A Solid Rock for the People of Puerto Rico


“He only is my rock and my salvation; He is my defense; I shall not be greatly moved.” —Psalm 62:2

Romualdo was 17 years old, living in Chicago, Illinois, when someone gave him a Scripture booklet, The Way to God, first in English and then in Spanish. Later, when living in Puerto Rico, he received a copy of the same booklet in Spanish from a youth group at his high school. There he read the booklet and accepted Christ as his Savior.


One day he met Adalberto S., WMP’s national coordinator in Puerto Rico, who gave him a box of Scripture booklets to share. The box contained copies of The Way to God! Now he could offer the same hope and salvation he himself had received, using the same booklet God had used to bring him to the Lord.


Many years later, Romualdo’s wife received multiple boxes of WMP Scripture booklets for distribution in their area of Yauco and other towns affected recently by weeks of daily earthquakes. God’s plans are often hidden from our eyes, but He brings them to wonderful completion for His glory.


Each of the 6.5 million Scripture booklets produced every month at World Missionary Press has a designated journey known only to God. Some may not be read or used for months or years, while others will draw a definitive response to the message. For some, the message settles in the mind to be recalled at a future appointed time. WMP often receives letters from someone who has carried the same Scripture booklet or Bible study for 30+ years until it has finally worn out. They ask for another copy, relaying the comfort that comes each day from that portion of God’s Word.


WMP prints with ink on paper. A faithful Christian provides hands and feet. God gives the increase, a work of grace in the heart.


Julio, from Yauco, sat in a prison cell in Ponce, Puerto Rico. While there, he was given a Spanish New Testament and a Help from Above Scripture booklet produced by WMP. He began to read it, just 10-15 verses every day until he had read the entire booklet. And then he gave his life to Jesus. The Lord blessed him, and his prison sentence was reduced to 1½ years. Julio shared his story with Adelberto by phone from the banana farm where he now works. He has graduated from a Bible institute and has been preaching and evangelizing since his release from prison seven years ago. A Scripture booklet, faithfully shared, was used by God to rescue a troubled soul. Now that rescued one shares with others the hope and joy that can be found only in Jesus.


As the people of Puerto Rico reeled from weeks of tremors and earthquakes, uncertainty filled the air. Many lived in make-shift tent camps along the highways and in stadiums opened to house those whose homes had been destroyed or were in danger of collapse. In areas filled with fear and loss, believers offered hope through the spoken and written Word—Scripture booklets from World Missionary Press.

In the Ponce highway area, eight people gave their lives to the Lord. In the stadium, four people responded to the Lord’s call and received Christ, and one was reconciled back to Him. During a weekend tour of five affected towns in mid-January, 32 people turned to the Savior. Scripture booklets, Bible studies, and New Testaments were distributed to almost everyone in ten refugee camps as well as placed on the beds of those not present at the time of the visit.


Much healing is still needed among the people of Puerto Rico, particularly in the heavily affected areas. In response to a plan presented by a group of 500 Puerto Rican churches, WMP will be sending a shipment of 200,000 Scripture booklets along with Bible studies and New Testaments in Spanish for a major outreach to the five towns most affected by the ongoing earthquakes. This will be carried out over several months as lives continue to be uprooted and in turmoil.


Though the previous hurricane and the most recent earthquakes have drawn public attention to the needs in Puerto Rico, there has for many years been a strong presence of God’s Word there through many, many WMP distributors.


William, who works in a detox center in the mountains of central Puerto Rico, came at 6:00 a.m. one morning two years ago to meet with Adalberto in the southern coastal town of Ponce. William received WMP Scripture booklets to share in sessions at the center as well as through his evangelistic outreach in diverse areas of great need in several towns of the central mountains and in coastal towns like Ponce. He also had contact with a fraternity of pastors, who were to be provided with literature for their churches’ outreach. At that same early-morning hour, a new chaplain supervisor of the Department of Correction and Rehabilitation came to get materials.


All over Puerto Rico hope is being offered to those who see no hope.


[You can help provide God’s Word for Puerto Rico and other places of crisis in the world. Every donated dollar provides for the production of 26 powerful Scripture booklets in people’s own language. An investment of $100 will touch the lives of 2,600 people; $1,000 will impact 26,000 people who need to know God.]



Grateful Quotes


The Bassari tribe in Senegal are now 80 percent Christian.


“Many years ago, World Missionary Press printed the New Testament in the Bassari language at our request for the Bassari tribe in Senegal, West Africa. I just wanted you to know that the Bassari tribe in Senegal and Guinea are now 80 percent Christian and are building a Bible school in the bush for themselves. We just wanted to thank you!”

—James S., Canada


[NOTE: In 1987 and 1992, WMP printed a total of 4,236 New Testaments in the Bassari language. The population of that tribe is listed at 10,000-30,000. WMP offers the Help From Above Scripture booklet in Bassari for continued evangelism among this tribe.]



Meet the Team


Cindy O.


Partner Relations Database Specialist


In the 1980’s, I drove a small bus full of senior citizens from our church in Columbia City, Indiana, to World Missionary Press in New Paris to volunteer.


During five years of substitute teaching, I prayed that God would open the door to a “job” where I could not only be used to help spread His Word, but also look forward to going to every day. He did that! God opened this door, 100 percent. I’ve worked at WMP for 4½ months now (by the time you read this, it will be closer to 6 months).


As Partner Relations Database Specialist, my “biggest” job is making sure the newsletters are mailed each month. I also send out Intro-packets, Datebooks, and bulk emails—pretty much all our communication mailings. I also do a lot of data entry, allowing me to send the mailings to the right person in the right location.


What do I like best about working at WMP? I love the passion and drive everyone here has in their desire to see God’s Word spread around the world. I love that we do not compromise on God’s Word; I love seeing or hearing how one piece of literature changes a person’s life; I love the feeling of family we have here. I also like “Donut Wednesdays!”


I am very active in my church. My husband is the pastor at Syracuse Church of God. We have been there for more than seven years but have been in full-time ministry for more than 30 years. I love to go on mission trips to northwest Ontario whenever possible. Before starting to work at WMP, I was able to go up to three times a year.


As far as hobbies, I paint, make jewelry, and embroider. I love baking and re-doing small wooden furniture items. I also love writing short stories and poetry. In 2011 I wrote a book called Hello! Is the Pastor Home?


My husband and I have a daughter who is married and lives in Wisconsin and a son who is married and lives nearby in Wakarusa.



WMP Partners Around the World


Paul H.




A life-transforming experience in the life of Paul H. led to the formation of Sharing God’s Abundance, a ministry reaching into remote areas of Liberia. Paul’s story represents the commitment, passion, and love that motivates WMP’s many national coordinators and major distributors to give their time and energy to making known the truth of salvation in Jesus Christ through WMP Scripture booklets.


WMP: Please tell us about the experience that changed your life.


Paul: In 1987 one of my employees drowned in my pond. I was the only person in the water to save him. Leon got on my back with his arms around my arms. He held my arms down with a death hug and I almost drowned. I failed to save Leon. I couldn’t live with myself. That day at work, Leon and I had talked about Christianity and Christ, but I never asked him if he was ready to die. I prayed, “Lord, I let you down. I let Leon down. If I can ever make this up to You, I AM WILLING.”


WMP: How did God lead you to start your ministry in Liberia?


Paul: In 2004 my wife and I agreed to go to Liberia to help Christian Aid Ministries put up the first phase at Tower Hill. We saw a country destroyed by years of war. Most of the people were involved in witchcraft and human sacrifice. As I worked with these native people, went to their villages, and visited some of their churches, I realized that so many were in desperate need of Jesus. Older men, who weren’t Christians, asked me to tell them about Jesus. There were so many suffering and helpless people.

One day a strong feeling came over me, like God talking directly to me, saying Matthew 25:35-36: “For I was an hungered, and ye gave me meat; I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink; I was a stranger, and ye took me in; naked, and ye clothed me; I was sick, and ye visited me; I was in prison, and ye came unto me, but you, Paul, bring souls to me.” I saw the suffering, the poor, and the lost. People cried, asking me to teach them the gospel. Hearing from God and the people, I couldn’t shake it. From there, Sharing God’s Abundance was formed. I thank God that WMP is helping SGA reach these needy Liberian bush people.


WMP: How has having WMP materials helped the bush people in Liberia?


Paul: Challenges abound, but the Word of God is spreading through remote areas of Liberia. Pastor William, who has served many bush villages with SGA for ten years, shared, “Because of the Muslim-dominated groups in the country, we put ourselves aside for the sake of Christ and are denied everything.” He felt like they were orphans and at the point of collapse in ministry because of a lack of materials and full Bible knowledge. When SGA brought WMP Scripture booklets along with other ministry material, they went from having nothing to an abundance of free material. He praises God for the spiritual support given to the Liberian Christians.


WMP: How has your involvement in Liberia changed you?


Paul: I was once a hunter, shooting whitetail deer, hogs, black bear, turkeys, elk, big-horn sheep, mountain lion, and moose. I always felt a calling and love for mission work, but I also controlled my time and made money so I could go hunting. Flying home from Liberia, thinking how God had called me to be a bush missionary bringing souls to him I wondered, “If I had $6,000, would I go to Alaska to get a grizzly bear and caribou?” Thinking of God’s call and hearing the people’s cry, I committed to God right there, saying, “Yes, Lord, I am willing. When Leon drowned, I made You a promise. Now I feel Your call.” For 15 years I have not hunted. My horses are old, my guns are rusty, and I have no bullets. But in another way, I still hunt, and I have lots of ammunition. For as long as God grants me health and safety, I will continue going to the Liberian bush people, hunting souls for Jesus.


WMP first sent one box (500 booklets) to SGA back in 2006 in response to Paul’s request. Today, a shipment of 1,131,000 Scripture booklets recently left our warehouse and is on its way to SGA in Liberia. Praise God for a man who heeded God’s call and for all those who help WMP print and ship the precious Word of God free of charge.