An Increasing Involvement in Evangelism

“See, I have set before you an open door, and no one can shut it.”—Revelation 3:8a

Two of the earliest gospel missionaries were accused of “turning the world upside down” as they reasoned that Jesus was indeed the long-awaited Christ and that His death and resurrection were needed for the salvation of mankind. The faithfulness of Paul and Silas to take this message to city after city fueled the early spread of the gospel across the then-known world.

Today, that timeless message can again turn nations and peoples upside down—from the path of sin and destruction to one of peace and eternal life. A renewed earnestness and sense of urgency is motivating God’s people to offer the words of hope and salvation to everyone, no matter who they are or where they live.


After more than a year of limited opportunities for outreach, many in Latin America are discovering new avenues for evangelism and increased interest by those looking for answers to life’s vital questions. WMP Scripture booklets are a vital part of this growing vision.

“We are delivering literature in various cities of our country,” wrote Victor S. from Chile. “After the pandemic, there has been an awakening to evangelize, so the demand we have for booklets is great. We want to reach every corner, every house in our country with the message of the gospel!”

In Mexico, The Amazing Life of Jesus Christ was given to a lady along with a personal testimony, as she sat in anguish outside a hospital. She had just received a diagnosis of breast cancer. Several weeks later, the lady euphorically reported, “I do not have cancer! God healed me!” She had prayerfully studied the booklet and has now received Christ as Savior and become part of a discipleship group.

“Without your help by sharing with us all this wonderful literature,” wrote Gloria L. from Mexico, “our task to reach all of Mexico for salvation in Jesus Christ would be more difficult. Your booklets are the key that opens the hearts of those who receive these little pamphlets that contain the greatest treasure for them, which is the salvation of their souls.”



An itinerate pastor in S. Asia felt called to a certain village where he began to distribute The Way to God and How to Know God Scripture booklets from World Missionary Press. As one woman read through the booklets, the Lord began to work in her heart. When the pastor shared with her what Jesus had done for mankind, she began to cry and confess her sins before the Lord. She committed her life to follow Jesus and live for Him as a testimony among her neighbors. As a result, the pastor was able to establish a fellowship group in that village. The group grew into a church which was able to construct its own building in that place.

Such testimonies are repeated again and again as God’s Word reaches from the high Himalayas to the Australian Outback and islands of the South Pacific. Multiple languages, threatening terrain, religious opposition, and a world-wide pandemic cannot stop the progress of the gospel.

“Our distribution was limited,” said R. L. from the Philippines, “but thanks be to God, for He always makes a way for us to bring the boxes to those thirsty and hungry for His words.”

Shipments are scheduled for the Philippines, Hong Kong, Macau, and S. Asia. Printing in Indonesia and Myanmar allows WMP distributors access to the Scripture booklets even when shipping into their countries is restricted. Millions of booklets have been sent where it seemed the door was shut!


God’s people in Africa are trusting that if they believe and pray and give themselves to the work of the Lord, Africa will be saved! There is an excited looking-forward among WMP partners in Africa—along with a huge increase in requests for Scripture booklets! New contacts eagerly await their first shipment, while established ministries discover new avenues for using the booklets to reach into hearts and homes. Refugee camps, densely populated inner cities, hospitals, prisons, unreached people groups—all are being touched by the power of God’s Word.

One after another, WMP distributors report, “We could not do what we do without the literature.” By providing Scripture booklets in so many languages of Africa—free of charge—the limited resources of many ministries are freed-up to implement the outreach, and booklets can be requested in additional languages, expanding the effectiveness of their work.

It is, indeed, an exciting time for the gospel in Africa, with shipments in process for 23 African nations. Each one represents distributors waiting to take the Word to the farthest reaches of their country, knowing that the power of God’s Word will transform lives, communities, and




There is a growing interest in evangelism and recognition of the effectiveness of WMP material in Europe. A lady who had won seven souls for the kingdom in the middle of Germany, wrote for Scripture booklets for her personal ministry. She had discovered copies on a train in Stockholm, Sweden, and was overjoyed to find material available free of charge, as she no longer has a job.

A church with evangelistic work in Finland heard about WMP from evangelical friends in Bulgaria. They requested almost 50,000 booklets in 18 languages, including Thai, Arabic, and Japanese to distribute on the streets and in person.

The past year brought a wonderful opportunity to provide millions of Scripture booklets and Bible studies for a major outreach to 25 million people in Central Russia.

WMP’s national coordinator in Denmark—after years of planning, praying, working, and waiting—received a 20-foot container full of WMP literature in 23 languages! Praise God for His faithfulness!

Individual requests continue to come from Croatia, Slovakia, Switzerland, and many other parts of Europe. Praise God for those who recognize and seize the opportunities to share the wonderful words of life.



The diversity of peoples and languages in the USA and Canada pose challenges to sharing the truth of God’s Word to those who may not know the name of Jesus or who He is. Those challenges are being met as believers recognize opportunities and look to WMP for Scripture-based literature. Along the southern US border, in cities with large ethnic concentrations, among the homeless, the imprisoned, the needy, God’s Word is bringing comfort and hope. During days of isolation from school and work, WMP Bible studies draw families together around God’s Word.

One man with a unique burden for the American Indian population in the northern U.S. gathers items for their physical needs as well as WMP Scripture booklets for young and old. Working with local churches, he brings the love of God to those who often seem unnoticed, showing them through His Word how much He loves each person individually.

Wherever one may live, God sees and knows the heart. His Word is for all. His love reaches to the farthest corner of the earth. Topical Scripture booklets are a ready tool for anyone to share the story of Jesus and His love. Millions still wait to know this love. World Missionary Press is committed to providing words of hope and peace as open eyes and hearts go through a small Scripture booklet.


[You can be involved in stepping through the open doors set before us. Every donated dollar provides for the production of 28 powerful Scripture booklets for people around the world in their own language. An investment of $100 will touch the lives of 2,800 people; $1,000 will impact 28,000 people who need to have hope in God.]