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Meet the Team

May 2016 NL p3-RandyRandy B.

Electronic Formatting Specialist

I came to WMP more than 33 years ago after hearing about it from my aunt who lives in Oklahoma. A friend of hers was volunteering at WMP, and when my aunt mentioned my desire to work in Christian ministry, the friend informed Watson Goodman of my interest. Consequently, he sent me an application and, after reviewing it, offered me a position in the prepress department. Initially I turned the position down, but the Lord had other plans. I could not get WMP out of my mind.

About two months later, I hesitantly called Watson to ask if he would reconsider me for the position there; however, he had hired someone for the job he had offered earlier, and no suitable job was available. Still, when I hung up, I knew God was calling me there and vowed to go if the Lord ever made it possible. Four days later, Watson called, offering me a position in the same department as before and I accepted whole-heartedly.

Typesetting was quite a change from packing eggs on a chicken farm in Pennsylvania! I learned various aspects of the process of preparing Scripture booklets for printing in new languages and loved the variety of work. While serving as prepress supervisor for 26 years, I saw many changes in prepress technology. My current position at WMP involves scanning translations from the pre-computer era into digital format to be used on our website and in the direct-to-plate system now being used. This involves hundreds of languages.

May 2016 NL p3-GQWhat I like best about WMP are my co-workers, who have been so supportive in many ways, especially by prayer and encouraging words. Also, how else can one reach the world from a single location to such a great extent? Only God knows how many have come to know Him through the Scripture we have sent.

When I am not at work, I like to garden and also to read, run on the treadmill, play piano, and talk to good friends whenever possible. My family lives on both sides of the country, with two brothers and a sister in Pennsylvania and my oldest brother living with his growing family in California. My aunt in Oklahoma is still living and will be 100 years old on May 1!

The years at WMP have not been easy, but God has been good through it all and I love Him way more than when I first began. Praise the Lord!




WMP Partners Around the World

May 2016 NL p4aGilford M., Malawi

Gilford M. serves as WMP’s national coordinator for Malawi, a nation of 16.3 million people in southeastern Africa, hit hard by HIV-Aids, with more than one million children orphaned by the disease. Words of hope through Jesus Christ find fertile ground here.

WMP: Please describe your current ministry in reaching your country with the gospel.

Gilford: As WMP’s national coordinator for Malawi since 2010, I am responsible to receive and distribute literature to ministries and churches for evangelism. WMP distributors and volunteers across the country also help distribute literature. I am also National Director of Every Home for Christ. WMP literature has been a primary source of the literature we are using in reaching every home with the gospel. Several other ministries and churches are using literature from WMP for Bible study and evangelism.

p4bWMP: When did you first learn about WMP? 

Gilford: I started distributing WMP literature in 2005 when I was volunteering with EHC Malawi; however, I first got booklets such as Help From Above and Who Am I That a King Would Die in My Place? in the mid-eighties when I was growing up as a young Christian. The topical layout of these booklets helped me to understand God’s plan of salvation. This helped me in evangelism and witnessing. I have been involved in distribution work for the past eleven years.

May 2016 NL p4-UpcomingShipmentsWMP: How does the availability of free literature affect evangelism in Malawi?

Gilford: The availability of free literature has helped us reach many people in rural areas which could not have been the case if the literature were not free. Many people in the rural areas do not have Bibles, because they cannot afford to purchase them. The opportunity to have portions of the Bible helps churches not only in their outreach programs but also in discipleship programs. Free literature has increased the number of souls reached, which has greatly helped churches to grow.


WMP: When you receive a shipment from WMP, how long does it last?

Gilford: Because many churches and ministries constantly request literature, the supply does not last long. We first distribute the literature to all those who had requested material before we received our consignment. This makes it difficult to give literature to new requests that come after it arrives.

WMP: How would you describe the effectiveness of the topical Scripture booklets in Malawi?May 2016 NL p4c

Gilford: WMP booklets have been a very good discipleship resource to the body of Christ. The topical Scriptures have helped new believers and churches to study topical subjects without problems, which has helped to ground Christians in the faith. As there are very limited resources available in the local languages for discipleship, WMP materials—the main resources available—have helped the Church to grow.