World Missionary Press is seeking funding for a number of equipment and property upgrade needs during 2015. Would you like to help us by giving towards these projects?

Multi-function Copier:    $5,880

Strapper:    $9,462

Kodak Prinergy Prepress Workflow System:    $45,387  FUNDED

URGENT – WMP has been offered a $6,000 discount if purchased by the end of December, 2014 (reducing the cost to $39,387). We need to raise 80% of the purchase price before buying this system.

Our prepress department has been manually managing the department’s work flow, including initial development of items (Scripture materials, newsletters, brochures, etc.), changes / corrections to items, storage of source materials, storage of print-ready files, and various other items. Our current manual workflow management system is unwieldy, and makes it difficult for multiple workers to collaborate on projects.

The Kodak Prinergy system is the industry-standard for automating prepress workflow. Including state-of-the-art hardware and software, the system automates the placement of pages for plating, tracks work history, alerts of exception conditions, facilitates combining of full-color jobs (greatly improving efficiency for color covers), provides virtual proofing of print jobs, and is built for project collaboration amongst prepress staff.


Bindery Bailer Hopper:    $3,810 FUNDED

With two binderies running much of the time, we need to relieve the backpressure on our bailer. With our current bag system, the ducts feeding bindery trimmings to the bailer can get clogged, shutting down production until cleared. This bailer hopper system will replace our current bag system to better relieve the backpressure.

Bindery Humidification System:    $3,530  FUNDED

We need to add a humidification system to control humidity in the area around our new Osako bindery. This is important, to keep the static electricity down – allowing booklet covers to feed without sticking together.

Sheet-Fed Press Humidification System:    $3,530  FUNDED

We need to add a similar humidification system to the area around our MAN-Roland 6-color press. Controlling humidity is key to keeping paper stock in top condition for printing and binding.

Reception Area Remodeling:    $14,237  FUNDED

This project includes replacing the reception area 43 year old single-pane doors with new high-efficiency double-pane door and window. It also includes remodeling the reception area, providing a more functional, secure, and professional design.

New Property North Building Upgrades:    $21,624  FUNDED

This project includes:
-Replacing the existing inefficient single-pane front picture window and door glass with high-efficiency double-pane glass.

-Replacing the existing bathroom. Includes new doors, ceiling, plumbing fixtures, electrical, floor, and paint.

-Replacing the flooring in the kitchenette area.

Note – Any contractors out there willing to donate time and/or materials to the above remodeling and upgrade projects? Your help would be very welcome! Savings over the above quotes would then be applied to future property upgrades.

Please use the donate button to send your donation by credit card, PayPal, or electronic funds transfer. Or call 1-574-831-2111 to give this information to someone in our Finance Department. Or mail your contribution (marked for capital needs in general or for a specific designation) to:


World Missionary Press, Inc.
P.O. Box 120
New Paris, IN 46553

God bless you!