Lasting Peace for a Troubled World


“Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing.” —Romans 15:13a

No matter who we are or where we live, the innermost yearning of our heart is for peace. Centuries ago Augustine expressed this undeniable discontent, “Thou hast made us for thyself, O Lord, and our heart is restless until it finds its rest in thee.” God has given His Word to lead us to this peace. The topical presentation of God’s Word outlined in each WMP Scripture booklet provides a Biblical foundation for a steadfast faith.

By providing Scripture booklets in 348 languages, the ministry of World Missionary Press reaches into every corner of the planet. Medical teams, humanitarian aid, literacy classes, Bible schools, personal witness, and door-to-door evangelism all have a place in putting God’s Word into open hands.




 A chaplaincy ministry in Colombia contacted WMP for literature. “Thank you for your support with the sending of material, since our chaplaincy works in remote areas of Colombia, and will be of great help to carry out the work of our God and Savior. We will go… in the mountains of Colombia, supporting with school supplies, clothing, medicine, toys and literature to children from this distant population. From there we will go to marginalized neighborhoods.…”

Thousands have fled Venezuela, looking for peace and safety. Many arrived in areas where God’s people were ready to respond to their needs. WMP received this message from Trinidad: “Over 80 thousand Venezuelan refugees have entered our country. Our church is doing an outreach, but because we are an English-speaking country, Spanish tracts are not available. These Spanish Scripture booklets will be an invaluable tool for our ministry to the newly-established Spanish-speaking community here.”

There is great opportunity for the gospel in this region. Last fiscal year WMP sent 18.9 million pieces of literature to 20 national coordinators and major distributors in 14 countries of Latin America. We still have orders to fill for 43.2 million booklets for 16 Latin American countries.




 Asia is home to 4.6 billion people, many of whom live where there is no active gospel presence—but they are not beyond the reach of God’s love and mercy. Again and again, opportunities for sharing Scripture booklets have opened where obstacles had overshadowed previous efforts. Shipments to Syria and Lebanon brought great joy to those in refugee camps, many clinging to a Gospel of John booklet in Arabic from WMP.

A surprise request came from the predominantly Muslim nation of Kazakhstan. With a careful strategy for the years ahead, Pastor A. placed his order for 400,000 Scripture booklets and Bible studies in Russian to share among the nation’s 18 million people. “We really want to use these booklets for evangelism and believe that it will be effective,” in spite of fears because of restrictions.

Booklets continue to find their way into homes in mainland China. A Chinese tourist received a WMP Scripture booklet in a tourist bag while visiting Hong Kong. “During the Cultural Revolution, I saw my neighbors endure much hardship every day. But even when humiliated and cursed, they were still very much at peace! They showed no anger nor fear! I’ve always had a special feeling towards Jesus since then.…” After hearing the simple and clear gospel presentation, Miss C. finally understood why, and chose to receive Jesus into her life.

Shipments to six Asian nations supplied 13.3 million booklets in the past year, much of that in India. Current requests total 16.6 million booklets for 12 countries. Printings within some Asian nations will increase the amount of WMP literature available.




 From Chad to South Africa and Senegal to Ethiopia, WMP Scripture booklets offer words of hope and peace. God brought together refugees and an army of believers in two large refugee camps in Kenya to accomplish His divine purpose. Through WMP’s national coordinator there, five pallets of Scripture booklets in six languages will be provided for more than 400,000 refugees, many from conflict-ridden Muslim nations.

WMP was again blessed to work with Soles for Jesus in providing shoes and Scripture booklets for the people of Lesotho. A shipment of 645,300 Scripture booklets and four pallets of shoes offers tangible and lasting evidence of God’s love to many who long for someone to care. The gift of shoes has at times opened doors that had been shut to a presentation of the gospel. Another WMP/SFJ project is in process for Mozambique.

Within the past fiscal year 53.7 million pieces of WMP material were sent to 25 African nations. Additional orders are in various stages of production for the coming year, totaling 50.9 million items. Through the partnership of 117 national coordinators and major distributors in 22 countries, Africa is experiencing an increased presence of the Light of the world.




This past year, several doors opened to increase the distribution of WMP literature throughout Europe. A ministry in Romania is developing a systematic plan for reaching 7,000 villages and towns in Southern Romania without a gospel presence as well as supporting contacts throughout the Balkan nations. Many of the missionaries involved in this outreach have used WMP literature over the years. Renewed interest has led to the preparation of a container shipment with 1,280,000 Scripture booklets in 12 languages.

Many Iranian students and young adults who have settled in Northern Europe are open to discussions about the Bible and Christianity. A new supply of Persian New Testaments from WMP will fill an earnest request from those serving the Lord among the Iranian communities.

Increased activity in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Italy, Portugal, U.K. and Spain will lead to more concentrated and efficient distribution in the coming months. A pastor in Italy will soon receive his first full pallet for distribution among many parts of Italy and Cyprus.

With growing relationships and vision in many countries, WMP plans to provide 4.1 million booklets to five separate country distribution points in the coming year.




 Boxes of booklets are mailed every workday to points throughout the USA and Canada. Last year almost 8 million booklets were used in prison ministries, neighborhood outreach, homeless shelters, children’s ministries, etc. As ethnic populations grow, believers are finding opportunities to give the written Word where the spoken word cannot be shared. Grandparents have led grandchildren to Christ through reading The Way to God Scripture booklet together.

Fred put Scripture booklets on a table outside his home to share with college students in his neighborhood. Twice someone came and burned them. Fred prayed and one day caught the person throwing the booklets on his porch. When asked why he would do this, the young man just turned away in anger. Fred continued to pray. Then one day the young man came over to the booklet table and began to share about the troubles in his life. Using The Way to God booklet from WMP, Fred shared the gospel with this angry, troubled student. He began to read the same booklet he had once tried to destroy. The Lord changed his heart!

We invite you to share in this eternal enterprise and be a part of bringing peace to those living in turmoil, fear, and despair. Through your financial gifts and prayers, you can join in a most worthy cause.

 [You can help provide God’s Word for a world longing for peace. Every donated dollar provides for the production of 26 powerful Scripture booklets for people around the world in their own language. An investment of $100 will touch the lives of 2,600 people; $1,000 will impact 26,000 people who need to know God.]