Offering the Word of God to the World

Last month we presented a world map showing the scope of WMP’s activity around the world through national coordinators, major distributors, and individual believers. We will return to our regular format next month but we want to offer another look at the map with the current status of shipments to each country. New doors continue to open and we must be ready to respond to those openings. The current world population is listed at 7.7 billion with a population growth of 25.6 million per year! As encouraging as this map is, it also represents the vast harvest field of souls yet to be reached.

As WMP’s partners around the world share topical Scripture booklets, they often experience the joy of seeing heavy hearts released from their burdens, lives rebuilt in God’s design, and communities transformed into centers of peace. They are eager to receive more and more booklets to share with more and more homes and villages, even into regions where the power of God’s Word has not yet been released.



“Tsunamis and floods occurred in several places in Indonesia. This meant a change for us distributing the Word of God. As churches provided rice, food, and other needs, our teams had opportunity to distribute 20,000 WMP booklets. When floods happened in Manado, our workers had opportunity to distribute 8,000 booklets. This year our workers will start visiting schools they have not visited before. Now our stock for Help from Above and The Way to God is less than 30,000 copies. We are surprised with the unsuspected opportunities we still have.”

—Frans K.



“The Philippines is made up of around 7,641 islands, with eight major dialects. The need to reach out to people through the Scripture booklets is always increasing and challenging at the same time. The Muslim population is growing fast. That is why we are asking for more of your reading materials here in our beloved nation.”

—Rene L.



“Is it possible to make two requests for literature this time around? There is [such] a huge request for literature now that I feel it may not be possible to meet the demand in one consignment.”

—Gilford M.



“I have the material in different parts of Finland. Now Russia, Estonia, and Germany are opening up, and in the summer, they are going to pick up a lot of literature. In Germany, they need a lot of material. They do a lot of work and now I get them Arabic material also.”

—Ali M.



“In a country like Ethiopia this literature is a [bright] hope for that Muslim woman that is scared to be seen associating with Christians or for that young farmer boy that lives far in the rural areas where people can’t reach him. This literature is a means for them to see things from a different perspective than the reality they live in.”

—Sam B., EHC Ethiopia


Democratic Republic of the Congo

“How great was our joy to receive this literature, which constitutes for us a powerful lever in the hands of God for the salvation of souls. We divided the booklets into five parts, then each part was sent for distribution in the villages which surround the city of Kikwit. Unfortunately, the amount was very small for Kikwit, which has more than 700,000 inhabitants. It is difficult to find even a portion of the Word of God in these villages. We received from these villages many testimonies of the souls blessed by the booklets. Thus, to allow us to continue our evangelical work, we kindly ask you to send us a large amount of literature in French and Lingala.”

—Charma W. 


“Venezuela has been in the news, over and again, during the past months. As Christians, we ought to awaken and realize that there is a great spiritual battle going on in all that has to do with Venezuela. The Holy Spirit is working, and the end result will be a great harvest of souls. We are grateful for the partnership with World Missionary Press, and very, very grateful for their help in reaching the multitudes in this country.”

—Hiske E.



“We can use as much [literature] as you can send. We presently have a network of 300 churches and over 4,000 people.”

—John R.



“I personally received a couple of boxes of this booklet (The Amazing Life of Jesus Christ) last year. So many people got saved and blessed by your work. Now I need more and more boxes every week, because many people are coming to Jesus.”

—Marle I.



Watch and pray as Alison B. shares about shipment status and the great need to provide for a backlog of 120+ million booklets:






Meet the Team

Liz M.



I retired over seven years ago after many years of factory work and quickly settled into enjoying not getting up early for my job. But soon I realized I wanted to do something with my days that was productive, meaningful, a way of serving other people. One day I was having lunch with a friend who works full time at World Missionary Press. She shared how much she enjoys her work, how friendly the people are, just like family, and how meaningful it is to be involved in sending Scripture to people all over the world who do not have it. Listening to her, I knew that was what I longed for, so I went into the office to see if there was anything I could do—and there was! The following week I started working as a volunteer a couple times a week. It’s thrilling to hear accounts of people who receive booklets and, with the help of missionaries and pastors, not only believe, but grow and remain steadfast in their faith, serving the Lord themselves. It is important to me to pray for the people who receive the booklets going out each day.


My husband, Ray, and I have been married 51 years. We have three children, four grandchildren, and one great-granddaughter. We are so happy they live locally and that we get to spend time with them. Ray enjoys playing the tuba with local community and brass bands and I enjoy playing the keyboard on the worship team at our church. I also enjoy making greeting cards, which can be a way of encouraging others.