“But as we have been approved by God to be entrusted with the gospel, even so we speak, not as pleasing men, but God who tests our hearts.” –1 Thessalonians 2:4


God has entrusted World Missionary Press with the privilege of providing the gospel for the world. The evangelistic success of many ministries is due in part to the availability of free Scripture booklets in their local languages.


Togo is one of many nations where WMP booklets have a continual impact. This small country of 8.12 million people is located between Ghana and Benin in Western Africa. Many of the villages have yearly “festivals” dedicated to voodoo, witchcraft, and ancestor worship, although most of the population claims to be Christian.


Booklets in seven languages have been going to Togo since 1995. Roger W. was 17 and struggling to find his way when his pastor gave him a copy of Help From Above. He credits that booklet for his transformation to learning about Jesus. He has now been a pastor for 20 years.


A new shipment of 4,215 boxes of Scripture booklets in Ewe, French, and English will soon be heading to Togo to provide for three ministries. WMP national coordinator Raphael A. will receive 1,911 boxes (859,950 booklets) for his own ministry outreach. He will also supply requests for booklets like this one from Minhee L., a Korean missionary working in Togo. “I heard that WMP is sending out booklets to each country and language. And I found out that it’s also available in Togo. We need booklets for our ministry. I really want to get a booklet.”


Madam Chantal L., owner of Nouveau Centre de Literature Biblique, has been receiving booklets since 1999. When she receives the 1,792 boxes on this shipment, she will have received 2.5 million booklets over the last 25 years. She recently wrote, “Here in Togo we continue the work that the Lord has entrusted to us. We still need your booklets for distribution so that souls may be saved.”

Remy A., the new director of Every Home for Christ in Togo, will receive 230,790 Scripture booklets. This is his first shipment of WMP booklets, but he is excited for the future. He writes, “We are truly at a new beginning in the work of EHC Togo. Your brochures and booklets will help us effectively relaunch the work. This will be my first experience receiving your packages for the ministry. I look forward to a wonderful relationship in 2024.”

A fellow coordinator in Benin, Sunday A., is excited that Togo is receiving a new supply of Scripture booklets. “We really give thanks to the Lord because many lives are transformed by the teaching in the booklets.”


[You can help provide the gospel for all the world. Every donated dollar provides for the production of 21 powerful Scripture booklets for people across the continents in their own language. An investment of $100 will touch the lives of 2,100 people; $1,000 will impact 21,000 people who need to have hope in God.]





Grateful Quotes: I Wish I Had Read The Way to God Sooner


“I went to an office in my hometown when I was 15 and picked up The Way to God booklet off a stack on a table. I didn’t read it through, but always kept it safe in my room. I became born again in December 2020 and now have a strong desire to share the good news with everyone. I recently found The Way to God booklet, and realized I had the way to God made known all along. I wish I had read it sooner. I realized that the good news will never change. Now that I understand the power of these words and have the heart of Christ, I desire to share this good news. I want to hand out these booklets when I evangelize and give them to customers at my work place!”      –Star P., Texas


Meet the Team: Ben G., Bindery Operator

I grew up outside of Harlan, Indiana. My first experience with WMP was in high school. It wouldn’t be until after college that I was reintroduced to the Press through a friend. I applied and God brought me here. I have made friends, learned new skills, and experienced answers to prayer. Alongside learning to be a bindery operator, I am also a part of the landscape and maintenance team. Every day is full of new learning opportunities and reminders that God loves us all.

I experience God’s beauty through His creation. I enjoy meeting people, attending sporting events, catching sunsets, and telling stories. Some of my hobbies are fishing, gardening, making apple cider, pottery, baling hay, drawing, and playing games. As an artist I enjoy making ceramic spinning tops and animals, painting with watercolor, and tying flies. We have all been given talents and when used, God receives the glory that is due.

I have learned to love God and people. No matter our story, we are all important and have value. It is through praying that miracles happen.

May we live out Matthew 5:14-16 and John 15:13, shining for Jesus in all that we do.




The Word of God spans the centuries, flowing through and around obstacles, fascinating minds, and changing hearts.