Ralph’s challenge to make sure the time I invested during my retirement would be spent doing work that would have eternal value. Nothing is more important than knowing Christ as your Savior, and knowing Christ comes from the written Word. What a privilege that God has allowed me to be involved in His plan of sharing the Gospel message with a lost and dying world.

I have been volunteering since November of 2005. I work in the small orders department, filling orders that have been placed by people from all over the world. Sending God’s Word into all the world is a very satisfying job. I work with some very loving, considerate, hard working and thankful people. The work is rewarding and the atmosphere is enjoyable.

I enjoy gardening, biking, traveling and being with my grandchildren. I have been married to my wife, Carol, for 46 years. We have two children, a son and a daughter, and six grandchildren, three boys and three girls. I retired from teaching mathematics at West Noble Middle School after 36 years.


Grateful Quotes

God’s Word for Eastern Europe and Africa

“Dear Friends at World Missionary Press,

“We greet you with Joshua 1:9! We have for years followed your work and are so thankful for all the boxes you sent us here in Luxembourg with many booklets in different languages. The Urdu has gone to newcomers in Sweden. The Farsi and Armenian booklets are bit by bit sent to our contact persons in Turkey. They in turn send them to Iran. The Armenian ones also find their way further on, to those who are so longing for literature in their own language. We have through the years been concentrating on God’s Word and literature both to Eastern Europe and Africa.

“We pray just about daily for you and for all the containers on the way. We also pray that God will bless and protect all those going places with your material. Our friend sends your correspondence to us here so we can follow the work. How wonderful God supplies all your needs! He is the same to us through the years! What a God we serve!

“We wish you all God’s richest blessings and warm greetings.”   -Emmanuel and Sonja


WMP Partners Around the World

Gus S., Bolivia

OVER THE PAST SEVERAL YEARS distribution of WMP literature in Bolivia has grown from a small number of boxes received through a contact in Paraguay to a 40′ container with 2 million booklets sent in early 2015. This growth is due in great part to the humble service of a Canadian gentleman who felt the Spirit’s urging to go to Bolivia and saw the great need and opportunity to share the wonderful truth of the Word of God. WMP is grateful for his invaluable assistance in establishing the work in Bolivia.

“I came to Bolivia in 1998 with the intention of developing a small farm where I might have an active retirement. Not intending to do any mission work, but seeing so many children wherever I went, I couldn’t help but ask myself the question ‘What opportunity can all these children ever have to get to know God and His eternal salvation?’

“After a few years I had some of the Lord’s funds on hand and did not know where to designate it. So the thought came to mind that I should purchase some children’s Bible story books and give one to each family in the church. It was like the Lord was saying ‘Gus, that’s fine, but there are more children!’ I must say that hit fairly hard because if I was to do this over all Bolivia it was much more than I could even imagine. There were so many questions, like where would the material come from, how would it get distributed, and what material should be distributed? While thinking on all this the Lord gave me 1 Thess. 5:24, ‘Faithful is He who calls you who also will do it’.

  “After some time a friend came from Paraguay with some material and asked if he could store it in my garage for a while. Later he asked if I had looked at the material yet which I had not, but as I looked at it I knew immediately this was what I was looking for and needing, and it just happened to be in my garage. This was enough to give me a really good start. Following up where the material came from, I found the material in Paraguay was from World Missionary Press and my friend in Paraguay was more than willing to arrange for us to receive this material as well.

“My co-worker and I worked hard making sure every country school in Bolivia would be served. Starting out Monday mornings we would prepare to stay out all week. This meant that we would stay overnight wherever we happened to be at the end of the day, sometimes in a tent or in a school, on an exercise mat or even in the vehicle. The country schools only go to grade six. This means that every six years they will all be new students. So it would be good to cover Bolivia every three to six years.

“Since this mission started in 2005 the gospel has been presented to more than 9 million teachers and students on a personal level. We have contacts with the leading ministerial pastors in each city. These leading pastors are responsible to serve all the schools in their city and surrounding municipalities. Recently the door has opened to Peru. I have contacted WMP and they have said they are prepared to ship a small container to Peru. [This shipment has now been received and is being distributed throughout schools in Peru.]

“Words fail me to express the fulfillment of joy in the possibility of some of these students becoming genuinely saved. Jesus said He would build his church and the gates of Hell would not prevail against it (Matt. 16:18). What a privilege it is to be a part of what He is doing.”   -Gus S.


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