JUNE 2012



Ministering to Japanese in Missouri

“I was one who requested you to send booklets to Japan following the tsunami/earthquake disaster. I sure thank you very much. I am 81, but highly busy in ministry to the Japanese. I have a Japanese church in Springfield, Missouri, and we need your booklets. Would you please send me your booklet display with as many of the Japanese titles [as are available] and fill in the rest with English booklets?… I’ve heard from our Japanese missionaries that they still make periodic trips to the devastated areas. There have been souls saved, and I know many were because of your booklets and your sacrifice in providing the Word of God to Japan and the rest of the world.”

-Dr. B. H., Missouri




Waging War in Appalachia

“These coloring books will be used in every family’s food box during the month of April! We are seeing more salvations than ever, and we want the powerful testimony of this booklet to be in the hands of every adult and child that we serve monthly. We are waging war here, against drugs, alcohol, crimes, and violence, in the very rural poverty areas of Appalachia. Yes, it’s here, too! But so is our Lord! And He is doing awesome things for the people. Thank you for your powerful help to our ministry.”

-S.J., Kentucky


Every Booklet Cherished in Haiti

“We are blessed to have a new chaplain at the HOP school in Haiti, and she is also doing evangelism throughout the community. She is begging for more [booklets]. Apparently the word has gone out that something mighty and life-changing is happening on Friday afternoons, and the crowds are begging for more study materials. . . . Know that every booklet is cherished and used to change lives and give people on the streets of Haiti a chance at eternal salvation. We gave out many, many booklets along the road the last time we were in Haiti and had people begging for more to take to family and friends. The WORD is the answer to all the problems of this world, and you bless us each time you allow us to give it away.”

-E. S., Georgia


Revelation - Spanish small

Thirty-Five Souls Saved in Venezuela

“Thank you so much for the Spanish Bible study booklets on Matthew and Revelation. The church and missionaries were so excited to get them. They are being used in Maturia, Venezuela. We had a wonderful mission, and there were thirty-five souls confessing Jesus as Savior and Lord. Thank you for helping us make this mission such a blessing to so many.”

-R.V., Virginia



Nepali Refugees Receive God’s Word in New York

“We have a church in Rochester, and we members are Nepali refugees. We started with seven people, but now we have more than eighty. Last time we asked for booklets from WMP, we got a package of booklets, and the gospel team from our church prayerfully gave them out. We got lots of blessings from the Lord using these booklets. This past Christmas, seven people accepted God, and three people started to come to church. So again we ask for booklets to give people and to prove that Jesus Christ is the One who died for our sins.”

-B.K., New York


Receptive in London

“I have a ministry evangelizing in the very busy parts of central London. Last Saturday afternoon we distributed 600 to 700 booklets and tracts in one to two hours, and had many opportunities to share the gospel with the unsaved. People are now very receptive. There are absolutely no booklets thrown on the floor – not one! I believe the hunger is there, and people know that something is happening.”

-A.F., England