“For it is the God who commanded light to shine out of darkness, who has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.” —2 Corinthians 4:6

When God created the world, He spoke, and heavenly light shone, separating darkness from light. When man sinned and broke the blessed fellowship between God and man, a spiritual darkness covered the earth. At the birth of Jesus, God again provided light to bring mankind out of darkness, revealing eternal salvation available for all peoples through His Son. Let us rejoice in this glorious Light!

Ways to share God’s message of Light in this dark world:

Idea #1—A box of Scripture booklets every month

Every day thousands of Christians use World Missionary Press Scripture booklets to penetrate spiritual darkness by sharing the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ. Many go home to home with a personal witness. Others find a place in a park or on a street corner where they can offer music or preach to passers-by. Beside them will be an open box of WMP Scripture booklets, usually given out one at a time. The booklets complete the presentation and continue the effectiveness of the message as the traveler moves on.

“I along with some British brothers would preach every Saturday night at London’s Piccadilly Circus to the world as it passed by or stopped to listen. Your various language [booklets] helped us when they were having difficulty in understanding or were asking questions. I remember many with their smile, treasuring the booklet as they walked away into the darkness….” —United Kingdom

A regular monthly donation of $25.00 for a “WMP BOX” provides 500 Scripture booklets each month for a street preacher in the United Kingdom or a village evangelist in India to give a lasting message of hope and redemption.

Idea #2—A roll of paper

In an increasingly digital age, the printed page still has a strong and sustaining presence. By providing topical Scripture booklets in 348 languages, WMP offers a unique ministry tool in countries where evangelistic material and Bible teaching tools are not readily available.

“Every time Ruth takes the baby for a walk to get her to sleep, she loads copies of A Bible Study on John at the bottom of the pram. As she comes across local people working or walking on her route, she gives them the gospel. They are so eager to get a copy of the gospel in their own language.” —South Africa

The need for “paper missionaries” continues to grow. To meet the growing need, we must keep the presses running. They require a basic ingredient—paper. A gift of $1,115.00 provides a 1,500-pound 35-inch-wide roll of paper for producing the inside pages for 85,000 48-page Scripture booklets! A gift of $557.50 will provide half a roll. Paper for the booklet covers is used on our sheet-fed 6-unit press. A donation of $370 will supply 8,500 flat sheets for 136,000 full-color covers.

Idea #3—New Testaments in Haitian Kreyol

Haiti is a nation bound in despair, its unrest a reaction to years of wrenching poverty, natural disasters, and hopelessness. In divine love, God has sent faithful servants into the seemingly endless need with tools to help meet the physical and spiritual emptiness. Many of these workers look to WMP for our unique Kreyol New Testament, which includes the entire book of Psalms as well as our Basic Study of New Testament Scriptures study material, provided free of charge.

When several Haitian boys gathered daily to study Scripture, none of them had a Bible. They studied by reviewing a Bible story they learned at church. A WMP distributor gave each of them a Kreyol New Testament. Now they can read and learn for themselves and share even more of God’s Word. Some New Testaments are distributed in the schools, so the demand is great. WMP’s national coordinator in Haiti has requested a 40-foot container of Scripture booklets and New Testaments in French and Kreyol. She needs at least 1,000 boxes (16,000 copies) of the Kreyol New Testament and Psalms. You can help provide the vital bread of life for a nation desperate for hope. A gift of $152.00 will give 100 Haitians a New Testament in their language. With a gift of $1,520.00 you can supply 1,000 people with their very own copy of God’s Word.


Idea #4—Literature for the Democratic Republic of the Cong

Perhaps Operation World best describes the challenges in DRC, Africa’s second largest country:

“The lands under this name have no centralized government, no connectedness between the vast and far-flung regions, almost no functioning infrastructure and no single language or culture to unite its many diverse peoples. More than five million people have lost their lives through war, violence, starvation, and virtual collapse of the health system. The Church is an essential entity for rebuilding DRC. …There is a famine of Christian literature. Distribution and poverty are enormous problems. Most areas suffer a severe lack of God’s Word.”

In order to effectively meet the many challenges of reaching every home in this county of almost 88 million people (with 50% of the population under 16), speaking 200 languages, Every Home for Christ has divided the country into four areas, each with local leadership to meet unique needs. Each region has submitted a specific request for WMP literature. In response, we will be printing more than seven million booklets in six major languages for localized effectiveness. A gift of $2,500 can offer God’s Word to 50,000 people who have nowhere else to look for hope.

Idea #5—Prayer support



Each workday, WMP staff gathers in our chapel for a time of prayer and sharing. Recognizing that our strength and supply come from God, we come to Him daily as one body, bringing our praises and petitions focused on particular aspects of WMP ministry. We remember our staff, donors, volunteers, board members, and national coordinators and distributors. Sharing answered prayer in our individual lives as well as in our departments binds us together in His love. You can share with us in prayer each day by receiving our monthly Prayer and Praise letter via email or standard mail. Our WMP App also lists specific and timely prayer requests and answers. You can follow us on Facebook or our WMP Ambassador Network (wmpambassadors.org), where daily postings keep you informed of needs and praises from major distributors and national coordinators. We welcome you to join hands and hearts with us and be a part of what God is doing in lives and communities through the power of His Word.




Idea #6—New publications

This year WMP was excited to offer four new publications for use in evangelism and discipleship, each one designed to give believers a unique tool in sharing the gospel. They are a welcome addition to the powerful Scripture booklets that have blessed so many around the world for more than 58 years.

Who Do You Say That I Am?—This new 48-page booklet clearly answers this important question that Jesus asked by presenting Christ’s claims of who He is through His own words and the prophecies that foretold His coming as Savior, presenting Him as the Son of God. Translation work to provide this booklet in multiple languages has already begun. Many WMP coordinators and distributors are eager to have this new booklet available, recognizing that this question must be answered in the hearts and minds of people all over the world.

The Path to Life—In this new type of evangelism tool from WMP, Jesus Christ is introduced through Scripture and artwork as Creator, the Son of God, Redeemer, and source of eternal life on eight panels of a single-page folded full-color hand-out. The Path to Life can be produced for less than the cost of a 48-page Scripture booklet and in greater quantity. This hand-out is being translated into several major languages for mass distribution.

Alive in Christ—This 96-page discipleship booklet has been on the heart of WMP’s leadership for many years. A new believer, just beginning their journey with God and needing to build a strong foundation for a life of faith, requires an understanding of how to live in “newness of life.” Alive in Christ offers Scripture portions to show how God fills us and empowers us to know Him and walk in fellowship with Him. This is a wonderful tool for individual study for even seasoned Christians. We are never too old to deepen our knowledge of God and learn more about how we can reflect Him in our daily lives.

God Loves You!—This booklet is a revision of our 8½”x11” salvation coloring book by that name. The smaller size allows us to print in-plant at a greatly reduced price and in greater quantity. New coloring pages reflect the Scripture verses on the associated page, taking the reader from creation to eternal life in heaven. Many WMP distributors have been waiting for the revised coloring book to be available and translations will soon begin in several major languages.

You can help get this new material into the hands of distributors from Brazil to the Philippines. A donation of $250.00 will provide 10 boxes for an evangelist or missionary praying for help to share with children and their families the truth of who Jesus is and the eternal life and hope He offers.

Idea #7—Ink

What would a printing company be without ink? How would the words show up on the paper? Ink often goes unnoticed, but is vital to the process of producing printed Scripture booklets. When ink is applied to the rollers on our presses, words from Scripture make the blank paper “come alive.” A 425-lb barrel of black ink for our web press costs $501.50. A 5-lb can of color ink to print the colored covers of our Scripture booklets (as well as newsletters and brochures) costs $22.35. A donation of $100.00 will provide color for approximately 60,000 Scripture booklet covers.


Idea #8—Overseas printings

Although WMP sends booklets to almost every country that allows for importing such literature, in some places Scripture booklets cannot be received by mail or sea container, or restrictions limit what we can send. Believers in these countries are not silent, however. They seek sound, Scriptural literature to help them share the gospel where open witnessing may be dangerous or illegal. In some of these countries, WMP contracts with in-country printers (referred by our national contacts) to print Scripture booklets. These printings may be more expensive than printings in our plant, but the need must be met. Places such as Russia, Mongolia, Nepal, Myanmar, Pakistan, and Indonesia receive funding for printing WMP Scripture booklets.

A recent request from Indonesia to print 1,375,000 Scripture booklets and Bible studies included a large listing from Every Home for Christ toward completion of their OIKOS Initiative in Indonesia. With a population of 264 million, Indonesia is the world’s most populous Muslim-majority nation. The power of God’s Word must continue to be available to support believers and reach hearts and minds. Your donation of $100.00 will provide Help From Above to 2,500 Indonesians who need to know the one true God who loves them and sent His Son to die for them.

Idea #9—Boxes and pallets

Boxes used for standard packaging represent another necessary ingredient in getting Scripture booklets to the ends of the earth. These boxes must be consistent in size, durable, and cost-effective. Currently, we use about 14,000 boxes per month at a cost of $3,825.36 ($273.24 per thousand). A 20-foot container being prepared for Paraguay will use 2,565 boxes. A donation of $70.00 will provide 256 boxes to hold 128,000 Scripture booklets.

Wooden pallets allow stacking and securing up to 256 boxes as one shrink-wrapped unit which can be moved by forklift on and off a sea container, supporting the individual boxes and securing the precious Scripture booklets inside the boxes. These pallets must be able to support the weight of up to 256 ten-pound boxes. Often these pallets are used in the destination country to keep booklets safe from water or infestation. At $6.55 per pallet, a donation of $131.00 will supply pallets for two 20-foot container shipments.

Idea #10—Shipping to the world

The world’s commerce moves by sea, using ship containers that carry parts, finished products, produce, machinery, and WMP Scripture booklets. The enormous cost savings to send large quantities to a single foreign location makes it possible to print even more booklets for more shipments. Our Freight Shipments Team works with responsible shipping agents to get the best service at the best price for safe delivery to each destination. New laws and requirements for shipments often arise without warning, changing the paperwork needed and sometimes delaying shipments. Once the shipments arrive at the seaport, they are received by faithful national coordinators and distributors who volunteer their time and energy to clear the containers through customs, transport the material to centralized locations, and monitor the distribution of each box.

The cost of shipping varies from country to country and is a major expense. A shipment being prepared for Nigeria will contain 4,215 boxes (2,107,500 booklets) on 17 pallets in a 40-foot container. To deliver the shipment from our loading dock to the consignee in Lagos will cost about $15,000, or about $3.55 per box. Your donation of $500.00 toward shipping will help expedite shipments like this and get the Word of God into waiting hands.