God’s True and Eternal Word Gives Hope to Everyone, Everywhere.


“Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” —Romans 15:13

From the beginning of God’s relationship with mankind, His word has been absolute, reliable, and eternal. When Adam disobeyed God’s word, the consequences were sure, but God sought for Adam—offering reconciliation.

It is this Word that is presented in topical Scripture booklets from World Missionary Press in 349 languages and received around the world. Amid life’s dark times, God’s Word stands as a light, penetrating the darkness, leading to eternal fellowship and joy. The uncertainty of our times has opened hearts and minds to consider eternal matters, providing fertile soil for the seed of God’s Word.





The combination of a viral pandemic, restricting activity and straining resources, with natural disasters has not only brought suffering to millions of people, it has also awakened many churches as to how to meet the overwhelming needs. God has revealed new avenues of service, ways to reach into villages long shut to the gospel, and how to demonstrate His love in practical ways. A testimony from a WMP partner ministry working in Nicaragua is representative of many such reports:

“All around there are many needs. Sometimes we feel powerless because we cannot respond to every need. However, we cannot sit still. We are to pray for others, but we must also take action. I got permission to go into the hospital, with some restrictions. While we were ministering, people were asking for prayer and even those just passing by on the street stopped. There were tears on their faces and we heard some say how much they needed this. About 20 taxi drivers stopped to request prayer and listen to the message. We saw 20 people receive Jesus there!” —K., Nicaragua

When Paraguay locked down much of the country in response to the viral pandemic, a WMP distributor went to every prison that would allow him to enter, taking Scripture booklets and sharing the gospel. He carried the same message to those in the new COVID-19 recovery centers.

With new opportunities to share the Word and hungry hearts looking for hope, requests for WMP Scripture booklets have increased. New container shipments are needed to keep supplies moving. Orders already received here and awaiting production and shipping total almost 40 million equivalency for 14 countries of Latin America, following up on the 26.8 million sent in the past year.




The challenges of reaching Asia’s 4.5 billion people are often overwhelming. WMP ministry partners in Asia have developed unique evangelism methods, some as basic as an itinerate missionary walking or riding a bicycle from village to village, carrying a box of Scripture booklets. Others use tourist gift bags which include WMP Scripture booklets. In restrictive environments, the Holy Spirit leads believers to places where open hearts are waiting to hear the gospel. Each one relies on the printed Word to go where they may not be able to go, providing a continuing opportunity for someone to read the words of life.

In the Philippines, a partner ministry continues to share the gospel in the face of new restrictions. “We are grateful for the materials that WMP is sending. Since the Covid-19 lockdown started, there [has been] no available public transportation. We send our gospel materials to different parts of the country through express delivery. Covid-19 cannot stop us in sharing God’s Word! We find ways to bring them to every home. Happy are the pastors who receive the delivery. As the churches go, prayer is important to open the hearts and minds of the people receiving the printed message of the gospel.” —E.E., Philippines

Shipments to S. Asia, Thailand, Pakistan, Philippines, Hong Kong, Solomon Islands, Fiji, and other areas in the South Pacific have either been shipped recently or are being prepared for delivery in 2021.



The growing African population will undoubtedly lead to a growing worldwide influence for African churches. Even now, “sending” churches effectively take the gospel into Europe, US, Asia, and Latin America. Such a growing influence must have a strong foundation in the Word of Truth. Many African pastors and missions continue to look to WMP for the pure Word of God found in the topical Scripture booklets as well as the Bible Study on John. A partnership with Feed the Hungry in Malawi, Uganda, Zimbabwe, and Burundi has put The Way to God booklet and the Bible Study on John into the hands of thousands. Pastors are encouraged. Lives are changed.

From Lesotho came this testimony: “I grew up in a Christian family but without a relationship with Christ. I was visited in my house by a team carrying Scripture booklets. They shared Jesus Christ’s message with us. Then they gave us those clear and simple small booklets. That’s where I gave my life to Jesus. Now I am born again after understanding the love of Jesus.”

Faithful distributors are sharing Scripture booklets in refugee camps in Kenya, Muslim-dominated northern Nigeria, and troubled nations such as Central African Republic, Ethiopia, and Mali. Orders to be completed account for almost 52 million Scripture booklet equivalency.




In Europe new distributors are asking for literature, ministries are stretching their areas of evangelism, and souls are finding the Savior through His Word.

“We are thankful for your prayers and for all those amazing gospel booklets provided through World Missionary Press in different languages. That makes the work of spreading God’s Word possible to other churches in Spain as well as in France and Portugal.

“Those booklets have been a blessing in our lives and for the people that have received them with open hearts so they can hear and read God’s Word. We are extremely grateful for all this work. We pray that God may bless you and supply all your needs so that you can keep stronger and fearless because we are working for the Heavenly Kingdom.” —M. A., Spain

Ten-pound boxes containing 456,000 Scripture booklets were sent to 20 European nations last fiscal year. Praise God for a moving of His Spirit in Europe!



The majority of WMP booklets are sent overseas, however we still supply hundreds of individuals and churches in the USA and Canada with literature to reach their families and communities. Chaplains rely on the free material for the thousands who pass through their facilities. Church outreach ministries, Bible studies, and various other activities include Scripture booklets as a lasting voice in homes and hearts. Ethnic groups are reached with booklets in their heart language. Elderly people who are no longer as active still request booklets, sometimes just in small quantities, to share with family or those they meet.

I have been traveling over the United States as an inner-city missionary and pastor. I wanted to reassure you that what you are doing is incredible. I am a strong believer in using your booklets. I’ve been passing them out and getting the community and households involved. Even the kids love doing it! Thank you for providing these Scripture booklets throughout the past years. Keep on going. God definitely blesses this program. Thank you for being there to provide Scripture booklets so I can put the gospel in someone’s hand. You are making a difference.” —M.E., USA

[You can help provide the hope of God’s Word for a world in turmoil. Every donated dollar provides for the production of 29 powerful Scripture booklets for people around the world in their own language. An investment of $100 will touch the lives of 2,900 people; $1,000 will impact 29,000 people who need to have hope in God.]