Fred & Betsy Eiler
WMP Representatives, Retired

“Dear Friends,

“Fred and I wish to update you all about what we have been going through the past weeks. The week of April 4 Fred began to acknowledge the warnings he had been experiencing. After going to the doctor for tests and a stress test, Fred went through open chest heart surgery on April 15. He actually had four blockages but one was in a very precarious place and could not be stinted. At this time I know many of you prayed for Fred and for me. The surgery went well and five days later Fred was sent home for a month of recovery and two more months of rehab. June 5 is Fred’s birthday and he will be 74. We have decided to retire from the position of Field Representatives for World Missionary Press. We wish to take this opportunity to thank you for your prayers as we have traveled over 320,000 miles for WMP in the last eighteen years. We will miss so many of you and you will always be “our friends.” We have watched your children grow up and have even been invited to their weddings. We have shared many a delicious meal, have stayed in your homes and have been part of your families. These are memories we will never forget. We do of course pray that our paths will cross again here and if not, on the other side.

Love and blessings, 
Fred & Betsy Eiler

We appreciate the work Fred & Betsy have done for World Missionary Press over the past 18 years and their service to the Lord. We will miss them. Please continue to pray for them!


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