“He . . . shall be called the Son of the Highest.”  —Luke 1:32

WHEN THE ANGEL GABRIEL came to Mary, his greeting at first frightened her. But his calming reassurance ended with the grand proclamation that her child would be “the Son of the Highest.” Mary understood his reference to the Most High God and the throne of David. Her question was not about who this child would be, but rather, how could this happen? Mary’s heart was set on her God, and with complete trust in His will she replied, “Let it be to me according to your word.”

The message from God today is the same: This child, born to a young Jewish maiden, was the Son of God, for with God nothing is impossible. God’s eternal plan to redeem man and glorify His Son was now at work on earth. May every heart humbly bow before Him.


Ways to be involved in sharing God’s life-giving Word:


Idea #1—A Box of Scripture Booklets Every Month

An evangelist in India will often travel many difficult miles to reach the 5-10 villages under his pastoral care. As villagers accept Christ as Savior, he begins to disciple them, using whatever teaching materials he can get. Sometimes he may have one ten-pound box of WMP Scripture booklets to share with each village, but sometimes just one box (about 500 Scripture booklets) to cover all the villages. Each trip requires a new supply of Scripture booklets for evangelism and discipleship. He prays that there will be a box available for his next visits.

It is WMP’s goal to keep the supply of literature flowing to our distributors, no matter where they labor. Many of our 80+ national coordinators are now requesting two ship containers a year instead of just one. In addition, requests keep coming from new contacts, adding to the need to increase production.

A pastor in Ecuador who had received a supply of WMP booklets from our national coordinator later invited our coordinator to come and participate in a baptismal service for those who had come to the Lord! World Missionary Press, the national coordinator, and the local pastor were all part of the conduit through which Scripture portions reached prepared hearts in Ecuador.

You, too, can be a vital part of the continuing flow of Scripture booklets and Bible studies by a regular monthly donation of $25.00 for a “WMP BOX.” Or sponsor two boxes – a thousand booklets – for just $50 per month.


Idea #2—A Roll of Paper

The largest single production expense for WMP is paper, particularly the 1,500-pound rolls of 35-inch wide paper used in printing the inside pages of Scripture booklets and Bible studies. The high-speed web press “gobbles up” these rolls as the pressmen work to meet monthly production goals. When there is no paper, the press is silent. In order to fill the many waiting orders, the press must run, and for the press to run there must be paper.

You can help keep paper rolling through the press by funding a full-size roll at a cost of $1,071.00 or half a roll at a cost of $535.50.


Idea #3—Hope for Mexico

World Missionary Press has an exciting opportunity to help complete an ambitious project to reach every home in Mexico with the gospel. Every Home for Christ Mexico began this 10-year project in 2008 and looks to finish the work by the end of 2018. They depend on regular shipments of literature from WMP to help meet this great challenge. Production is currently in process for three semi-trailers of Scripture booklets, Bible studies, and New Testaments for EHC Mexico. At a cost of $80,000 per container this is a significant financial challenge. Praise the Lord, over the past month funds have been raised to provide for the first container!

HOPE FOR MEXICO is a new and exciting opportunity in which you and your friends can be part of meeting this challenge. You can help provide funding for the second of these three containers by inviting your “network” of friends to partner with you in answering the call for help to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to every home in Mexico. Visit www.wmpformexico.org to join us in this great cause!


Idea #4—New Testaments

New Testaments from World Missionary Press are in great demand and highly valued by those who receive them.

“I believe the urgency of the need for New Testaments in Spanish cannot be overstated. … Having a New Testament definitely empowers the new believer to grow in the faith and develop a hunger to learn more about the Lord. With a New Testament of their own, they no longer see themselves as mere hearers of the Word, but as active participants in the Word. A New Testament is a vital tool in helping a new believer move on in their relationship with the Lord.”  —Steve B., Nicaragua

A distributor in northern Europe recently requested a large supply of Persian-Farsi New Testaments to share with Iranian students and immigrants. Many are open to reading the New Testament, whether from curiosity or acknowledged spiritual hunger. From Jesus’ teachings to the “how-to-live” applications of the Apostle Paul, the New Testament reveals God’s plan to bring all people to eternal fellowship with their Creator.

A gift of $89.00 will provide 100 Spanish New Testaments for shipments to Honduras, Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia, and Dominican Republic.


Idea #5—Ink

Like gasoline for a car, ink is what makes printing “go.” Ink covers the images on an aluminum plate and impresses them onto paper. A 425-lb. drum of black ink costs $472.00 and brings to life the inside pages of approximately two  million 48-page booklets with powerful Scripture verses. Full-color covers for Scripture booklets and Bible studies use red, yellow, blue, and black ink to create an inviting image, drawing readers to look inside. A 5-lb. can of color ink costs $23.42. A gift of $10.00 adds color to 61,000 covers!



Idea #6—Boxes and Pallets

Through the volunteer partnership of national coordinators and major distributors in many countries WMP is able to send large quantities of booklets at one time via freight shipments, including 20-foot and 40-foot containers carrying up to 2.1 million booklets in 10-pound boxes shrink-wrapped on wooden pallets. The boxes are custom-made for WMP for a cost of $267.00 per thousand. At our current production rate we use 14,000 per month. A gift of $53.40 will provide for 200 boxes, transporting 100,000 Scripture booklets!

Heat-treated pallets needed for freight shipments are another necessary ingredient. Each 42”x 46” pallet supports 256 boxes. A 40-foot container uses 17 pallets at a cost of $6.25 per pallet. A gift of $106.25 provides for the pallets needed to transport  2 million booklets to Argentina, Colombia, Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria, Cameroun, and other nations.


Idea #7—Paper for Full-Color Covers

In answer to prayer, God blessed us with a much-needed 6-unit sheet-fed press for printing newsletters, brochures, and millions of booklet covers efficiently and encouraging our graphics department to design new colored covers for the Scripture booklets and Bible studies. Without a continual supply of paper, though, this wonderful gift from our Heavenly Father would sit idle. Booklets would be incomplete without covers!


Cover stock comes in stacks of 8,500 sheets, each stack costing $355.79 and providing colorful covers for 136,000 48-page Scripture booklets. You can help keep color covers flowing with a gift toward the purchase of paper for the 6-unit press.


Idea #8—Project India

India’s population is estimated to be 1,343,912,530—17.86% of the world’s population—with Christians a small minority. In spite of forces at work to curb the spread of the gospel, Christian evangelists are courageously reaching out to Hindus and Muslims with the truth of the good news of Jesus Christ.

One pastor wrote that almost 100,000 booklets had been distributed since January, and he was “getting good responses from local people.” Another wrote of their team praying for guidance to “establish more house churches inside Muslim and Hindu communities for His glory” and of their need for more Bengali language booklets “to reach out to Muslim neighbors.” Another wrote of requests for booklets for “interior villages in which the gospel has not been heard even once.

“I read the booklet How to Know God in Telugu,” wrote a believer with his thanks. “It is good. I am preaching the Word of God from it in my village.”

God has enabled WMP to print 17+ million booklets in a number of languages for Project India in 2017, but it will take much more to reach 1.3 billion people and 640,000 villages. Your gift of $30.00 will provide 1,000 Scripture booklets. A gift of $150.00 will help reach 5,000 souls with the gospel. Read more about Project India at www.myprojectindia.org.


Idea #9—A Bible Study  on Romans

One of the greatest challenges in missions today is the spiritual development of new believers. Trials and temptations must be met by calm assurance in the Biblical foundation of their faith. The written Word of God will be forever true—an anchor that does not move. Paul’s letter to the Romans is considered a masterful presentation of the central truths of the gospel. It presents how God sees us, in our sin, and the demonstration of His love in what He has done for us.

WMP currently produces A Bible Study on Romans in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, with translations in French and Simplified Chinese in process. These concise Bible studies are providing many without Bibles the opportunity to study more deeply the great truths of the gospel and learn how to live out their faith by the power of God’s indwelling Spirit. You can help believers grow strong in the Lord with your gift toward the printing of A Bible Study on Romans. A gift of $100.00 will provide study books for 464 brothers and sisters in Christ.


Idea #10—Volunteer to Pray

WMP recognizes the great opportunities the Lord has laid before us and our dependence on Him to provide resources. We also recognize that wisdom and power come from God alone. A new prayer center is being completed in our complex, where local supporters and church groups can come for a time of concentrated prayer for the nations and for the ministry of WMP.

A local believer wrote, “I believe your mission is critical in spreading the gospel, and as I volunteered at the Press a few weeks ago, I felt compelled to prayer walk there.” He later wrote, “Your organization is carrying out the Great Commission, and it’s so cool to be a part of it! One of the people from our church is just chomping at the bit to use your prayer room for intercession.”

Prayer resources will be available for small or large groups and individuals. WMP leadership senses a spiritual battle as we strive to fill the many, many requests that come from around the world. It is our desire to engage the support of churches and believers in the community to come alongside us at this time. To find out more about this new opportunity to be involved with WMP, you can call and ask for the Prayer Center Coordinator.

To access the monthly prayer and praise letter or be notified of daily prayer requests and/or the status of shipments to destinations around the world, download the WMP App and turn on the desired “push” notifications. You may also ask to receive the monthly prayer and praise letter by mail or by email.