A Light That Will Not Be Put Out!

THE HORN OF AFRICA is a Muslim-dominated region of four nations, with 101 million people representing 160 ethnic groups. In a region rich with Biblical history, Christians today are often marginalized, persecuted, betrayed by family, and even martyred. In spite of an environment hostile to Christianity, the gospel still shines through faithful believers, who are standing strong and devoted to their precious Savior.

In a recent interview, Samuel B., WMP’s National Coordinator in Ethiopia, spoke of the challenge of sharing the gospel in one of the toughest areas of the world for evangelism. With him were leaders from Eritrea, Somalia, and Djibouti nodding in agreement that their nations need the gospel (and WMP Scripture booklets!) and that they are willing to take this gospel into dangerous territory. It is this courage that Samuel emphasized.

Church growth in Eritrea and Somalia is evident in spite of increasing opposition, and the Church in Ethiopia has experienced strong growth partly as a result of vigorous evangelism. Last year 194 Ethiopian churches came together for focused prayer and evangelism training, asking God to pour out His Spirit on their nation and praying for the lost to come to Jesus.

Improved literacy in Ethiopia has created an increasing demand for literature. As WMP Scripture booklets are used for outreach, more booklets are needed to carry out a bold venture to reach every home in the region. Samuel emphasized, “Your booklets enrich our ministry.”

A new shipment with 685,000 Scripture booklets in Amharic, Oromiffa, and Soomali will soon arrive in Addis Ababa to be disbursed by “light-bearers” throughout the region.

Outlining prayer needs for the region, Samuel noted that the gospel is holistic, touching more than just an individual’s spiritual life, and can change the very spirit and mind of a nation. “We believe that our gospel is strong,” he said. “It can change and transform the life of the community, and we need transformation for our area.”

Spiritual opposition in Eritrea, Somalia, and Djibouti dictates that great care must be taken in how the Word of God is shared. Churches have been driven underground and believers often worship alone, not sure who they can trust. Yet, the light shines.

Samuel requested prayer for open doors and for volunteers to be involved in outreach. Also needed is prayer for political stability in the region, so that the gospel can be more freely shared, for economic empowerment in each nation, and for leaders to be raised up who will lead their nations back to God.

When Samuel visited WMP in 2017 as speaker for WMP’s 56th Anniversary Dinner, he saw first-hand how the Scripture booklets are produced and the many, many languages being prepared for so many countries. With a new understanding of the ministry of WMP, he returned to his team in Ethiopia and together they began to pray earnestly for WMP, forging an even deeper bond in carrying the light of the gospel into the darkness.

Muslim resistance to the gospel comes in many forms, pushing back against the revealing light of God’s Word, but believers in the Horn of Africa who are standing firm bring to mind a beautiful verse from the Old Testament. “Those who are wise shall shine like the brightness of the firmament, and those who turn many to righteousness like the stars forever and forever” (Daniel 12:3).

The request for WMP Scripture booklets from Ethiopia has been echoed by other major distributors and national coordinators in Africa. The last shipment to Nigeria lasted only a few months, absorbed by the many outstanding requests which had accumulated.

 “We greatly appreciate your effort and the good work of WMP for sending the precious Word of God to us in Nigeria for propagation of the gospel to the unreached. The distribution of the [booklets] has gone very far and wide of Nigeria and her coast. The demand is high and greatly appreciated. One 40-foot container is not enough for a year.”

A new shipment to Nigeria includes 30,000 copies of Help From Above in the Kanuri language—a new language for WMP and eagerly expected by those working in Northern Nigeria.

Shipments for Togo, Benin, Congo (Brazzaville), Cameroon, Tanzania, Uganda, and Democratic Republic of Congo are also nearing completion. A total of 14 million booklets from a recent production schedule are heading to Africa, where eager and willing hands wait to introduce Africans to the Light of the World.

[YOU can help supply the light of God’s Word to nations in Africa and around the world. A gift of $50 will provide for the production of 1,300 Scripture booklets; $200 will help produce more than 5,000 booklets!]

To view Samuel B. sharing about using WMP literature to reach Ethiopia, visit:






Grateful Quotes

“I doubt he’d even listen.” Wrong!

WMP Scripture booklets are included in free “gospel bags” given to tourists coming to Hong Kong and Macau from mainland China. In just the first three months of 2018, more than 361,000 bags were distributed; through one-on-one witness, 6,268 received Jesus Christ as Savior “on the spot.”

“We would be lying if we didn’t doubt sometimes, ‘Nah. I doubt he’d even listen.’ Especially not one as big and gruff as Mr. Z—until someone was brave enough to walk up to him with a gospel bag. It turned out that Mr. Z was a friendly person. Not only did he listen to the gospel, he said he wanted to become a believer too! Be strong and courageous, indeed.”

“Mr. J’s wife was overjoyed when she saw we were spreading the gospel, and urged her husband to listen. Although he was reluctant at first, his attitude turned completely when he heard how God had died for him. At the end, he finally understood why his wife chose Jesus and decided to follow his wife’s example.”

—Volunteers in Hong Kong tourist ministry


Meet the Team

Abbi R.

Bindery Operator/

Data Entry Assistant

I first heard of World Missionary Press, which now sometimes feels like a second home, when I was 5 or 6 and the uninterested participant on a tour with my parents, eager to get back to my books and bike and designing river tributary systems and cities in the mud of my parents’ driveway.

I believe that God’s plan for our lives, no matter where we work, is to realize how much we are loved by Him and to let that love spill out onto every person right in front of us. Doing that accomplishes His purpose of winning His creation back to Himself.

I don’t have a fancy story about how I came to work at World Missionary Press. I knew the former plant manager, Ron Link, through a job I’d had at a local printing company and he encouraged me to apply. I wasn’t sure about it, since my childhood memory of a noisy, boring place was still intact! But I applied and started work in January, 2013.

It hasn’t been boring! I’ve had a menagerie of jobs from mopping floors to helping in the bindery department. My favorite is entering orders for the Scripture-text Datebooks we send to correctional facilities all over the U.S. It makes my heart happy to be part of a team working to bring a bit of God’s light and hope into what is often a dark and soul-numbing place. I also enjoy the friendship of my band of adopted older brothers in the bindery department, my friends in the ‘Under 30’ group, and everyone else I’ve had the pleasure of working with, including the volunteers and people from different cultures and backgrounds I’ve met.

Outside WMP, I’m a part-time cook at a carry-out pizza restaurant and will be going back to school at a community college this summer. I like spending time with family (I’m the oldest of three siblings who live nearby) and with friends, solitude, walking trails, biking, playing board games, reading, learning about and working for social justice, learning about different countries, cultures and cuisines, and last—but certainly not least—having conversations about faith.

I encourage anyone reading this to remember that God is more loving than you can ever think. He is always pursuing your heart and ever longing for the day when His heart’s desire (you) will no longer be looking through a dim glass but seeing Him as He is: the humble God-man whose love you can never lose.


WMP Partners Around the World

Tonny and Susan M.,


The first knowledge of Christianity came to Scandinavia through traders in 826 A.D. Almost 1,200 years later Tonny and Susan M. are faithfully proclaiming the message of salvation by grace through faith to the people of Denmark. They have used WMP Scripture booklets for 20 years and have helped make WMP booklets available in Danish. Immigrants and refugees in Denmark provide opportunities to share God’s Word in many languages with those whom the Lord has brought from near and far.

While living in the U.S.—14 years before he was saved—Tonny had his first “life-saving grace experience” when a giant metal piece flew through the air and hit his forehead with great speed. It could have meant his death, but instead of hitting him directly, it hit from an angle and bounced off, only tearing some skin. Now in Denmark, Tonny and Susan write, “We count it a joy that He has been pleased to add us to His work force in His vineyard in Denmark.”

The Great Need for Persian/Farsi in Denmark

In 2016, Tonny and Susan began to plead for more Scripture booklets, Gospels of John, and New Testaments in Persian/Farsi for Iranians.

“In Europe we rejoice to see a great move of God among Iranians. Iranians have a memory of freedom during the Shah’s reign . . . so when they get freedom to hear the Word of God in Europe, they respond. On an internet site, a Danish church had the evangelist’s message interpreted into Persian/Farsi, and at the end of four days of meetings, nine Iranians were baptized. A good number more were saved and touched.”

WMP sent all the Persian/Farsi materials available.

God Answers Prayer!

As WMP began to work on reprinting Persian/Farsi New Testaments, communications to obtain Bible Society permission and questions about the availability of other versions delayed its printing. For months we requested prayer for the impasse to be resolved.

At a recent conference in Thailand, a lady representing the Iranian Bible Society “happened” to sit next to WMP President Harold Mack and coworker Andrew Beverly at breakfast. Not knowing each other at first, they soon realized that the Bible Society and WMP were currently in discussions about the needed permissions! Seeing this meeting as of the Lord, they worked out the few details needed and discussed future opportunities to work together. WMP will soon be printing 15,000 copies of Persian/Farsi New Testaments for Iranian believers in many parts of the world. Praise God for His sovereignty!!

The Need for Multiple Languages in Denmark

Tonny M. also requested a shipment of Scripture booklets in 25 other languages.

“We are certainly looking forward [through late October] to display Scripture booklets in MULTI-LANGUAGE array for Danes, Germans, and all the other refugee, EU, and migrant languages! This BOOK TABLE will not just be an efficient way to attract seekers and believers, but we pray also that it will attract not-quite-so-bold believers to become ‘street librarians’ for Jesus Christ.

“Please pray for a team of about 7-12 faithful saints. We plan to cover an area of 50 by 80-100 miles, with 350,000 residents. So far, we are targeting the seven major cities of the ‘South Denmark’ region, and pray that this book table concept may spread to other regions, churches, and saints nationwide. Of course they all need Danish How to Know God, The Way to God, and Help From Above plus the other titles and about 100 languages. We’ve got a way to go yet!”

An exciting addition to this shipment is How to Know God in Danish. Translated several years ago, it had never been printed. While looking at what was available for Denmark, WMP staff found this booklet was ready to print! When Tonny received this news, he was “wonderfully shocked.” Everything, always, in God’s time!