World Missionary Press
Capital Needs for 2023


World Missionary Press is seeking funding for the following needs. Would you like to help us by giving towards these projects?


  Outside Overhead Door and Pad – $8,895– Adding an overhead door and pad in our new booklet bindery area (near the baler) will allow us to store bales of scrap paper in a trailer outside the building while waiting for a full load.

  Palamides (bindery O) bearings refurbishment – $9,121.11– The bearings in the Bindery “O” Palamides have been failing recently; the Board approved sending the Palamides to the Palimedes shop in Illinois for refurbishemt.



  Supplemental HVAC Units – Bindery and NT areas – $28,884.58 – The new locations for booklet and NT binderies were originally configured as warehouse space; thus the HVAC capacity isn’t enough to keep the areas warm enough (winter) or cool enough (summer) for workers. We intend to supplement the existing HVAC units with additional units.

  New “Process-Less” Computer to Plate Machine – $57,235.56– Our current Mako-8 CTP machine has served us well for several years; we’ve been informed that it is obsolete, and parts will no longer be available. The Board approved purchasing a new process-less CTP machine from Kodak, which will no longer need the chemical processing step.


  Web Press Parts Inventory – $30,000 (approx.)– We learned during the recent web down time in September that it would be a good idea to have a good supply of critical parts on hand, so that we don’t spend needless downtime waiting for parts.




Thank you so much for considering the above capital needs. If you would like to help fund part or all of any of the needs listed, please click on the above DONATE button. May the Lord continue to bless and encourage you during 2022!

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God bless you!