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WALTER WAS VISITING A CITY in Honduras one December morning. He went to many different places and met some very p1anice people. That morning he took the opportunity to distribute copies of Help From Above Scripture booklets, which he still faithfully carries in his briefcase. That day hearts were introduced to the One who loves them and died for them.
Walter cannot know which seeds will bear eternal fruit for the Kingdom of God, but he does know that touching the lives of people, one by one, with the Word of God is his joyful vocation. Walter serves as WMP national coordinator in Honduras and oversees the distribution of WMP Scripture booklets throughout his country. He regularly holds training seminars to help pastors and church leaders learn how to effectively use these precious Scripture portions. One result of the one-to-one distribution and training in Honduras is that Walter needs another shipment!p2a

Raul is a missionary in Colombia. The ministry he represents has few resources to meet the needs of people who have been displaced by much violence. He is pleading with WMP to send a new (and larger) shipment of Scripture booklets, Bible studies, and New Testaments.

  “At this time,” Raul writes, “the governor has made peace with the guerrillas and wants to initiate talks with them. We are going to need a lot of materials because our pastors will enter these areas, and a great work will be started. In all those places where death and displacement of peoples reign, Jesus will enter with His restorative power and salvation. The missionaries who carry forth this blessed gospel to all regions will be overjoyed when they see great revival throughout the countryside and mountains, and WMP will be the instrument that God will use [to supply] the material that we will be needing.”  What vision! What zeal! What faith!

p2bWhile distributing Scripture booklets in a certain Colombian city one day, Eduardo met a pastor named Gilbert, who told him that several years before someone had given him a copy of Help From Above. He read it over and over fervently, eventually coming to salvation through Jesus Christ. Today he is the pastor of a small church, sharing with others what he has received. Eduardo is the WMP national coordinator for Colombia, and he too has asked for a new shipment of literature to meet the many needs and opportunities in all of Colombia. The demobilized guerillas will be moving into government-arranged neighborhoods, so churches in those areas are looking forward to witnessing to those who have been “outside” for so many years.p2b-shipstatus

Peniel is a young evangelist with a vision to raise up evangelists throughout South America. “The aim is to give the Word of God to the people, to identify evangelists who are doing the work on a consistent basis, and to support them with printed materials for evangelism.” In order to support these active evangelists and teams in Bolivia, Paraguay, Peru, and Chile, Peniel has asked for 1,000 boxes of Scripture booklets (500,000 booklets). Peniel also serves contacts in Europe (Portugal, Italy) who receive WMP material. [Visit www.wmpress-restofthestory.org or scan the QR code below to view a video from Peniel on the work in Paraguay (English subtitles).]
At a recent meeting of ministry leaders from all over Latin America, several attendees who are not currently receiving shipments from WMP asked to be included when future shipments are sent to their countries—expanding the opportunities and reaching more people in each nation. Currently WMP has requests from Venezuela, Panama, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, El Salvador, Colombia, Honduras, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and Mexico. In each of these countries, the amount of material being requested is growing. There is a sense of urgency, but also an awareness of open doors and opportunity.

A pastor from Amazonas in Brazil wrote to WMP saying that he has a big job to do in a very big state and “the lack of Christian literature is very large.” He concludes, “This literature is very effective during my visits in the cities.”

World Missionary Press recently sent a new shipment to Uruguay, reestablishing our national coordinator there. They are extremely grateful for this shipment of P2-PlsPrayScripture booklets and shared how wonderful the booklets are, how all the churches are coming to get supplies, and how young people are preparing to do home-to-home outreaches.

   There is a lack of literature! The Scripture booklets are effective! The evangelists are being trained! Believers are on the streets, in the markets, on the buses, going door-to-door! They need the tools! Will you help WMP fill these passionate requests for means to touch lives with the Word of God?p3a

  [You can help touch lives with the Word of God—in Latin America and throughout the world. Every donated dollar provides for the production of 27 powerful Scripture booklets to ship to Christians eager to share God’s Word in the languages of their nation. An investment of $100 will touch the lives of 2,700 people; $1,000 will impact 27,000 people who need to know God.]








Meet the Team

Marie M.
WMP Treasurer

When my husband, Harold Mack, responded to an ad from Intercristo (a Christian employment agency) for a computer systems manager in the summer of 1994, we were living in Pennsylvania. After receiving an information package from Jay Benson, who was president at the time, our hearts were drawn to be part of this great work of reaching the world with God’s life-changing Word.

We felt the Lord was leading us here, confirming His will through His Word and various circumstances, and had been preparing us to lean on Him and live by faith. During a worship service earlier that year, the Holy Spirit had impressed strongly on me that Harold would get a job serving the Lord and that I would get to help out too.p3-GratefulQuote

We came out for a visit and were about to return home. I inquired if there were any part-time openings. It so happened that Vicky Benson, who was treasurer at the time, was looking for an assistant. I completed an application and was hired that fall along with Harold. We have been working here for 22 years. The Lord has been faithful to provide for all of our needs.

In January, 2007, I started serving as treasurer, overseeing the Finance Department and managing the financial
responsibilities of WMP. I have seen God’s faithful provision every day in so many ways—putting it on the hearts of donors to fund production over the years and to purchase needed property and equipment; bringing the right staff members at just the right time; sending the volunteers needed to prepare mailings and bind and pack booklets for shipment; raising up a powerful prayer team to hold us up before the Lord daily; and giving us a godly Board to keep WMP moving in the right direction.

It is a great privilege to work together with members of the body of Christ, here and around the world, providing Scripture portions to those who need the Lord. When not working, I enjoy gardening as weather permits and staying in touch with family and friends. Our son Stephen has also been working here, first part-time and then full-time, since 2005.


WMP Partners Around the World

p4aSyd and Liz D.


Syd and Liz D. have been international evangelists and church planters for more than 40 years, first pastoring in England. Now based in Michigan, they minister in 54 nations and have seen tens of thousands come to Christ. In both their world travels and local cross-cultural outreaches, they have used WMP Scripture booklets in Arabic, Japanese, Hindi, Urdu, Albanian, Korean, Spanish, and Simplified Chinese.


WMP: How did you learn about WMP and start using WMP literature?


Liz: I started using Help From Above booklets in high school, then as missionaries in England, we used different titles. When we began to travel internationally, we contacted WMP and were excited to see the huge range of languages and literature available.


WMP: How have WMP Scriptures been used in your overseas ministry?

Syd and Liz: When we planned a trip to Jordan in 2015 to minister in the refugee camps, we ordered How to Know God and The Way to God in Arabic along with Arabic New Testaments, which our team wrapped as gifts. We visited several churches, including an Iraqi Syrian congregation, sharing food and blankets as well as the spoken and written Word. We heard stories of great need, oppression, and pain. We witnessed a remarkable thing: These people—nominal Christians, many professional people—stripped of everything, now realized that who they need is Jesus! More than 200 people accepted Jesus as their personal Savior.


WMP: That’s wonderful! What kind of response have you received in the U.S.? p4b


Syd and Liz: One of our ministries, “Who is My Neighbor,” encourages reaching out with the love of Jesus to new friends from around the world. We welcome neighbors from many ethnic backgrounds into our homes to share a meal or a cup of tea and experience the love of Christ. We began the Christmas season by singing Christmas carols and delivering gift bags (which included Scriptures from WMP) to 250 homes in the largest concentration of Arabs outside the Middle East—Dearborn, Michigan. Caroling began in the afternoon with 75 people from different churches and backgrounds forming 11 teams, and in the evening 125 more people joined us, forming another 11 groups. We gave out 585 candy canes (one for each person we prayed for). We found open homes and hearts! Five made decisions to follow Jesus, and the following evening about 150 Muslims attended the Nativity Musical in a Dearborn church, wanting to hear the Christmas story. It was the best response we have seen in ten years!p4-UpcomingFrtShips

Ellie, a beautiful young Muslim woman from Ethiopia/Yemen, invited us into her home. When Robin shared the gospel using the Evangecube and asked if she wanted Jesus to come into her heart, she said, “Oh, yes! I’d love that!” We all prayed the prayer of salvation together, and Ellie joined in. A smile spread across her face. We told her to wait on the Lord; He would help her and guide her. One of the women in the team excitedly said, “What did you say? He would guide her? Today I bought this wrist band!” It said, Guided by God. “This is for Ellie!”


WMP: What is your challenge to Christians for the coming year?


Syd and Liz: God is moving among the Muslim people, and now is the time to reach them for Christ. Hala welcomed us into her home when she heard us singing Christmas carols outside. She had already been hearing about Jesus from her English teacher. She received Jesus into her heart. Don’t listen to the fear in the media. “Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.” Let’s make 2017 the year we reach out and embrace our new “neighbors!” They are here to meet Jesus!