Making Inroads into Asia with God’s Word

AT ONE TIME IT WAS SAID of Asia that “the word of the Lord grew mightily and prevailed” (Acts 19:20). With today’s teeming populations, Asia is a vast continent with immense spiritual need. But the good news of Jesus Christ is making inroads, with World Missionary Press playing its part by providing Scripture booklets in various languages to ministries on the front lines. Here are some glimpses:



p1aTourists from mainland China frequently visit Hong Kong and Macau, China’s densely populated special administrative provinces, where WMP’s coordinator for the region has connected us with two ministries to Chinese (and international) visitors, spreading the love of Christ in a difficult part of the world. We are privileged to supply both ministries with Chinese Scripture booklets and to receive exciting reports of God at work.

Founded in 2007, Chinese Tourist Ministry (CTM) distributes free gospel bags, spreading the good news of Jesus with mainland Chinese face-to-face in tourist hot spots in Hong Kong. Local Christian churches and organizations are invited to participate, making these trips to Hong Kong life-changing journeys.

CTM’s goal is to give away 70,000 gospel bags per month, filled with—among other things—WMP Scripture booklets!

Testimonies coming from this ministry are touching. “Who does Jesus love?” is a question CTM workers are called upon to answer quite often: “Anyone and everyone.” What joy it brings to see faces light up in amazement when they hear about what Jesus did, and to see the smiles etched on faces of those who receive Jesus into their lives right “on the spot.” For the volunteer workers there, “It makes everything worthwhile.”

Their work inspires fellow Christians to join them: “After seeing us and reading our tracts, they were so moved yet ashamed that all these years they merely believed in Jesus, but [had] not followed His teachings. They vowed to start actively spreading the gospel, and asked whether we could send them materials to help them.”

Between January and November of 2015, CTM’s total distribution of gospel bags in Hong Kong reached nearly 775,000. They distributed 58,060 bags In November alone, with a total of 19,647 new believers in Christ!

CTM’s sister ministry in Macau sent a similar report. Since 2008, Blessed Journey has been distributingp2c-ShipStatus year-round in several locations around Macau. Their distribution goal is 50,000 gospel bags per month, and God has been working.

One woman watched Blessed Journey workers distributing from their booth for some time before her curiosity got the best of her. “Why do you give out all these for free?” she asked. “You give away so much money! For the people from mainland China, this is so unimaginable!” They answered, “Because Jesus loves us and died for us freely, we Christians are willing to spread the gospel to other people for free.” Hearing this, she received a gospel bag.

Blessed Journey told of another woman who had received literature from the booth of a cult. “Then she came to our booth and wanted a Bible. Our co-worker told her that what she was holding was not Christian, but heretical materials. She was very surprised, and after confirming that with us a few times, she returned those books and came back and respectfully received a Bible from us. How urgent it is that lost souls be rescued from the hands of Satan!”

Shipments of literature from WMP reached both ministries in October of 2015, but they were soon asking for more, as materials were quickly taken by hungry tourists. WMP will be sending a 20-foot container to each location, full of Scripture booklets in Simplified Chinese. We can expect God to continue p2ato draw many Chinese to Himself this year, as hundreds of thousands of tourists return to their homes in mainland China with His printed Word, some of them already new believers.


Myanmar (Burma)

Last year thousands of Burmese WMP booklets were distributed among churches, seminaries, evangelists, and pastors ministering in areas directly affected by civil war. Martin L. wrote that the need for literature in the area was huge, with distributors requesting more WMP booklets in tribal languages. “WMP booklets are one of the most effective tools for the people to grow in their reading skills and knowledge about p2b-PleasePrayGod.” The first printing of 100,000 Shan Help From Above Scripture booklets was distributed in Shan State, where 5 million people live and where revival movement has been seen.

When the people of Myanmar suffered disastrous flooding (October WMP newsletter), relief teams asked for spiritual food to minister to families being counseled in the aftermath. Currently 100,000 Burmese How to Know God Scripture booklets and 30,000 Burmese God Loves You salvation coloring books are being printed in Myanmar for a total cost of $9,500.



“In 2016 God’s field is still open,” wrote Frans K. in January. “We still have time and opportunity to share His love through booklets when the night is still not come.” The print shop had worked overtime to reprint 25,000 copies each of Indonesian Bible studies on Matthew and John before Christmas. Requests for quantities of salvation coloring booklets were streaming in from churches and individuals in the provinces of Gorontalo, Papua, p3aWest Papua, North Sulawesi, and others for upcoming Sunday-school retreats and scheduled church activities. WMP responded. “Yes, please go ahead with printing 50,000 copies of Indonesian He Is Risen!” The cost is $9,200, or 18 cents each.



Distribution of Christian literature is a major factor in evangelism among the 1.2 billion people of India. Of a reported 456 languages in India, 18 have more than 10 million speakers. By providing free Scripture booklets in more than 40 languages of India, WMP helps arm evangelists and pastors to reach village after village with the message of hope.


p3cMeet the Team

One-Year Volunteer Opportunities

Jim Z. had “always known about World Missionary Press” and had passed out WMP booklets since he was young. When he graduated from high school, he decided that he wanted to volunteer at a ministry for a year before starting a career. He chose WMP and since being accepted, has been volunteering regularly since last June. His favorite parts of volunteering have been working on the New Testament bindery, going to chapel each day, and even mowing the lawn!

World Missionary Press has several internship opportunities for volunteers able to support themselves or to be supported by their church while serving for a year.

Website Programmer — Volunteer internship:  Assist in maintaining and enhancing the World Missionary Press website. World Missionary Press recently upgraded to a responsive-design website built on a WordPress platform. We are looking for an intern to help with enhancements and additional functionality. Proficiency in WordPress development and database programming desired.p3b

Print Shop Production Apprentice — Volunteer internship:  Assist in operating various print-shop machines, including running booklet and New Testament binderies, web printing press, and sheet-fed press. Assist in print shop upkeep and maintenance functions. In this position you would learn several print-shop-related skills—which could prove valuable for future missions work both in the U.S. and overseas—while helping to produce and send millions of portions of God’s eternal Word to countries around the world every month.

Project India Administrative Assistant — Volunteer internship:  World Missionary Press is launching Project India, with the goal of producing 100 million Scripture booklets to help reach India’s 1.2 billion people with the gospel message. This person would assist in organizing and managing project-related information, making phone calls, data entry, and related tasks. Requirements include excellent verbal and written communication skills, computer skills (MS Office programs), attention to detail, and organizational skills.