“Give Me This Mountain.”
“Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” —Romans 10:17

Late one night, as Daya and his wife biked home after a Sunday prayer meeting, their headlight shone on something lying in the road. Thinking it was money, Daya stopped the bike and went back to pick it up. He found something more valuable than money. It was The Way to God Scripture booklet in the Telugu language!


As a result of this discovery, Daya contacted WMP through our website and described his ministry’s outreach every Sunday evening, “explaining about JESUS and who is GOD.” He wrote, “I want to save their soul and teach the right way to GOD.” He requested 1,500 copies of the booklet in Telugu (as well as 1,500 copies in Hindi) to share with his neighbors in India.

One Telugu Scripture booklet multiplied to 3,000 booklets. This pattern of exponential increase in requesting Scripture booklets from World Missionary Press is at the heart of the backlog of container shipments waiting in line for production as well as the increased frequency of requests from 85 national coordinators to receive large shipments. The 4,215 boxes (2.1 million booklets) on a 40-foot container just doesn’t last very long—especially if requests for material have begun accumulating long before the container arrives!

Again and again, national coordinators are asking for two containers at a time rather than one. Many submit a new request as soon as the first container is received, knowing that it may be a year or more before we can print again for their needs. To keep material flowing to these faithful partners, their requests are often scaled back so that we can supply quantities to more partners.

Facing this growing need, World Missionary Press is asking the Lord for the funds to increase in-plant production from the current 7 million (equivalency) per month to 10 million per month. We have maintained this 7 million per month production for two years as the Lord has provided new staff, new equipment, and new technology. An increase to 10 million can be accomplished as a result of those provisions and at an economical cost of an additional $30,000 per million booklets (as overhead and basic costs are already cared for). That is just 3 cents per 48-page booklet, including production and shipping!

In addition to the enlarging ministries of current networking partners, new doors are opening with new contacts wanting to be a part of what God is doing around the world through WMP Scripture booklets. We accept these new challenges and cry out to the Lord for the resources to fill their hands with His Word. Typically, when new distributors receive their first limited supply, they find encouragement and blessing, often discovering new ways to reach out to their communities. Excitedly they ask for more and more. The need is VAST, and the need is NOW!

As we look to the future, our minds review what would be needed to go even beyond a 10-million-per-month plateau. Connecting two existing buildings would enable us to expand to 15 million per month, reorganize our equipment layout to improve workflow (and increase efficiency), and perhaps add a third booklet bindery. Like Abraham of old, we look to God’s provision for the immediate need and trust Him with an exciting future. Like Caleb, we see the obstacles and challenges, but we pray, “Give me this mountain.”



Meet the Team

Jamie R.

 Finance Department Assistant

When I was in high school, I was fortunate enough to be invited for dinner on many Friday nights to the home of WMP’s co-founders, Watson and Rose Goodman. I went to school with Ruth and Harry, their two youngest children. They were such sweet and kind people. That is how I found out about World Missionary Press.

I work part-time in the Finance Department four days a week. My job is to sort and help process the mail, send letters, and other miscellaneous things. Also, I help pray every day over the mail from all our donors and distributors. I enjoy getting to pray for all those who support this ministry through their prayers, time and energy, and financially. I have been working in the Finance Department for a year and a half. Before that, I volunteered as a receptionist one day a week. My son, Curtis, also worked at WMP for four years in the IT department, after he served here as a summer intern from Taylor University.

Working at World Missionary Press is a joy! The staff are fun and friendly. Each day I deliver the mail and get to greet everyone. I pick on some of them, but they don’t mind.

My husband and I have three adult children and a son-in-law who we consider our second son. We enjoy being together as a family and have taken several vacations together. We rent a house, cook together, sight-see, and invite others over to cook-outs. For two of our nieces’ weddings (they’re a couple years apart), we did a brunch for the whole family (about 25 people) at our rental house. That was fun!

I hope you get a chance to come visit WMP and go on a tour sometime. Thank you for all your prayers and support. God be with you!