God is at Work in Mexico!

One year ago World Missionary Press began a campaign to send three semi-trailer loads of Spanish Scripture booklets, Bible studies, and New Testaments (at a cost of $80,000 for each load) to Every Home for Christ in Mexico to complete a nation-wide home-to-home evangelism project. Shipments were delivered in January, 2018, and distribution began. Reports from Chihuahua to Tabasco tell of churches taking on the challenge of evangelism and finding victory as young and old receive the Word of God into their lives.


A pastor in Chihuahua State works in an area dominated by drugs and the resulting violence and pain. Here in the Enemy’s stronghold, seven young people—rescued from the streets—took a step of faith and were baptized, giving public testimony of their decision to follow Christ and leave behind a worldly life.


“We felt much joy in our hearts,” wrote Pastor F., “to see these souls transformed by the Lord. This motivates us to continue forth, taking the gospel and rescuing souls for our Lord Jesus Christ.”


In Tabasco, Pastor D. reported that his church had not had evangelistic material to reach out to their community, but through Mexico EHC they received booklets and were able to complete evangelizing their community with good results, reaching many souls for Christ. He wrote, “This community is one of the most traditionalist in our state, but the booklets have had a positive effect in people who are receiving Christ as their Savior. Entire families have been reached through this evangelism activity.”


Many WMP distributors in Mexico echo these testimonies. God is working in Mexico: Churches are becoming involved in community outreach, and many are coming to the Savior.


Thru His Mercy, Inc. has been working on the USA/ Mexico border since 2010. In 2016 they expanded into the states of Veracruz and Oaxaca and in 2017 into Tabasco. Bringing a message of forgiveness and freedom through Christ, Thru His Mercy supports local churches and pastors in building up the body of Christ. A unique part of this ministry focuses on reaching women with the healing power of God’s Word. Early “gab sessions” turned into tea parties where women are presented the opportunity to be set free through the grace of God’s love and the blood of Jesus Christ.


“These tea parties are most effective in sharing God’s love, grace, protection, and forgiveness as the women (and now men) allow the daily challenges to drift away, the walls to be lowered, and God to move in them. I just love it!” —Susan K., Thru His Mercy


Susan reports that there are new salvations at every tea party. Later, they coordinate with the pastor a follow-up time for concentrating on discipleship, Bible study, their walk with the Lord, and growth in relationships.


Opportunities to share booklets come in unexpected ways. When D.J. from Chicago received a Scripture booklet, he immediately thought of his family in Mexico. He wrote, “I am interested in the Bible study that you offer. Please send me that and also send to my sister who lives in San Luis [Mexico] with her husband and their eight children who want to read that Bible study. They received Jesus Christ with me over the phone. They are Christians hungry for the Word of God.”

How precious is the Father’s love to provide for His children! In poverty and want, in drug- infested cities, in remote villages—everywhere God makes a way for His Word to do its work of grace and healing. A faithful brother, a new ministry partner, a nation-wide campaign—each is part of God’s plan to bring souls into the heavenly kingdom and build His church.


[You can help supply the Scripture materials so desperately needed to reach Mexico for Christ! $50 will provide for the production of 1,300 booklets; $200 will help produce more than 5,000 booklets. No gift is too big or too small to make an eternal difference in this country of nearly 130 million souls!]




Grateful Quotes


They acted like they had found gold!


“I have used your Scripture booklets to witness for many years. One time I was in a Dollar General store and heard people talking in what sounded like Russian. I asked their interpreter what language they were speaking and was told it was Latvian. I asked if she would like some Scripture booklets in that language, and she said yes. I ordered them from you and got them just before they were due to go back to Latvia.


I wish you could have seen their faces when they got the Scriptures in their own language. They went crazy! They were so happy that they gave me some souvenirs from their country. They were policewomen and policemen over here in Oklahoma for training. Only God knows how those Scripture booklets affected those folks and their country.


“Another time when the Russian circus was coming to Oklahoma City, I ordered Russian Scripture booklets. When I met them coming from their hotel, I passed out your Scripture booklets. They loved it! I then found the break area in the arena where they were performing and put Russian Scripture booklets on their break tables. I went to an area where I could watch their reactions, and they acted like they had found gold! God bless you folks. I love your ministry.” —Larry C., Oklahoma




Meet the Team


Aaron G.

Six-Color Pressman


I was raised in New Paris, Indiana, so I was familiar with WMP at a young age. When I was old enough, a lady from our church brought me to volunteer. Later, as a youth pastor at California Road Missionary Church, I was looking for a part-time job that would coincide with my youth program work. Two days after praying for this, I got a call from WMP. I’ve only been here since May, but I’ve already learned a lot.


I was assigned to the six-color printing press! This press prints all the four-color booklet covers and the WMP newsletters. My job is to assist the head pressman any way I can. Although I enjoy learning new things, and getting good exercise, I would say the best part of working at WMP is the people. The fellowship of believers is always a cherished blessing.


In addition to being a pressman and a youth pastor, I am also a published author. Four years ago I released my first book, The Sower’s Harvest, and am on the way to publishing two more. I also have a deep love for music. I love to learn as many instruments as I can, but the harmonica is my favorite.


I’m married to a wonderful woman of God, Kelli, whom I met at Bethel College. Not only were we in choir together, we also worked together as directors at Chick-fil-A at the University Park Mall. My life journey has been blessed by God’s gift of a wonderful wife. Our story is too great to put on a single page! We don’t have any kids yet, but we do have two beagles named Dodger and Minnie. We live in a small cottage near the church so they have plenty of space to run and play.


Estate Planning Seminar—November 29


YOU ARE INVITED to a presentation by Ashlie Collier, an attorney who practices Elder Law, Estate Planning, and Estate Administration in Elkhart County, Indiana.

Questions about wills, access to assisted living or home care, correct paperwork needed for various situations, will be addressed. There will be time for questions.


Time: Thursday, November 29, 7:00 pm

Place: World Prayer Center
World Missionary Press
19168 C. R. 146, New Paris


This is a complimentary no-obligation seminar. Contact us at mailroom@wmpress.org or call 1-574-831-2111 for more information or to reserve a spot!


Too far to drive? Live video stream and handouts will be available at wmpress.org/streamseminar



WMP Partners Around the World


Chaplains, United States

The American criminal justice system holds almost 2.3 million people in 1,719 state prisons, 102 federal prisons, 1,852 juvenile correctional facilities, 3,163 local jails, as well as facilities such as military prisons and prisons in the U.S. territories. [source: Prison Policy Initiative]


WMP’s Unique Ministry to Inmates


For almost 30 years now, WMP has been providing chaplains and inmates this unique Scripture-text Datebook, which presents a portion of God’s Word for every day of the year—a week at a glance—reminding them of His love and the peace He can provide no matter the circumstances. Each of the Bible studies and topical Scripture booklets produced by WMP are pictured and described in the Datebook, so inmates can order any or all of them for further study.


WMP contacted more than 900 chaplains this summer with the opportunity to order Datebooks for 2019. Individual inmates also often request copies, beginning in August. To date WMP has printed 14.25 million Scripture-text Datebooks, with another 850,000 scheduled to be printed for 2019. Each year our supply is totally depleted within a few months.


Impact of the Scripture-text Datebook

Shawn wrote from Kentucky, “I appreciate your donating the Datebook and other religious pamphlets to the jails and prisons to help us grow in faith and not give up, because God loves us. I really enjoy reading the daily Scriptures within your Datebook and thank you so much for helping me find my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I accepted my Lord and Savior when I first started reading your Datebook back in 2007 when I came to prison. Your hard work and effort helped save me.”


Thomas shared from Pennsylvania, “This time [in jail] has been so hard, [but] God keeps me going. I don’t have anyone on the outside, and I was about to give up on life until I came across the Datebook. It saved my life. Thank you and God bless.”


Lorenzo, 44, in prison from the time he was 19 years old, wrote from Florida, “I’ve been reading these Datebooks for years. I can’t recall all the times God has used the Scripture on the calendar days to give me an inspirational word to share or do a study from. It’s a blessing to share with another soul.”


Karl, on death row in Arkansas, received Jesus Christ as his Savior and Lord about 19 years ago. “The changes the Lord has made in my life are 180 degrees and are eternal! I look forward to reading the Scripture for the day in your Datebook. So many are just what I need for encouragement!”


“Your Datebook has been a daily help to me for over 17 years,” Lee wrote, when he requested the 2019 Datebook. “I was incarcerated for over 11 years in Florida. I have been out on probation for over six years and have a steady job and a stable life. I give God the glory, but your little Datebook has been a good tool to complement the tools God has placed in my life.”


[You can minister to prisoners by providing Scripture-text Datebooks, which cost about 10 cents each to produce.]