Only Jesus Saw Me with Loving Eyes

“For the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous, and His ears are open to their prayers.” 1 Peter 3:12a

Daniel felt disregarded and humiliated by many in his city. Today he testifies, “How can I not cry for joy and raise my hands before my great Redeemer since He is who had mercy on me? Only He saw me with loving eyes, restored me, and liberated me from the claws of the enemy and made me feel loved.” Daniel’s life was changed because ministries are making extensive use of WMP materials in Mexico and Honduras.

“We cannot thank WMP enough for providing booklets to reach 30,000 children in over 200 locations across Honduras through the Backpack program, as well as the many other events we have throughout the year where WMP materials are shared. We can personally testify to the impact WMP has had on national evangelism, soul winning, and discipleship. We use the booklets in the inner cities, rural areas, mountainous villages and even the extreme regions of the jungles of the Moskitia.” – Ken H., Honduras

In Mexico, Susan K. has a system that she encourages churches to follow. “The Way to God is used for evangelism. The booklets, Victory in Jesus Christ, Help from Above, The Power of God, and How to Know God are all used for building the faith of members. The Bible studies in Genesis, John, and Romans are used to teach the congregation. I encourage this simple pattern so the whole congregation becomes solid together and are on the same wavelength regarding what God did for us, what Jesus did for us, and how we are to live.” The result is that the congregations have a desire to get out on the streets to evangelize and share the gospel.


Every Home for Christ Mexico has also developed ministries among marginalized people such as prisoners, indigents, prostitutes, immigrants, and those who are despised and lack love.

Juan, from Guamuchil, is one whom Jesus found. “We have been studying this little book, Who Do You Say That I Am?. It has been very beautiful knowing who Jesus is, why He came to earth, and how we can live our life in the best way and receive eternal life. Every study has been enriching for my life. It was due to these studies that I managed to approach Jesus Christ, ask for forgiveness for my sins and accept Him as my Savior.”

World Missionary Press is currently producing 11.4 million Spanish booklets. Paul S., a major distributor, will be delivering many boxes to “new distributor” churches among the 7 million people living in Mexico’s southern peninsula. “I feel led to saturate this area with as many beautiful Scripture booklets as possible since this will be our first opportunity to share Scripture booklets in great quantity to the very end of the Mexican Peninsula.”

[This large production of Spanish materials is made possible by donors like you. It still takes only $1 to print 24 booklets. Thank you for your continued support for the production and shipment of the Scripture booklets.]




Meet the Team

Kaitlyn D.

Media Creation Specialist


Blaike and I got married in the summer of 2022, and the Lord led us to Indiana. I had recently graduated college and was looking for a position where I could keep growing my skills in video production. I was browsing and came across a position at World Missionary Press. The position felt like a good fit for me. I was excited to use my skills for a faith-based organization where the environment would be Christ-centered.


For the past 8 months I have served as the Media Creation Specialist. I am responsible for all things video at WMP. I create video concepts, write scripts, conduct interviews, film people and events, and produce compelling content for our partners. I love growing my skills as a video producer. I get to learn new film techniques, experience new content styles, and write creative scripts. Most of all, I get to tell meaningful stories that bring the mission of World Missionary Press to life.


When I’m not at work, I love taking walks with my husband, trying new dinner recipes, and playing soccer. Blaike and I stay busy with church activities and apartment updating. We also love to explore new places, make tasty food, and watch movies together.


I grew up in a big family of 8 in Maine. My dad works in IT and my mom stays at home. Two of my sisters are married, and I am an auntie to a little niece and nephew.


Grateful Quotes

Sharing the gospel in Japanese homes

Dear World Missionary Press,

Warm greetings from Japan! Just wanted to share this with you.

The other day, the kitchen hood cleaning person came to our house. He stayed about an hour and while he was cleaning I played the Japanese worship music and Gospel music. After he finished the work, I told him that Jesus loves him enough to die for him. His eyes were turned brightly and I gave him a Way to God booklet to read. God gave me joy unspeakable!

God bless you always!

Every Blessings,



WMP Partners Around the World


World Missionary Press continues to receive testimonies of what God is doing around the world through WMP Scripture booklets.