Getting to Know WMP President Harold Mack

Harold Mack has been serving at World Missionary Press for more than 25 years. On September 14, 2013 Harold was unanimously chosen by WMP’s board of directors to succeed Jay Benson as president of our ministry.

Harold was recently interviewed on the Harvest Show. The following video includes his sharing about World Missionary Press with the TV show’s worldwide audience:

For many years, as Director of Global Distribution, Harold championed our need to send ever-increasing quantities of God’s Word around the world. As our number of national coordinators has risen steadily (now over 80 coordinators in 74 countries), the need for growth is greater than ever. At our 51st anniversary celebration dinner Harold shared how God has positioned World Missionary Press for growth. You can watch Harold’s dinner presentation by clicking the YouTube video link below:

Harold Mack – Great Growth Ahead” 51st Anniversary Celebration Program

Throughout his 26 years at World Missionary Press, Harold has consistently proclaimed the importance of what we’re about – producing and sending God’s Word for free distribution throughout the world. God’s Word is eternal, it accomplishes His purpose, it does not return void. Recently Harold was given the opportunity to present World Missionary Press at his church, Harvest Community Church in Goshen, Indiana. You can view the YouTube video of Harold sharing at Harvest by clicking here:

 “WMP Presentation – Harvest Community Church” by Harold Mack