Now he who plants and he who waters are one, and each one will receive his own reward according to his own labor. –1 Corinthians 3:8


Jesus was committed to doing the will of the Father, working the works He was sent to do, and securing life eternal for mankind. His example encourages us as we labor for the Kingdom of God. WMP Scripture booklets are small, but when one is received, a ripple effect can become “a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life” (John 4:14b). One of our major distributors wrote, “Every place we step, we leave a wave of change as the ripple effect.”


Behind the preparation of every Scripture booklet is a tremendous amount of prayer, labor, passion, commitment, and time – each a labor of love. There are 56 staff members working – praying, running machinery, doing administrative tasks, performing maintenance, stocking the warehouse, and arranging shipments. A steady stream of volunteers packages the booklets, helps in the small orders department, and handles mailings. Staff and volunteers labor together, offering the Lord the talents and strengths He has given them for His purpose.


Forklifts load shipping containers carrying 4,215 boxes destined for distant countries. In other instances several people labor to get the booklets to the final destination. For example, WMP sends booklets to Don F., who forwards some of them to Mike R., who facilitates shipping 100,000 copies for upcoming crusades in the Philippines; 50,000 booklets to Honduras; 2,500 booklets to Venezuela; and 2,000 booklets to Colombia. Just as the WMP Small Orders Department ships less-than-pallet-sized orders, our volunteer national coordinators and their volunteer helpers send the booklets from the containers throughout their country.

The arrival of a container in a distant country generates a lot of excitement. Pictures show joyous distributors receiving the shipment and often unloading it by hand – box by box! A WMP production worker recently commented, “When I hear the excited testimony and see a picture of a shipping container being opened 14,000 miles away, and I see the pallet tag that I wrote here attached on the side of all those boxes, that really gets to me.” Our joy is made full by these labors of love!


The blessed reward for the work of so many comes in praises and testimonies from missionaries, preachers, and crusade leaders – praises that 3,000 people asked for salvation in Venezuela and that booklets can be distributed to 600 pastors in Haiti, Cuba, and Antigua West Indies.


One of the final labors of love is taking the booklets into dangerous places. A major distributor in Thailand writes, “We are so thankful that WMP keeps on supplying us with small books. The Christian churches like them a lot because they can easily carry them along and give them out in good time. Please pray for our special Blitz project to the most dangerous areas in South Thailand.” That kind of commitment needs every person from production to distribution to continue keeping up their part in God’s divine plan to give His Word to the world.”


[We are always grateful for our prayer partners! Prayer is the bedrock, the life flow, and the power letting the Holy Spirit unleash a fountain, start a ripple, and create a wave that does not return void. We are thankful for our donors, workers, volunteers, shippers, coordinators, distributors, and every Christian faithfully witnessing for Jesus Christ. Thank you for being part of the labor force.]






Grateful Quotes: “I don’t want to keep living without the Lord.”


“I am incarcerated at the Noble County Jail in Albion, Indiana. I am 43, filled with grief and loss of loved ones during this jail time. I so desperately need the Lord. I came across your Scripture-Text Datebook and would like to know if you could send me one of those; and, anything else for me to study, read, courses of studies, devotions or Bible stuff. Thank you for your work and God bless. Anything is helpful. I don’t want to keep living without the Lord. I need Him. Sincerely, R. M.”


Meet the Team: Terri W., Volunteer Coordinator


Proverbs 3:5-6 says, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.” I had been praying for a job that would have kingdom impact. When Harold Mack, president of WMP, spoke at my church, the Lord spoke to my heart, telling me that WMP was the place to go!


On Valentine’s Day, 2023, I began working at WMP. Shortly after, the Volunteer Coordinator, Susie F., fell ill, so I was asked to cover. The volunteers are a group of caring people and I fell in love with them. When Susie passed away, I agreed to take the Volunteer Coordinator position.


I am now privileged to contact and schedule volunteers who serve in the plant, in our mail room, or at special events.


I appreciate that volunteers and staff are believers and that we are all part of the family of God. When I think about the people I will meet in heaven, who are there because they read and believed the Scriptures printed in the booklets produced at WMP, I am excited about my part in building the kingdom.


I love being with my wonderful husband, Matt, our three grown sons, a granddaughter, a grandson and two German shepherds. We are plugged into a great church, have great friends, and enjoy participating in the different small groups. My husband is a dog trainer, has kennels, often boards other dogs, and breeds our German shepherds. We live beside a beautiful park and spend a lot of time walking and talking dogs.







WMP receives testimonies from around the world of God working through the free Scripture booklets.