Into the Remotest Areas to the Last Precious Soul

 “…upon those who sat in the region and shadow of death Light has dawned.” — Matthew 4:16b

The seven nations that make up Central America have many of the same characteristics and issues. While some political stability has come, the 52.2 million people in this region continue to be confronted with the constant presence of drugs, gangs, and a lack of basic necessities. Hope is a fleeting thing. Through faithful ministries, pastors, and churches, the gospel of Jesus Christ is being received and seeds of hope planted. WMP Scripture booklets are vital tools in effectively reaching into the remotest areas, to the last precious soul.

Honduras: Reports from WMP major distributors in Honduras tell of a growing church base for ministry, increased opportunities, and positive responses to the gospel. Jim T. reports that their ministry has 140 churches involved and he expects that to DOUBLE within 60 days as new activities are introduced. That growth means a greater supply of Scripture booklets is needed for individual churches and communities. A container of 1.6 million booklets is scheduled for shipment in answer to this request.

Costa Rica: Two thirds of the population of beautiful and peaceful Costa Rica is under age 30. An essential part of effective ministry here is to young people. As in many other nations, young people are drawn into violence, immorality, drug addiction, and other life altering activities that rob them of hope and peace. The nation’s stability makes it an ideal base for international ministries and Bible training centers to meet the growing need of Christian leadership throughout Central America.

For many years Jorge and Anita B. served the Lord, using WMP Scripture booklets as an integral part of their work. Jorge has gone to be with the Lord, but Anita remains, continuing to work with the local churches. What a wonderful legacy and testimony to a life spent serving the people of Costa Rica! Anita recently wrote, “The church has given out the booklets to many other churches and individuals for evangelistic outreaches and personal witnessing. There are just a few boxes left and the church leadership would like to know if there is a way to receive another shipment?” A shipment of 661,600 Scripture booklets is scheduled to be delivered to the church. In addition, the WMP national coordinator for Costa Rica will receive another 612,175 Scripture booklets for his outreach and to serve individual requests for WMP literature there. Praise God for these faithful ones and for the Word that brings life and deliverance.

El Salvador: The partnership between World Missionary Press and Pastor Joel and his father in El Salvador goes back almost 50 years. From initial orders of just a few booklets to container shipments, God’s Word has been shared in prisons, homes, and in the streets. Pastor Joel’s father has gone to be with the Lord, but the work goes on. The name El Salvador means “The Savior.” The name of the Savior is being held high for the 6.6 million people of El Salvador to look to for hope and salvation. A nation that has come through war and its accompanying hardships is finding healing through the Word of God. Pastor Joel requested a new supply of Scripture booklets adding, “The work of evangelism with the WMP booklets has not stopped, even in the most difficult times of the pandemic. We have carried the message of peace and salvation, and as a result we are harvesting fruit in abundance: precious souls coming to the feet of Jesus.” A shipment of 456,250 booklets is scheduled for delivery in the coming weeks.

Guatemala: Over the years Guatemala has received much from foreign missionaries who pioneered churches and organizations to spread the gospel. World Missionary Press has been providing Scripture booklets for distributors in Guatemala for more than 35 years. A current major distributor is finding increased demand and opportunity for the Scripture booklets to get into the hands of the people. A new shipment of 354,225 booklets is on the way, as well as 817,500 to the leader of another large ministry there. Vision and faith are spreading across the land as God’s people follow His command to “go and tell.”


[Please pray for distribution of WMP literature available in the 3 other Central America nations through active ministry partners. You can help fund the shipments to Central America and to other countries. Every donated dollar provides for the production of 28 powerful Scripture booklets for people around the world in their own language. An investment of $100 will touch the lives of 2,800 people; $1,000 will impact 28,000 people who need to have hope in God.]



Meet the Team

Kathi R.

 Finance Assistant

Psalm 18:6 says “In my distress I called to the Lord; I cried to my God for help. From His temple He heard my voice; my cry came before Him, into His ears.”

I was seeking the Lord for direction in my life after my husband of almost 43 years was called home by Jesus, our Lord.  Someone suggested that I might consider volunteering at World Missionary Press. After I looked into it, I contacted WMP to schedule a time to volunteer assistance with stuffing newsletters. Shortly after I had scheduled my first volunteer time, I saw a position for a job opening in the Finance Department that was of interest to me and I sent my resume and applied for the position.

I have been working in the Finance Department for a short time, and I believe that the Lord has directed my path to be here. I assist with payroll, credit card donations, mail, and various tasks as necessary. I appreciate working with all the people and volunteers at WMP and am thankful that I can be part of a work that is bringing God’s Word to many across the world.

My hobbies and interests have included crocheting, learning to fly and obtaining my pilots license, and traveling. Some of the places my late husband and I traveled to included Israel, England, Myrtle Beach, and we attended the world’s largest airshow in Oshkosh, WI for several years.

Grateful Quotes

“Drug user finds the Path to Life.”

“I recently ordered 50 copies of The Path to Life in Spanish. I share them wherever I go in the car. Recently I shared one with a drug addict and told him to please take time to read it. Several days later he called and was referred to the nearest church from his town. Thank God.”

—Jim O., Puerto Rico


WMP Partners Around the World

Peter S.

NCM Ghana

The Lord continues to provide ministry partners from various countries to expand the reach and accessibility of God’s Word through WMP Scripture booklets. Each ministry has a unique focus, giving many different avenues for people to receive a booklet. New Covenant Missions is actively working to take the gospel to unreached and unengaged people groups. They are looking to WMP to provide seed to sow for a harvest among those who have never heard that God loves them.


WMP: Please describe your background and current ministry.

Peter: My name is Peter S. I am a pastor of the Victory Outreach in Bolgatanga, Ghana. I am also New Covenant Missions (NCM) national coordinator for Ghana, West Africa. I am doing church planting in the northern part of Ghana and also reaching the Jula Muslims with the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Jula people are one of the most unreached people groups in Ghana. Therefore NCM has seen the need of reaching them with the gospel of Jesus Christ.


WMP: How long have you been involved in distributing WMP literature? 

Peter: I learned about WMP in the year 2021 from the leadership of NCM when they told us the good news of the readiness of WMP to give us biblical literature for our ministry’s evangelism. This is my first time to receive WMP literature.

WMP: How does the availability of free literature affect evangelism in your country?

Peter: The availability of free literature affects evangelism in my country by making it possible for almost everyone to get biblical literature to read. It would not have been possible to get money to buy biblical literature for a 20 ft. container for our nation. But WMP has made it possible for my country to have access to the Word of God through the Scripture booklets.


WMP: What challenges do you have in your country to the free and open distribution of the literature from WMP? 

Peter: The challenge we have in distribution of the literature is the means of transporting the literature from one place to another. Where the literature is much needed is among the unreached people who live mostly in the remote areas of my country. Our country does not have any problem with where and how we will distribute the literature.


WMP: How would you describe the effectiveness of the topical Scripture booklets in your country?

Peter: The topical Scripture booklets will be effective in my country because WMP has already done good research from the Bible and has printed it for people to just read. Instead of doing more research about these various topics, people go ahead and use it to teach and do evangelism.


 WMP: How do the Bible studies and Scripture booklets from WMP help establish believers and strengthen churches in your country? 

Peter: The Bible studies and Scripture booklets from WMP will help establish believers and strengthen churches in my country by giving people free access to teaching and learning materials. Sometimes people give excuses for not attending Bible studies due to lack of teaching and learning materials. Therefore the availability of free Scripture booklets from WMP will help establish believers and strengthen churches in my country. Thank you so much for this great opportunity. God bless you!

A 20’ container with 1 million Scripture booklets, Bible studies, and coloring books in English is on the way to Peter and the church planters of NCM in Ghana. Peter has also asked WMP to work with him in providing Scripture booklets in a new language for a particular people group in Ghana. WMP is blessed by these new opportunities and partnership in Ghana.