APRIL IN ZAMBIA IS A MONTH when most people in rural areas are harvesting their crops, so Every Home for Christ (EHC)-Zambia made plans to conduct most home-to-home outreaches in the afternoons after people returned home from their fields.

During the month of April, 45,000 pieces of literature were distributed by 819 volunteers to 44,382 homes across the nation, and 1,496 souls were won to Christ. What “showers of blessing” in just one month! Pioneer missionaries made follow-up visits to the new converts in their communities. New believers who did not belong to any church were placed in already-existing Christ groups so they could be nurtured spiritually. World Missionary Press Scripture booklets such as The Amazing Life of Christ and How to Know God played a key role in the April campaign.

Snatched from fire by The Amazing Life of Jesus Christ

Siampeyo of Kayuni village used to drink beer every day. He says, “My family never saw me in a sober state. I went to bed drunk and would start drinking early in the morning. People of my village nicknamed me ‘the moving grave.’ But April 11, 2018, was a different day for me. As I arrived home, I was met by people leaving my home. Seeing the state I was in, one of them handed me a gospel booklet. He never spoke a word, and they left.

“The following day, I sat down and tried to read. The bold words on the booklet read The Amazing Life of Jesus Christ. At the end of the booklet were instructions on how to pray to God for salvation. I did as I was instructed, and I received such peace in my heart. For the very first time, my family saw me in a sober state, and I started reading that booklet to my family members. After a few days, I called the number on the back of the booklet and one of the EHC-Zambia team members answered. I thank God my family has since joined a Christ group. I was snatched from fire by words in this booklet.”

“I don’t miss my old friends anymore”

Efas was 26 years old and not a believer.  On April 2, 2018, an EHC-Zambia team introduced Christ to him through the booklet How to Know God. By God’s grace, Efas accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior, then spent days reading the booklet that had helped him come to know the Lord. When the EHC-Zambia team returned to his house, they introduced him to a Christ group, where he is learning more about Jesus and enjoying fellowship with others. “I don’t miss my old friends anymore,” he says. “I have new friends in the Lord.”

“The devil blinded me, but Jesus opened my eyes”

Stanley is 32 years old and works for the Ministry of Health as a Lab Technician. He had been going to church but was also involved in sinful activities. However after receiving the Word of God from a Pioneer missionary, his understanding about Christianity changed. Through the booklet, The Amazing Life of Jesus Christ, he came to understand that Christianity was about having a personal relationship with God. “I renewed my commitment to Christ as I received Him as Lord of my life. I thank God my eyes have been opened. Now I know the truth, and no one will take me away from the Lord.”


“My life will never be the same again”

Medrine, a Pioneer missionary, has discovered that people are hungry for the Word of God. “I have seen people transformed and become responsible people. The training has helped me in training others in evangelism and discipleship. I can boldly testify that my life, my family, and our church will never be the same again in terms of knowing, serving, and sharing Christ with others.”

Every Home for Christ–Zambia anticipates mobilizing 25 churches in July for the Harvest Project among Lozi-speaking people in Mongu, Western Province of Zambia. Please pray as more volunteers are trained to reach home-to-home and that God will draw hearts to Himself in this new outreach.

[YOU can help supply powerful Scripture booklets for outreaches in Africa and around the world. A gift of $50 will provide for the production of 1,300 Scripture booklets; $200 will help produce more than 5,000 booklets!]


Grateful Quotes

Scripture booklets carried to remote areas

“Two teams will be using these booklets, one team of 17 students spending 28 days in the mountains of Peru and another team of 24 students working in Panama. Both teams will be doing street evangelism, ministering in schools, marketplaces, orphanages, etc. This is the 25th anniversary of our ministry. We have sent over 13,000 missionaries into 52 countries carrying your booklets and have seen thousands upon thousands come to Christ.”  —Walker M., Oklahoma

[WMP is supplying 4,000 copies of The Way to God in Spanish.]

“I lead a team to remote areas of the western province of Zambia every year. We have had amazing success evangelizing the lost sheep. Last year we had over seven hundred salvations. So far seven churches have been planted, and they continue to grow. Many of these people had never heard the name of Jesus prior to our arrival. Having booklets to pass out has been a real blessing. We are on foot in many of these areas and are limited due to weight, bulk, and cost to carry very many Bibles. . . . I am a donor, as I see the great value in having booklets in a local language.”         —Jess N., Washington

[WMP is providing 1,000 Scripture booklets—Help From Above and The Way to God—in Lozi for their team, which leaves in August.]


Meet the Team

Brian B.

Web Pressman

As a kid I volunteered with a group from my church. The group had been organized by an employee of World Missionary Press.

In 2008 I was working at Carriage, an RV manufacturer. For some reason I changed my route to work every day, and I started driving by WMP. I believe this was God at work. The thought came to me that I should apply there, but because of the low pay I didn’t think I would be able to afford it. Four months into having thoughts about applying, Carriage began laying people off and I was one of them. For seven months I applied to work everywhere; no one would hire me because they thought I was overqualified.

I went to church with Jerry, the Plant and Facilities Manager at WMP, and he encouraged me to apply. I was skeptical, but God confirmed through prayer that I should submit my application.

At that time my house was getting repossessed by the bank because I hadn’t made a payment in six months (having been laid off). They planned to auction off the house, but nobody showed up to the auction except one realtor from Syracuse, who bought out my entire debt! She paid over the asking price.

When I interviewed at World Missionary Press, and they asked me where I’d be living, I said, “No clue.” They told me about WMP’s rental housing available for me and my family. It all worked out.

In September of 2018, I will have been working here for 10 years. God has provided my every need, including paying off any debt I had when I started here. I run the Web Press, which prints the inside pages of Scripture booklets, Bible studies, and New Testaments. I enjoy working here because I get to be a part of something bigger than myself. When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my kids.


WMP Partners Around the World

Frans K., Indonesia

Frans K. is WMP’s national coordinator for Indonesia, the world’s fourth most populous nation (267 million), with thousands of islands stretching across 3,575 miles of ocean. Of five main islands, the volcanic island of Java is home to 145 million. A democracy with over 750 distinct peoples, Indonesia is 80% Muslim and 15% Christian. Printed materials in national languages may not be imported, so WMP materials are printed in Indonesia.

WMP: Brother Frans, please describe your relationship with WMP and your ministry today.

Frans: Through Mr. Willard S. , your liaison with YAKIN (CLC), I met Brother Jay [Benson] when he visited Indonesia. I became Director of YAKIN in 1980. Though still chairman of YAKIN’s Board, I turned over management responsibilities in 2010 and have had more time to be WMP’s coordinator. We partner with individuals, churches, Christian organizations, and schools, distributing both in our bookshop in Surabaya and other Christian bookshops, providing material for revival meetings, pastor’s meetings, prison ministry, and mission outreaches to other islands.

WMP: Please describe opportunities you have had for sharing WMP Scripture booklets?

Frans: Last October a youth team from Surabaya took 2,500 copies each of Help From Above and The Way to God to distribute in Timor. When we learned that the Boy Scouts in Manado could use 5,000 copies each of the Bible studies on John and Matthew and He Is Risen for a week of camping in November, WMP funded a quick printing of those.

We praise God for distribution to 80 churches in the suburbs of Surabaya during the Christmas season as well as other churches in the city. We ran out of Help From Above and The Way to God for some of the churches, so WMP helped us reprint 75,000 copies of each in January. That’s when our team in North Sulawesi were making plans to visit schools. Thanks to WMP, they had enough stock of the main five titles to begin, but we still needed to reprint the bilingual English-Indonesian edition of How to Know God; 50,000 were printed in February. Booklets have also been requested for revivals in various places, including 1,000 distributed in a one-night revival in Surabaya.

WMP: Speaking of Surabaya, you had asked for prayer after three churches were bombed on May 13. You had a pastor’s meeting scheduled for May 15-17. How did that go?

Frans: There was another explosion the following day in the police station, and the situation was very unstable. The government was standing by, and the military troops were prepared for war. We are grateful that God is in control. He gives His love so we can give our love to others. All the churches in Surabaya were praying, especially for the victims. Only 850 of the expected 1,500 pastors came from various islands. They gladly received WMP materials and asked for more to be sent to their regions. The police had told us not to post anything outside our event; we found later that a house nearby had been the headquarters for the terror group, and arrests were made. We thank God for HIS protection.

In June and July many churches and Christian schools will have retreats and distribute WMP booklets. We need your prayers. We could use a new booklet like The Bible Study on Romans, which we could translate and print.