Now he who plants and he who waters are one, and each one will receive his own reward according to his own labor. –1 Corinthians 3:8


Europe, once a bastion of Christendom and a platform for the church to become a force for world evangelism, is now one of the most secular and least religious continents in the world. Through individuals, as well as multi-national ministries, the truth of God’s Word is being spread across this continent using WMP Scripture booklets – shining light into an otherwise bleak religious landscape.

“I am enthusiastic about being a volunteer distributor for World Missionary Press in Holland.


European churches often face challenges, with many being empty, closed, or repurposed as shops or nightclubs. As the growing population is atheist or Islamic, many do not want to receive the booklets on the streets, so I put the booklets in the mailboxes,” Otoniel D. writes about his ministry. [In the USA, it is not legal to put items in mailboxes.]


“Besides the Dutch Amazing Life of Christ, Help from Above, How to Know God, and The Way to God, I also give out booklets in Ukrainian, Russian, and Arabic to refugees in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Poland.”


In the previous fiscal year, WMP sent 536,000 booklets into 20 European countries, mostly in small orders. One container shipment of 2,500 boxes of WMP literature in 12 languages is allowing our distributor in Romania to also send booklets into Ukraine and the Balkan States of Eastern Europe.


A distributor in Bulgaria, Ditcho K., has been very active – emptying 82 boxes (that is 41,000 booklets) in almost every city and village in the country. Christian E. uses How to Know God in “the awful Bulgarian prisons and police detention centers.” He reports that so far, 74 prisoners have professed faith in Christ and experienced repentance and forgiveness.


Sweden at one time sent out many missionaries to other countries, but now the national church is receiving help from the African churches. Femi L., a Nigerian ministering among the many African immigrants in Sweden, says, “It’s time to give back to Sweden. The national denominations are failing, but the African churches are growing in number because we are preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. Showers of blessing are about to burst over Sweden.”

Anthony D. of Italy ministers to the homeless, taking food, a hot drink, and the How to Know God booklets in various languages to homeless foreign and Italian people in their sleeping places. He has just placed an order for 250 Bengali booklets to start a ministry among 1,000 Bangladeshis living and working in a Northern Italian province.


Absalun E. ordered 15,000 booklets to evangelize “the interior of Portugal where there are more than 600 cities where there is no Christian church. Our main objective is to be able to get people to decide about their spiritual future.”


[WMP prints booklets in every language of the countries of Europe. Container shipments are scheduled for Romania and Finland.  Pray with us, that the Gospel of Jesus Christ will bring revival in Europe and an end to the spiritual darkness.]





Grateful Quotes: Warriors for Christ Hit the Streets


“We are a small group of retired, non-denominational, born-again believers in Christ Jesus. We gather every morning for prayer, and we hit the street wherever the Holy Spirit leads us. We take the Gospel of Salvation to those who have an ear to hear and receive the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. This booklet is a great teaching tool to show there is another god, whose desire is to steal, to kill, and to destroy their soul. I still carry a copy of this booklet in the back of my Bible. It is the one I received from a street ministry which led me to receive Christ Jesus in my life. I think it will do for others the same as it did for me over 44 years ago.” -Mary T., South Carolina


Meet the Team: Jeremy D., Bindery Operator


I was working at Amazon, and wanted to work someplace where I felt the work mattered. My mother told me about World Missionary Press, I applied, and I have worked here close to nine months. My title is Bindery Operator, but I do whatever is asked of me and I enjoy it. Besides working the bindery, I operate the bundler, the cutter, the folder, and do landscaping and painting.


My family is my inspiration. I am where I am in my faith and in life because of their love and encouragement! I am the middle child of two brothers and a half-sister. I’m drawing closer to God as I realize what I do matters for eternity. I am able to come in every day and feel fulfilled on an emotional and spiritual level.


Spending time with cherished people is something I do when I relax. Off-duty, I do chores, enjoy video games, watch Anime, and create and listen to music. I enjoy reading and researching random topics and playing tabletop games.




Testimonies of God’s Word changing peoples’ lives continue to arrive at WMP.