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GOD IS RAISING UP A TEAM throughout the world to share His Good News, to provide portions of His Word to those who have none, to make disciples in all nations as Jesus commissioned His followers to do. As part of that larger team for 54 years, World Missionary Press continues to praise God for how He has been enlarging and strengthening us for the future. In recent years He has expanded our property and provided for newer and upgraded equipment, enabling us now to breeze through levels of production that we used to struggle with, to stage more large shipments simultaneously, and to be more flexible and effective in scheduling and tracking production of hundreds of languages and titles.p1b

This past year God has built up our team in amazing ways as we have increased the use of full-color covers; and focused on the electronic formatting of Scripture booklets—necessary for direct computer-to-plate processing for in-plant printing as well as for making them accessible worldwide from smart phones, tablets, and computers.

 Every day God is at work through His Word. What a privilege it is to provide tools for God’s team in all parts of the globe!

 In Colombo, Sri Lanka, a two-day conference onboard the OM ship Logos Hope encouraged pastors with a missions focus to persevere in the race. With humility and transparency, George Verwer, founder of Operation Mobilisation, imparted lessons from years of ministry and shared his life verse: 
“However, I consider my life worth nothing to me, if only I may finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me—the task of testifying to the gospel of God’s grace” (Acts 20:24). When these energetic pastors were offered boxes of WMP Scripture booklets to take with them,  96,000 copies of The Way to God in Sinhala and Tamil left the ship as seed to be sown.

  In Honduras, WMP’s coordinator Walter P. held eleven  personal evangelism seminars in various places, with 680 pastors from different churches attending; 747 ten-pound boxes of Spanish Scripture booklets went home with them, including the last of his supply. Other boxes had been delivered to those working with the military and among children in poverty as well as to those evangelizing in hospitals and prisons.

Requests for Scripture booklets are increasing from those working with refugees in various places. Imagine the need for Arabic and Farsi-language booklets in Finland! “A lot of people in Helsinki on the street are turning to the living Jesus.” In Sweden, a couple from South Africa reported, “We have three main language groups arriving here . . . something like 40 nations represented in our town which  has a population of 3500!” Thirty-five boxes sent to Hungary arrived just in time for outreach by a Bible college to a refugee camp. A couple from Michigan, ministering with food and blankets to Iraqi refugees in Jordan, reported, “These people, nominal Christians, many professional people, having been stripped of everything, now realize that who they need is Jesus.” Many have come to Christ for salvation and for healing from  anxiety and trauma.

Josemon P. is a missionary  evangelist with a fruitful ministry in North India. He loves the WMP booklets he was getting from a brother, describing them as “the complete gospel” and “very much useful for pioneer evangelism” and has seen Hindus getting saved. For two months every year he sets up a book shop in a big trade fair attended by 50,000 people.

“Gospel bags,” given to tourists from mainland China coming to Hong Kong and Macau and containing WMP Scripture booklets, continue to bear fruit, with hundreds receiving Christ right on the spot when the gospel is explained. As one lady prayed, her heart was touched by the Holy Spirit and her eyes filled with tears. “God has already prepared the hearts.”  

 [You can impact people around the world. Every donated dollar provides for the production of 24 powerful Scripture booklets for Christians eager to share God’s Word in the languages of their nation. An investment of $100 will touch the lives of 2,400 people; $1,000 will impact 24,000 people who need to know God.]p4b-UpcomingFrtShipments

FROM THE TIME WMP receives a request for a shipment of literature from a national coordinator or major distributor until the booklets are distributed throughout the country, WMP carefully guides the order through preparation, production, shipment, and final receipt. Our coordinators are national pastors, missionaries, or ministry leaders who know the value of the printed word and give much time and effort into working with WMP to provide Scripture booklets for their countries.

As the accompanying charts show, there are many, many shipments in process at one time, each requiring a financial commitment from WMP for printing, shipping and distribution support.

What we can do is heavily dependent on  the funds we receive. The requests keep coming and we want to honor each one of them. Only as God supplies through His people can we print and send the word for those who are waiting to go and share.

May God bless you as you consider the requests of our brothers and sisters in Christ who are looking to WMP for tools for the harvest.p4c-ShipStatus

The Urgent Need for Increase

WMP networks extensively with hundreds of ministries in providing tools to national Christians eager to reach their nations for Christ, by making disciples and planting new-believer groups where there are no churches.

More than 80 ministry leaders in 74 nations serve as volunteer WMP national coordinators to receive container-size shipments and share the contents with booklet distributors throughout their countries. This arrangement saves as much as $130,000 per container over what it would cost to send boxes through the postal system to individual distributors.

Over the years WMP coordinators have developed strong distribution networks in their respective countries. As the distribution of WMP Scripture booklets has been used by God to great eternal effect, the distributors have been greatly encouraged by the fruit of their labors, and the urgent plea for WMP materials from around the world continues to increase significantly. For many distributors p3bWMP is the only source of free gospel literature—God’s Word accomplishing His purpose in reaching the lost and discipling new believers. We frequently hear that entire distribution networks are idled when they run out of WMP materials.  National coordinators regularly wait many months, sometimes even a year or more, for replenished supplies.

It is the desire of our hearts to increase production to an equivalency volume of 9,000,000 Scripture booklets per month in-plant. (Equivalency=relating different size booklets to our standard unit of production: a 48-page Help From Above Scripture booklet.) The urgent need is to grow far beyond our current budget of 7 million per month in-plant production as soon as possible.

The addition of increased work-space, faster and more reliable equipment, and key staff has positioned us for growth as God provides the budget and beyond.

p3aGod is building us!

The Lord continues to build our infrastructure. Just as He has blessed us recently with additional property, buildings, and equipment, this past year He has also been building our staff. During 2015 eleven staff members left, most through retirement or moving to other locations. But the Lord brought just the right people to replace them—talented, energetic, and joy-filled workers that are a real blessing to our team! Praise the Lord, He is positioning us for the future!