Building For New Horizons

“I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life.” —John 8:12b

The sun just cresting the horizon on a mild and beautiful cloudless day makes the heart rejoice and the mind fill with words of praise. It is with that feeling of gratitude and wonderment that on November 5th, World Missionary Press will be dedicating our new building that the Lord has provided for the expansion of His work. Interestingly the new building’s ground breaking took place 60 years to the day from the dedication of the original building that housed World Missionary Press in 1961. Eight buildings the size of that first building would fit inside this 16,400 square foot warehouse.

This warehouse is not just so we can be a bigger company, or have a larger presence in the community. As stated in our September, 2021 newsletter, “Our vision is beyond buildings and machinery. It remains a calling from our Savior to take His Word to the world.” The vision for the building began forming in 2013 when the property was bought with two standalone buildings. It was felt that a building connecting the two could someday be constructed. The new warehouse is a memorial to our faith that God would build it “in His time for His purpose.” For the past 8 years procedures have been put in place, staff hired, and production increased. When the time was right (and we asked for your help) the funds poured in from willing hearts.


In this fiscal year fifty-three containers have been sent, with ten more slated to leave as shipping is available. We are producing at a rate equivalent to more than 9 million booklets a month. The new building facilitates keeping up with increasing production demands by creating more shipment staging space, more room for equipment, relieving workflow bottlenecks, and the addition of a new booklet bindery and baler. It is exciting to consider what God will do with this increased capacity– “The sky’s the limit!”


The truth of the light of the gospel crossing more and more horizons is borne out in the ever-increasing demand for materials. For example, in Peru our coordinator could only take a few pallets at a time (showing how a lack of space can hinder the work), however two other ministries have emerged in Peru and are requesting increased amounts of literature. In South Africa a former WMP national coordinator has seen his own ministry increase to the point that he has requested an additional container of literature because of the expanding open doors for outreach.


From a human stand point there is always urgency in production. We must work while it is day, there are souls lost every second, and doors are sometimes open for a limited time. Thus we have worked and prayed hard that production would continue without interruption. Romania is one example of open doors into many of the Balkan states, Ukraine, and other bordering countries. In Africa, a new ministry partner, New Covenant Missions, is asking for materials to use in 26 countries. Many of our distributors are increasing their orders as churches and mission organizations in their countries are continuing and renewing their outreach efforts in a vital way. The Lord is also working to get Scripture into closed countries like Mauritania through Senegal. Our partner ministries are growing in Ghana, Chad, Kenya, and throughout the African continent.


Even with this urgency we know and believe that all literature leaving our plant goes in God’s time and under His direction. Although the internet is ever growing in popularity (WMP has a website, a mobile app, and various social media sites), the vast majority of the 8 billion people on this earth use printed materials for information. Often we receive testimonies of people who find a booklet in a trash can, or lying on the street; or they remember it in their pocket, or on the table; at just the right time they read it, and accept Jesus as Savior. A lady from the USA related how someone gave her a Scripture booklet and it changed her life completely. In requesting more copies she wrote, “I want to be able to give [them] to someone else for Jesus to change their life.” This is the power of God’s Word.


We are dedicating this building and rededicating this campus to sending the light of the gospel beyond our present day horizons.

[You can help fund Scripture booklets containing the light of the gospel for worldwide distribution! Every donated dollar provides for the production of 28 powerful Scripture booklets for people around the world in their own language. An investment of $100 will touch the lives of 2,800 people; $1,000 will impact 28,000 people who need to know God.]



Meet the Team

Steve K.

Prayer Mobilization Coordinator

I became aware of WMP in 2004 when I moved to northern Indiana from Kansas City, Missouri. Recently my term on the Indiana Haiti Benefit Auction ended (which raises money for Mennonite Haiti missions), so I was praying about another ministry opportunity. My daughter noticed from the highway sign that WMP was hiring and I felt impressed to check it out.

WMP offered the Prayer Mobilization Coordinator (PMC) position, which I accepted at the end of July. PMC is a new position, designed to close just some of the gaps created by the home going of Vicky Benson. As PMC I am collaborating on newsletter content, preparing the Prayer and Praise Letter, promoting and scheduling the usage of the World Prayer Center and Fireplace Prayer Room. In short, promoting prayer.

I appreciate this opportunity for two reasons: first, without self-aggrandizement or fanfare World Missionary Press is consistently fulfilling its mission, devoted to Christian ministries around the world that need literature, and completely dependent on prayer to victoriously spread the Word of God. Second, this position pulls together many of my experiences in pastoral ministry, in the publication industry, and as an editor/writer.

I am an ordained minister, a published author, and a master electrician. My wife and I live in Milford, by Lake Waubee, where we spend much of our time kayaking, bicycling, remodeling our home, landscaping, gardening, crafting, reading, and entertaining our 7 children and 8 grandchildren.

Grateful Quotes

“Because of this I now know who God is in my heart.”

“I pray that this finds you highly favored and truly blessed.

“Originally, I just obtained one of your datebooks because it was a free calendar, but a nagging sensation compelled me to start reading the Scripture contained within. Because of this I now know who God is in my heart. I do my best now to spend time with Him in prayer every day. I delve into the Scripture so much that I have a great deal committed to memory. Thank you for helping me rekindle that spark which ignited my fire and passion for a relationship with God.

“Blessings in Messiah”

—Thomas S.



WMP Partners Around the World


Ademir C.


As we introduce one of our faithful ministry partners each month we are reminded of how many have served for years and years and how the Lord has blessed that faithfulness. It is a blessing to the WMP staff and supporters to provide the seed for the sowers who continue to labor while it is day. We praise God for their example. 


WMP: Please describe your background and current ministry. 

Ademir: I am coordinator of the Chaplaincy for the Assemblies of God in Belém, Brazil. My role here is evangelism; we distribute WMP material, Bibles, and other reading material. I focus on two areas. First is the prisons. Brazil currently has nearly one million people incarcerated in prisons and jails. Through the Assemblies of God ministry, we have been able to reach almost all of them in some way with these materials. Second, Amazonia; a very large region where transport relies on boats. God gave me a vision of someone traveling on those routes but not having anything to do during the trip. What’s he going to do? He’s going to read. What’s he going to read? He’s going to read about God and His plan for salvation. Above all, I want to take the message of God summarized by John 3:16, the love of God, the plan of God for mankind.


WMP: How long have you been involved in distributing WMP literature? 

Ademir: I first heard about WMP through Pastor Erno E., who is the WMP coordinator here in Brazil. We have worked and ministered together now for over 30 years.


WMP: How does the availability of free literature affect evangelism in your country?

Ademir: A huge portion of the population in Brazil today is evangelical! I praise God for your lives and ministry because you have everything to do with that. Only in eternity will we know the real scope of your work because I know you operate in many countries, but in Brazil the number of people who are evangelical has increased significantly, and continues to grow.


WMP: How long does a shipment of WMP literature last?

Ademir: I do my best to stretch a shipment for one year – but I would love to receive two [containers]     of material per year. Brazil is a huge country, and the material that I receive is excellent but doesn’t quite cover the number of people I’d like to reach throughout the entire nation.


WMP: What challenges do you have in your country to the free and open distribution of literature from WMP?

Ademir: The largest challenge I have is that I support missionaries and missionary families spread throughout the Amazon region. They work full-time as missionaries to spread the Gospel and rely on support. Recently we have had some financial difficulties which have been a significant challenge. Another issue is shipping in the Amazonia region – so much relies on boats in that region, which can be very costly and slow. It can take a long time and cost a lot for the literature to be distributed fully in that area.


WMP: How would you describe the effectiveness of the topical Scripture booklets in your country?

Ademir: We distribute the material in hard to reach locations or other areas where people move around a lot, so it’s hard to speak of one specific testimony. We have seen great change in our nation over time and again, eternity will tell just how effective these wonderful booklets of pure Bible text are here.


WMP: How do the Bible studies and Scripture booklets from WMP help establish believers and strengthen churches in your country?

Ademir: Thirty years ago, Brazil was primarily Catholic or even Catholic in name-only. God raised up ministries like WMP and others – and today we have a huge number of Evangelical Christians of different denominations. We are so thankful for you, for the people who support the work both in prayer and otherwise. May God reward your work; without it, this wouldn’t be possible. You are helping us win a nation for Christ. Thank you.