God’s Plan to Use His Word

“So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth;…
it shall accomplish what I please.”
 —Isaiah 55:11

For 57 years World Missionary Press has been “holding forth the word of life” to the world through topical Scripture booklets, demonstrating that the God of the Bible is indeed the one and only true God who loves all people, no matter ethnicity or language. God has faithfully provided for the production of more than 2.2 billion pieces of literature, which have been distributed throughout the world in 348 languages. People from the high mountains of Nepal to the icy expanse of southern Argentina have received WMP Scripture booklets introducing the God who loves them. “For God so loved the world…” rings a welcome chord in any language. This is the vision and continuing mission of World Missionary Press—until the whole world knows!


Each year seems to be more exciting and challenging than the one before, as God opens doors and brings new ministry partners—each with their unique focus and methods—to share God’s Word. After many years of limited activity in Europe and Russia, WMP has been contacted regarding major distribution in Europe. Through the impetus of one man’s passion and vision, WMP is planning for a 20-foot container of literature in many of the languages of Eastern Europe. In addition, a request for a shipment to Kazakhstan would make WMP literature available to 18 million people (70% Muslim) in a pivotal nation of Central Asia.


In response to increased requests from churches and individuals across Europe, plans for major distribution points to reach all of Europe are being reviewed, so that booklets will be more readily accessible, with major savings in mailing expenses.


Shipments to Russia have been halted in recent years, even though the work of the Kingdom continues there. A new request for WMP literature for Russia has prompted WMP to authorize the printing of 250,000 Scripture booklets in Russia! We continue to pray for the day when we can again send container shipments full of Scripture booklets into Russia.


Growing persecution in many parts of Asia increases the sense of urgency to proclaim the good news of salvation and hope through Jesus Christ to 4.6 billion people! WMP was able to produce 21 million Scripture booklets for India in the past year, providing thousands of pastors and evangelists with “seed” to sow. Teams continued to take booklets deep into China as the Lord led. Thousands of tourists from mainland China have come to Christ while visiting Hong Kong and Macau through the personal witness of believers and gift bags which included WMP booklets.


Two major shipments to the Philippines filled empty shelves and waiting requests for Scripture booklets in 16 Filipino languages. Shipments are planned for India, Thailand, Pakistan, Hong Kong, and Macau this year. Printings of 1.3 million booklets in Indonesia will help fill requests from our coordinator and another partnering ministry in the world’s most populous Muslim nation.


Scripture booklets are often carried into dangerous and challenging areas where there is great resistance to the spread of the gospel. In Liberia, teams boldly and prayerfully seek out villages controlled by witch doctors or “devils” feared by the people. As the Holy Spirit moves, and God’s power and love is demonstrated, ancient barriers are broken down and new life takes root. Many in Africa are seeing such a moving of the Spirit. Recent shipments to Africa have impacted nations which have been without continuing supplies of Scripture booklets for years. New contacts in Benin, Togo, Ethiopia, and Democratic Republic of the Congo now have Scripture booklets to leave in every home they visit, confident that God will use His Word as He has planned. Shipments projected for Africa total 54 million booklet equivalency for 25 countries!


WMP Scripture booklets can be found in every country in Latin America. Requests from national coordinators and individual distributors are increasing in frequency and volume. In countries experiencing political and economic turmoil, believers are finding new receptivity to the message of a sure foundation in Jesus Christ. Migration from country to country brings new challenges to reach across national identities and meet common needs.


A group from California which works to provide essential aid and the Word of God to needy children in Mexico was challenged by the plight of immigrants leaving their home countries to find help and hope in the USA. They contacted WMP for help in providing Scripture booklets to accompany the humanitarian supplies they had gathered. WMP quickly shipped 5,000 copies of The Way to God in Spanish.


A woman from Jamaica discovered a copy of The Way to God Scripture booklet someone had given her 40 years before. She realized she had never read it! At a time of difficulty and change in her life, the truths in that booklet encouraged and blessed her. She believed it was just for this time that the booklet had been kept, and she determined to give her life to the Lord.


We do not know all that God will do with the millions of Scripture booklets that are printed and shipped, but we are confident that God has a purpose and plan and that as we do our part in being obedient to offer the Word, His purpose will be accomplished.


[You can help provide a sure foundation in an unstable world. Every donated dollar provides for the production of 26 powerful Scripture booklets for people around the world in their own language. An investment of $100 will touch the lives of 2,600 people; $1,000 will impact 26,000 people who need to know God.]




Looking Forward

When looking forward to an exciting time, we often keep asking, “Are we ready yet?” Bags are packed, the chores all done—what are we waiting for? Sometimes that feeling haunts the prayers of WMP’s staff as we ask God for increased production to meet the ever-increasing demand for Scripture booklets from every corner of the world. At this time last year, we cited new property, newer and up-graded equipment, and increased efficiency in production. Today we can look back on 2018 and praise God for the new cutter-trimmer we needed (provided by designated funds), key staff members, access to the Digital Bible Library, and two new Scripture booklets which will further develop the range of material available from WMP.

Even as God continues to prepare us, He is enlarging our borders. Requests for WMP literature continue to grow as the effectiveness of the booklets is discovered by pastors, evangelists, and individuals. We sense the urgency of the times and the peril of those who may soon face eternity without ever hearing the gospel. Our prayer is that God would provide the financial resources for WMP to increase production by almost 43% (from the equivalency of 7 million Scripture booklets to 10 million per month), allowing us to fill requests sooner. Given the increased efficiency of high-volume production, we can produce and ship each extra million above our base of 7 million per month at acost of just $30,000!


The container shipment summary for 2017-2018 shows 53,296,941 pieces shipped. Projected shipments for 2018-2019 account for 109,796,515 pieces! Coordinators often wait a year before receiving their next shipment. Some are asking that we send two containers at a time so that the supply will not run out so quickly after filling requests which have been accumulating for up to a year.


The stark statistics and pleading for literature from so many faithful friends keep us on our knees, asking our great God for the opportunity to meet these needs, echoing His heart’s desire that none should perish.


The story of David reminds us that while God was preparing David to be king, He was also using him to defeat Goliath and to be a testimony of faith to all Israel. WMP will continue to fulfill God’s immediate purpose for us, even as He continues to prepare us to produce at the level of His choosing.