Going with the Precious Seed of the Gospel

“He who continually goes forth weeping, bearing seed for sowing, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him.” – Isaiah 11:9b, 12

Leges, 78 years old, was a well-known witch. Even though she was a devout Orthodox believer, she had lived her entire life in a house where demons were worshiped. One day, a Christian visiting relatives in the area boldly went to Leges’ house to share the gospel. A struggle began within her as she listened to the message. Finally a calm came over her. As she clearly heard and understood the gospel, she received the Lord as her Savior. As a result of giving up her witchcraft, she lost her source of income and her husband evicted her.

This testimony of Leges is one of many from across Ethiopia. Gospel workers, armed with World Missionary Press Scripture booklets, go into villages and homes, proclaiming life-giving truths through words and actions.

S.B. of Ethiopia Every Home for Christ wrote, “Booklets should help us share words of life and truth with the lost around us. Most of the lost world that we seek to reach will never enter a church building to hear the truth proclaimed through preaching from a pulpit. So, we must go to the people with the precious seed of the gospel. In my own life, I discovered a gospel booklet on the ground in the subway system. That gospel booklet was one of the many things God used to work in my life and draw me to Himself.”

The ancient land of Ethiopia is home to 117 million people and central to the entire Horn of Africa, a heavily Islamic region with many unreached people groups. Operation World reports that “improved literacy and swelling populations create millions of new readers. Opportunities for evangelism through literacy are growing.” Although Islam is a big challenge, “those committed to reaching Muslims for Christ demonstrate that, while it is costly, it is possible.”

“It has been one year since I took Jesus as my own Savior,” wrote twelfth-grader H.N. of Ethiopia, “but my family didn’t agree with it and don’t allow me to go to church, worship in church, and learn spiritual things in church or any other place. However, I pray, study the Bible, and read books that help me know more about God. Your booklet was one of [those books]. I got your booklet, How to Know God, from a friend of mine. I learned a lot about God from it.”

God touched the heart of a faithful WMP supporter to donate $211,000 toward the printing and shipping of four 40-foot containers and one partial container of WMP Scripture booklets, with the request that these containers “reach the corners of the earth.” With that in mind, shipments to Russia, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Argentina, and Romania are designated to fulfill this request. A challenge has been raised to provide another $211,000 to print and ship a total of 9,163,355 Scripture booklets.

Seventy-year-old Ansha is the mother of 35-year-old Fato. Both were followers of Islam and had been suffering from various illnesses for the past four years. Medications only made them worse. Occasionally they would watch an evangelical program on television about how people were being healed by Jesus of various diseases. They decided to contact leaders at a church there. Fato refused to enter the church but waited for her mother outside the fence. Ansha’s heart was touched by what she heard and responded in repentance as the leaders prayed with her. Right then, Fato, sitting outside with demons inside her, started screaming and came inside the church. The leaders continued praying for Fato also, and she was freed. As a result, both Ansha and Fato accepted the Lord that day, recovered from their sicknesses, and later brought six of their relatives who all received the Lord and began their education.

Only God knows what heart is prepared to receive the gospel. As S.B., WMP’s national coordinator for Ethiopia wrote, “When preaching and private talk are not available, you need to have a Scripture booklet available. A touching booklet may be the seed of eternal life. Therefore, do not go out without your Scripture booklets!”

[You can be involved in projects for Ethiopia and to the “corners of the earth!” A generous donor has already provided $211,000. Can we meet his challenge to provide another $211,000? Producing 9,163,355 million Scripture booklets will also ship four 40-foot container shipments to Russia, Argentina, Ethiopia, and South Sudan, plus part of a fifth container to Romania, Bulgaria, and Moldova.]a fifth container to Romania, Bulgaria, and Moldova.]



Grateful Quotes

“Some patients come to know Christ moments before they meet him face to face.”

“Greetings from the Kingdom of Eswatini (formerly Swaziland), where The Luke Commission has served with compassionate medical care for the past 17 years. Over that time World Missionary Press has freely partnered with us to share booklets and Bible study material.

“Your generosity has helped us not only treat our patients medically but also spiritually. Only Heaven will know the difference that has been made in eternity for countless Eswatini as we shared the good news of Jesus Christ. Others have come to know Him more deeply and more intimately through the material we have together been able to share all over our nation. We have even seen some of our patients come to know Christ moments before they would meet Him face to face. We cannot thank you enough.

“We want to share a video, recently filmed by our media team. We hope it encourages you and your team.

—Brian S., Eswatini (Swaziland)

Meet the Team

Wally B.

Booklet Cover Cutter

I‘ve known about World Missionary Press my whole life. My dad (Daniel B.) worked here from 1999 to 2015. I started volunteering once a week on Thursdays in the summer of 2020 when there was a shortage of volunteers due to the pandemic.

The next year, plant supervisor Jerry W. asked if I would like to start working at WMP. At the time I was working part-time, doing a paper route in New Paris and working for my brother doing construction. I applied for the job and joined the WMP staff in March, 2021.

My main job is cutting booklet covers on the Pivano cutter. When I’m finished cutting everything for the day, I do lots of other things like folding newsletters, making boxes, or working on the bindery. I enjoy cutting booklet covers, and knowing I play a part in the Great Commission, printing God’s Word and sending it off to the nations.

When I’m not working, I spend most of my time in video production. I have a small business making wedding films and music videos.

I am one of nine children, all of whom have either volunteered or worked at World Missionary Press. Some of my siblings and I have been on trips to Asia distributing WMP Scripture booklets.


WMP Partners Around the World

Albert K.


For more than 10 years, Albert has worked in the villages of Central Uganda, sharing the story of Jesus. Through the support of Frontline Outreach Ministries, Albert has been able to receive boxes of Scripture booklets, creating an increasing desire for more of the precious booklets. Plans were made to send a larger shipment directly to Albert. At last, all the details were worked out. Booklets were printed in 9 languages of Uganda as well as in English. The container was on its way.


WMP: Albert, what was your response when the container arrived from WMP?

Albert: Glory be to the LORD Almighty! After a long wait—spanning months—the container carrying the Scripture booklets finally made its way safely to Uganda. Clearance through customs, revenue authorities, and travel agents was successful, and everything was well-received. We surely cannot thank God enough, for He has done great things to receive the consignment from World Missionary Press which is such a big boost to outreach ministry here in Uganda. We are overjoyed and more encouraged with the amazing support from WMP in carrying on the spread of the gospel. Thank you to World Missionary Press!


WMP: What do you feel makes the Scripture booklets so effective for your ministry?

Albert: Most of the folks lack anything to read when it comes to the Word of God. In almost all vulnerable communities/villages, scores cannot afford to buy a Bible, since they are so expensive compared to the income levels of many. Through World Missionary Press, many will have a smile on their faces and deep down in their hearts as they get a chance to freely receive the Word of God in their own mother language. It’s such a great step in preparing individuals, families, communities, nations, and the world at large in falling in love with Christ our LORD. The booklets in various languages are surely going to help folks hear the LORD speak to them in the languages they best understand and in a more simplified format, opening up the doors of their hearts to the amazing gift of salvation that the LORD offers to all who openly and freely accept Him as the only Savior.

With the Scripture booklets being summarized, easy to read, with most of them pocket-size, whereby one can even walk with a copy with lots of convenience, surely it makes the Word of God more part and parcel of our wellbeing, spiritual nurturing, and consistently growing and glowing in Christ our Savior, a must-have in every life and heart that yearns for successful living!


WMP: What are your plans for using this larger supply of Scripture booklets?

Albert: Looking forward to 2022, our program is broad when it comes to sharing the gospel. Now with enough free materials from World Missionary Press we intend to have more arrangements whereby we will continuously reach out to young ones, youth, adults, schools, Sunday schools, churches, prisons, workplaces, institutions, markets, and vulnerable communities. We will continue to share the materials with others and give out as many as we can as we encourage others in Christ.

“The Scripture booklets from World Missionary Press continue to be one of the resourceful tools, carrying a powerful message that unlocks every heart to the uniqueness and beauty of God in an easy-to-read format and in various languages. Thank you so much, World Missionary Press! We are so thankful and appreciate your walk with us in Uganda.”

 —Albert K., Uganda