The LORD has made known His salvation; His righteousness He has revealed in the sight of the nations. –Psalm 98:2


The goal of WMP’s Founders Challenge is to bless all of Africa with the gospel of Jesus Christ, starting with shipments of gospel literature to Rwanda, Ethiopia, Nigeria, and South Africa. One third of the world’s languages are spoken in Africa.


It is hard to communicate the immeasurable opportunities waiting for WMP booklets. A new ministry partner in Rwanda will be receiving 3,000 boxes (1,485,000 booklets) in the Kinyarwanda language. “Literature is the key. We can’t do it without the literature,” he insists. His ministry will also work in 8 other countries of East Africa. In addition, the WMP national coordinator in Rwanda will be receiving a new supply to meet the continuing needs of many other ministry partners.

The demand for booklets is growing as many organizations learn of the resources offered by WMP. New Covenant Missions of Ethiopia is a new contact, with 200 missionaries excitedly and patiently waiting for close to 1,402,000 booklets. Our national coordinator in Ethiopia just received a 40’ container of booklets that will quickly be sent out to waiting distributors.


Nigeria, in West Africa, is the most populous country in Africa. One major distributor there wrote: “People are coming every day to request World Missionary Press booklets. Through our Bible College and surrounding Bible Schools, we have thousands of pastors and missionaries requesting your booklets.” Four different WMP distribution points have been established in Nigeria, one of which reaches into the northern states where Muslim insurgents have a strong presence. Persecution is a strong possibility and yet Christians are boldly evangelizing. Presently, two 40’ containers are in production, providing 3,354,340 booklets in 11 different languages.


Clifford, a distributor in Malawi, Southeast Africa, reports that the Yao language “is commonly spoken by Muslims and these booklets are so unique to them. Your booklets will give them knowledge of salvation by the remission of their sins and take them out from total darkness.” Clifford will soon be receiving a large shipment, to help reach souls throughout Malawi. We have also just sent another container for neighboring South Africa, which is en route, carrying 2,029,825 booklets in 24 languages.


We pray that the Founders Challenge will help meet the growing demands and fill current gaps throughout the continent. Through the Lord’s provision and guidance, we have a good beginning. Across the continent, WMP has 41 national coordinators plus an additional 36 major distributors. Since the start of our fiscal year, 27 million Scripture booklets and Bible studies have been shipped to Africa.


Many nations could use two containers a year. Although 27 million booklets sounds like a lot, in perspective, it is only enough literature for 1.97% of the estimated 1.37 billion people living in Africa. God’s Word never returns void and can produce a hundredfold— reaching far beyond statistics.


[Thank you for your support of the Founders Challenge and the continued production of Scripture booklets. An investment of $100 will touch the lives of 2,400 people who need to have hope in God.]

Grateful Quotes: Small Orders Going Into Haiti


“A senior member of my church helped build a church in Haiti a few years ago and loved the inspiring messages/words of God that are written in your booklets. He asked that I order Help from Above, How to Know God, and The Way to God booklets in Kreyol for an upcoming missionary trip to Haiti.

I’m quite familiar with your organization and the wonderful work that’s being done to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Now more than ever before your booklets are tremendously valuable in helping spread the Word to parts of the world that thirst for the gospel.” —Mak S.


Haiti desperately needs the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are thankful that we can get books into Haiti through men like Mak and his fellow church member. We have a container shipment of booklets ready to send to Haiti, but because of the political unrest and chaos in the ports, our coordinator cannot bring the container into the country. Please pray for Haiti’s political, economic, and spiritual needs.



Meet the Team: Clark H., Volunteer


My definition of “retire” is you put on a new set of tires and get going again as fast as you can. I have been a volunteer at WMP for almost three years, working 8-hour shifts every Tuesday and Thursday.


Those two days allow me to keep my teaching schedule at Indiana University South Bend. I have a Master’s Degree in Chemistry, which I teach to freshmen and sophomores. I worked for Miles Laboratories for 40 years, first as a research scientist and then as the Lab Manager. My PhD studies were sidetracked when I became manager, but while managing I was able to complete a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, and a Bachelor’s Degree of Accounting.


I have four children, four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Avon, my wife of 60 years, passed away five years ago now. The last two years of her life, I went morning and evening to the nursing home and fed her breakfast and supper. Her passing left an emptiness, so I asked my daughter, a teacher at Elkhart Christian Academy, if she had contact information for any church-related volunteer work that I could help with. She gave me the World Missionary Press information.


I have no traditional hobbies, but I enjoy working with and being of service to others. I would recommend volunteering, or even working at WMP, to anyone who wants to help people and to have friends while you are working. I like helping produce Scripture booklets that will benefit others all over the world. My desire to serve others comes from my relationship to Jesus Christ, which started when I was eleven years old.


On April 7th my WMP friends celebrated my 90th birthday with a surprise party.

WMP Partners Around the World


World Missionary Press continues to receive testimonies of what God is doing around the world through the free Scripture booklets.