“It was necessary for the Christ to suffer and to rise from the dead the third day, and that repentance and remission of sins should be preached in His name to all nations.” –Luke 24:46b-47a

Mama N. of Côte d’Ivoire came to know the Lord Jesus in March 2023, following house visits organized by Pastor K. using WMP Scripture booklets. Much of her time each day is devoted to presenting the gospel of Jesus to the people of her city and its surrounding villages.


Despite her advanced age, Mama N. says she has finally found the true reason for her existence on earth. She said, “I will never stop announcing God’s love to people, because it is out of love for me that God sent men to me to show me His goodness and His grace. I will die doing this wonderful work of proclaiming the gospel of my glorious Savior and Lord Jesus. I will always win souls to Christ.”


People are looking for hope and encouragement. They want to believe there is something that makes life meaningful. Using God’s own words, World Missionary Press booklets answer the questions of How to Know God, The Way to God, and Who Am I that a King Would Die in My Place?.

People using WMP booklets as individuals, or as part of a local church outreach or an evangelistic ministry, are bringing the glad tidings of good news, proclaiming peace and salvation to a dark and hopeless world (Isaiah 52:7). “I have been using your booklets in a man-to-man, cell-to-cell ministry at West County Jail through One Accord Ministry. We are very thankful that your booklets have changed the lives of so many prisoners.” –William B.


Whether in a jail, house to house, on the street, in the bush, or in a hospital, people who live in the darkness of sin are seeing a great light. The words of our booklets reveal a God who cares for and loves the people He created. Those enslaved by addictions, who are filled with remorse, guilt, and regretful shame, are introduced to a Redeemer who pays their debt, forgives their sin, directs the lost, empowers the captive, and restores the hope of life now and forever.


Tim C. of Liberia writes, “These [booklets] are pure gold! I really don’t have words to tell you how grateful I am for your ministry and for these Scripture portions. These are going to reach many, many people with the precious gospel of Christ.” Tim is right. Psalm 119:160-162 confirms that God’s Word is a treasure – it is truth and to be regarded with awe. The Word of God is living and powerful. It is the sharp sword of the Spirit that pierces even to the division of soul and spirit. It is the discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart (Hebrews 4:12). This is the reason our booklets make a difference wherever they are distributed.


[Pray with us, that the gospel of Jesus Christ will reach to every nation, tribe, and people. Every donated dollar provides for the production of 21 powerful Scripture booklets for people across the continents in their own language. An investment of $100 will touch the lives of 2,100 people; $1,000 will affect 21,000 people who need to have hope in God.]




Grateful Quotes: The Sheep Had Lost His Way


“Thank you so much for all the work you are doing to reach into our correctional institutions and change lives one at a time through the WMP Scripture-text Datebook. I start my day each morning reading my datebook, My Daily Bread, and then my Bible. And for the sheep that had lost his way and all hope, I can honestly say that God has worked through you to renew my faith and spiritual desires. Thank you so very much and I mean this with all of my heart.” –Sidney, CA

Meet the Team: Sarah M., Communications Associate

I heard about World Missionary Press through a “WMP Ambassador” congregational meeting some years ago. I was amazed at what the Spirit of God was doing through this ministry. When I was seeking the Lord for full-time ministry work, He opened the doors for me here about 11 months ago. I am still amazed.


It is a true honor to serve alongside my brothers and sisters in Christ. Knowing we are working in unity by the Spirit is my favorite thing about WMP. To be surrounded by so many testimonies, day-to-day, of hearts that have been and will continue to be softened by the power of the Word going out of these very doors is stimulating! I am greatly encouraged knowing that God’s Word does not return void.


I have the joy of serving in the Partner Relations Department. When I am not helping with the behind-the-scenes-details of some of our events, I have the blessing of praying with many of you as I reach out to thank you for your heart for what King Jesus is doing through this growing ministry. We truly are so thankful for each one who has a hand in the ministry of WMP.


When not working, I love spending lots of time in prayer and worship, studying theology, indulging in the culinary arts, sledding, hiking, kayaking, and gardening! I have three wonderful daughters: Court is married to Tyler and they have blessed me with a beautiful granddaughter, Dahlia. Haley and Samuel are engaged to be married. And Presley lives at home and aspires to be a veterinarian.




Christians continue to share the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ using Scripture booklets from WMP.