I will open rivers in desolate heights, and fountains in the midst of the valleys. – Isaiah 41:18a


In 2007, Harold Mack, WMP President, visited several countries in South America, meeting with distributors and hearing how the Scripture booklets blessed so many. A primary focus of that trip was to establish a WMP national coordinator for Peru. At distributor meetings in Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay, prayer was lifted up for this critical need.


God did indeed supply a centralized distribution point in Lima. That distribution point has served the many current distributors in the country and provided larger supplies to encourage other churches, evangelists, and ministries to include the Scripture booklets in their outreach.


As a result, requests for WMP literature have grown, with several ministries asking for large shipments to serve their associated pastors and churches. “We need a lot of evangelistic literature for Southern Peru. We beg you to send more.” This plea from Austin V. is repeated again and again. Two major shipments are currently in line for production to meet these needs.


One shipment will supply 9 pastors and their churches with a total of 920,000 booklets. The second shipment will supply a new ministry partner who learned of WMP through our coordinator in Bolivia. They will be receiving 1,343,440 booklets, including 50,000 copies of The Way to God booklet in Low German (a new item just added to the WMP list of available languages).


During the pandemic, many workers left Lima and returned to their villages in the highlands and jungles. Many of these people live in impoverished conditions. Workers with David B.’s ministry in one of these deprived areas encounter violent young men from troubled homes and “students in the midst of the darkest family struggles. How wonderful it is to be able to give them something beautiful and true.”



After several years of limited opportunities in Uruguay, the close working partnership of Every Home for Christ and WMP has found new energy through Silvana P., the new EHC director, and EHC’s purchase of a 3,200 sq. ft. warehouse “where we can receive all the material that you send us for the blessing of our country.” WMP has sent a container with 466,310 booklets, Bible studies, and God Loves You! salvation coloring books.


Silvana tells why Pastor Sandro, who partners with EHC Uruguay, believes in the booklet ministry. Sandro was a homeless person who slept with wrapped cardboard on the streets of Brazil. One day someone threw a New Testament and an evangelistic tract through his cardboard. They caught his attention and he began to read. “Before long he turned his life over to the Lord and began the process of getting his life back. That is how literature helped him get out of his addictions.”


Silvana explains that Uruguay is “a country where the Word is unknown and where, if one stops in front of a school to distribute evangelistic tracts, the teachers accuse us of being bothersome. We thank God, because despite being known as a sad country, we know that God is moving His hand, so that many will know Him. Thank you for investing in Uruguay.”


[WMP has set a goal to increase production in 2023, by streamlining efficiency, adding capital improvements, adding a third booklet bindery, and extending press hours. Our prayer is that the growing demand for booklets will be filled and the people groups still unreached will have the opportunity to respond to the gospel of Jesus Christ. We thank you for your faithful partnership with WMP! Every donated dollar helps produce 24 Scripture booklets.]





Grateful Quotes: Booklets in use at ICE Detention Center

“I use the booklets in my service as a chaplain in a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention center. The population I serve are non-citizens, currently numbering around 500 and representing over 40 nations and multiple languages. There is a steady turnover in the make-up of those whom I serve because they arrive and depart— some released here and others returning to where their citizenship lies. Seeking to know the God of the Bible and to explore Christianity is an active pursuit of many I meet with daily.” —Donna L.




Meet the Team: Mike C., Strategist


I first heard about World Missionary Press while listening to Pulse FM. They were advertising a job on the presses, but after interviewing with the heads of several departments, WMP offered me work as a strategist.


Before coming here, I had never experienced a job interview that opened with prayer. Scripture says we come up with our plans, but the Lord directs our steps. “He is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all that we can ask or think,” according to Ephesians. I’m thankful He’s done that by bringing me here to the Press. I’ve been here almost a year.


The strategy job is in the Partner Relations Department, which involves fundraising, communications, and special events. In addition, they loan me out to the Product Development Department for special projects. Right now we’re preparing for a trip to Ghana, to film distribution efforts and collect testimonies. What a blessing!


In my personal life, I’m learning French, developing a startup, and earning credits at Ivy Tech. My favorite TV show is a black-and-white series called Combat, about soldiers fighting in Europe during World War Two. As followers of Christ, we’re also called to fight the good fight, to retake fallen ground. But our weapons are not carnal. They’re spiritual. Not planes and tanks, but prayer and Scripture.


My dad passed away a few years ago. I have a kindhearted, godly mom, who lives in South Bend, and a daughter who lives out east.


One thing I know working here, no, two: we’ve been given the Words of Life, and prayer is crucial.






World Missionary Press continues to receive testimonies of what God is doing around the world through the free Scripture booklets.