“Together we are Stronger.”


“The effective working by which every part does its share, causes growth of the body for the edifying of itself in love.”—Ephesians 4:16b


Alan wanted to serve the Lord through urban evangelism in his city in eastern Brazil, but he had no material that would help him share the gospel; so he contacted World Missionary Press.

“I need donations of materials for evangelism,” he wrote. “Whatever you can donate to me will be a blessing in my life because I will be using it for urban evangelism activities that I carry out by the grace and mercy of the Lord Jesus Christ…. If you have any material that can help me to improve my way of evangelizing, I am ready to learn a little more for the benefit of the Kingdom of God that will be done through your donations and my going to the field. Together we are stronger.”


Alan shared his personal testimony: “I was [once] arrested for drug trafficking and guerrilla training. Today I am free because someone told me about the love of God through Jesus Christ. Today I am 22 years old.…Help me to bring others to Jesus Christ through your beautiful and blessed evangelism material.”



Reaching a populous, multi-ethnic nation spread out over one half of the land surface of South America requires a master plan of organization, staff, and resources. Our all-wise and loving God has called out preachers, evangelists, missionaries, and individuals to take His Word to every corner of Brazil through many media sources, including Scripture booklets in Portuguese from World Missionary Press.


From Rio de Janeiro, WMP’s national coordinator, Erno E., sends material into the far regions of Brazil—a daunting challenge over distances of up to 2,700 miles—as well as concentrating on the 6.7 million people in his city.


Clovis N., located in the city of Guarulhos in the State of São Paulo, mainly serves greater São Paulo, with its more than 20 million inhabitants.


Francisco R. serves from São Paulo as well, but also sends hundreds of thousands of booklets into Brazil’s northeastern states, where idolatry and witchcraft are rampant. Local pastors have seen the gospel replace witchcraft centers with churches established by new believers as light pushes out the darkness (see page 4). He wrote, “Two brothers took boxes 1,700 miles by truck to a major distributor in a remote city in the state of Para, who would spread the booklets all over the state, which has more than ten million people. Praise the Lord!”

Long-time distributor Ademir C. has concentrated his work in the Amazon region, supporting ministries working up and down the river and reaching out to the more than 20 million inhabitants of this region.


Pastor Leandro, who lives in the northernmost and least populated state of Brazil, wrote: “I live 160 kilometers from the capital. Here we cannot receive a telephone line signal, only the internet, so we can communicate only via WhatsApp or Email. I am writing to find out how I can acquire material so that I can do evangelism in this community that needs to know Jesus. Around 350 inhabitants live in the village, with many other nearby residents in rural properties.”


A pastor in Ariquemes, the third-largest city in Rondônia State, reported that when he received eight boxes of assorted Scripture booklets, the church distributed the booklets to the local people. “Many became Christians,” he wrote, “after reading the rich booklets and are being discipled by the pastors of the church.”

[You can help provide God’s Word for Brazil! Every donated dollar provides for producing 26 powerful Scripture booklets. An investment of $100 will touch the lives of 2,600 people; $1,000 will impact 26,000 people who need to know God. Every dollar earmarked for Brazil will be matched—up to $110,000—doubling your impact on this vast nation!]




Grateful Quotes


They received the Word with joy!


“We are faced with difficult situations due to the pandemic. Please keep us in prayers as we take the Word of God, reaching out to people with the Scripture booklets. Pray for us to be guided by the Holy Spirit on how we can continue to reach out to people, as the pandemic has caused a lot of fear among our people.


“People were in fear even of taking the booklets we were giving them, but we found a way. Having tangible things to hand them, like a pair of shoes from Soles for Jesus, which they needed, opened a door for us to also give them the Scripture booklets. We shared the Word of God with them, and they were joyful. We gave them Help from Above, which is Thuso e tsoang holimo in our language (Sesotho).

“It’s always our prayer that more people will be saved and be reached with WMP materials in the nations of the world. We bless the Lord for the ministry that WMP is doing. Continue the good work; the mission is possible.


—Ts’epo M., Lesotho




Meet the Team


Aaron K.



I heard about World Missionary Press from my fiancée (now my wife). We also heard about the housing option for people who work at WMP, and that caught our attention. In March 2020, I immigrated to the United States from the Netherlands to get married and am not allowed to work until I get a working visa or green card. Having a lot of free time, I decided to do volunteer work for the Kingdom of God. WMP is a great way for me to help build the Kingdom of God. I started in April, 2020, and was still waiting for my working permit at the end of September.


During the strict COVID-19 lockdown, I worked at one of the binderies four days a week. Now I am a press assistant at the 6-color press. Together with Brian L., we print all the full-color booklet covers as well as The Path to Life handouts.


I like to work at WMP because it has such a great impact on the global Church. If you support WMP in any way (for me, it’s by volunteering), you contribute to a monthly distribution of millions of Scripture booklets sent free all over the world. These booklets help other Christians have a deeper relationship with God and tell unbelievers about Jesus and the salvation plan God has for their life. The idea of being part of that makes me excited! Since I also feel called to be involved in sharing the gospel around the world, WMP is a great way to be a part of that right now.


In my free time, I play guitar and spend a lot of time with my wife. I like to read and walk in nature. It is interesting to see how American nature is different from Dutch nature. I also study English, go to church, and video-call people in the Netherlands. I was born and raised in Dordrecht, where my parents and siblings still live, so my only family in the U.S. is on my wife’s side. I am the youngest of my family with two brothers and one sister. I am also an uncle with four nephews and five nieces.




WMP Partners Around the World


Francisco R.




The South American nation of Brazil is home to more than 200 million people living in rain forests, highlands, mega-cities, and coastal villages. World Missionary Press has provided Scripture booklets in Portuguese for distributors in Brazil for more than 50 years. Help from Above in Portuguese, one of the earliest translations, was first printed in 1967.


Dr. Francisco R. has actively shared WMP literature in Brazil and around the world for 36 years. He has mentored many others in using WMP Scripture booklets to share the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ.


WMP: Francisco, please describe your background and current ministry.


Francisco: We have distributed WMP Scripture booklets at the door of subways, in bus stations, airports, and marketplaces all over Brazil. I have sent them by mail to pastors in remote areas of Brazil, where idolatry and witchcraft prevail, as the pastors cannot afford to buy the written Word to give out to the people. For thirty years we traveled in 36 other countries in five continents—from Australia to Belgium and into the Middle East—giving booklets to people in their own language, with many testimonies of joy as people received the booklets and conversions began after a quick reading of the Bible verses. The work continues in Brazil. We’re not traveling as before, but sending once in a while to another country.


WMP: How did you get involved in distributing WMP literature?


Francisco: I came across a World Missionary Press booklet and then asked for booklets in Portuguese. In 1984 I received my first two boxes and began distribution.


WMP: How long does a container shipment of Scripture booklets last?


Francisco: We are now receiving one 40-foot container (2 million booklets) a year. It lasts about six months, because Brazil has more than 200 million people and the requests are many from all over the country. [Francisco also receives shipments of booklets in Spanish for areas on the border with Paraguay and Bolivia.]


WMP: How effective are the topical Scripture booklets in your country?


Francisco: The effectiveness is great because the people here in Brazil like the written Word very much, and there are many testimonies of conversions. For instance, in two cities in the countryside of Piaui state, two witchcraft centers closed, and now there are two churches full of new converts as a result of reading the booklets from WMP. In our travels, a lady in Vienna, Austria, came to me smiling and giving thanks for the Help from Above booklet in German that I had given her. A girl in Hong Kong, after reading some verses from the booklet in Chinese, asked me for the address of the church that I belonged to. I gave her the address of the Baptist church that was hosting me there.


WMP: How do the Bible studies and Scripture booklets help establish believers and strengthen churches in Brazil?


Francisco: I have an example from a countryside city of Pernambuco in northeast Brazil. Evangelists gathered the people of the city in a school, and as they were explaining the plan of salvation, the leader asked the people to open their booklets to such and such a page and so on. That night 62 people accepted Jesus as their Savior! Most of the people in these places don’t have a Bible, so it isn’t possible to estimate the value of these booklets with topics and 300 verses in each one. To many of them, this will be their Bible for a long time, or even until their death.