December 2016 Newsletter



In the dark days when Israel chafed under Roman rule, God fulfilled a promise He had made to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob—that through their Seed He would bless the families of the world. He sent a Redeemer. Despite the reports of prophets over centuries of Jewish history, very few recognized the Promised One when He came. But some had been looking and waiting. Devout Simeon took the Baby Jesus up in his arms in the temple and blessed God, “My eyes have seen Your salvation . . . the glory of Your people Israel.”

This Child was the prophesied Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the One who would prevail. He prevailed over sin and death, triumphing over that Enemy who held mankind in bondage. Let us rejoice in God’s faithfulness to His promise. Let us rejoice that God’s Son came to give His life for the world. Let us rejoice in the truth that He has conquered every foe and will reign forever!

Ways to be involved in sharing God’s life-giving Word:

p1aIdea #1—A Box of Scripture Booklets Every Month
Thousands of 10-pound boxes filled with Scripture booklets leave World Missionary Press every month, destined for places near and far. They travel by truck, ship, bus, postman, donkey cart, bicycle, or canoe until they reach God’s appointed destination. One box can contain 500 Scripture booklets in any of 340-plus languages, each to be read by one person or shared with a group.

Receiving topical Scripture booklets without charge is a great blessing to hundreds of churches and pastors who have limited resources for evangelism and discipleship ministry. Tom F. wrote of WMP: “This ministry is one p1bof the most amazing ministries in the world. Their whole purpose is to put the Word in the hands of every individual in the
world. Their Scripture booklets have reached billions. They have been our right hand when reaching souls for Jesus, and they have never charged us a penny. I cannot express in words how blessed it is that there is such a ministry like this.”

By adding $25 to your monthly budget for a “WMP BOX,” you can provide for printing and shipping an average of 500 powerful Scripture booklets each month! In one year you would be sharing portions of God’s precious Word with 6,000 people from Iceland to Australia, from India to Peru.

Idea #2—A Roll of Paper

p2aIsn’t it wonderful how God uses ordinary things to do His marvelous work? He uses paper to provide His Word to the world! Paper flows through WMP’s web press from large rolls, weighing an average of 1,500 lbs. each, providing the inside pages for 85,000 48-page Scripture booklets. At a cost of $1,073 per roll, paper to feed the web press is WMP’s largest yearly expense. You can help fund a 35-inch wide roll of paper for $ 1,073 or half a roll for $536.50.


Idea #3—Paper for 4-color Coversp2b

Color attracts attention.  It delights children and piques the interest of adults. WMP continues to increase its use of 4-color covers for Scripture booklets and Bible studies, enhancing their appeal. A stack of 8,500 large flat sheets of cover stock costing $335.00 is fed through our 6-unit press one sheet at a time, printing both sides of colorful covers for 136,000 48-page Scripture booklets!  As each booklet attracts the eye and is received, the Spirit of God can use it to plant His Word in a heart.

Idea #4—Powerful Ink on Paper
p2cOnce the text is imprinted on a metal plate for WMP’s printing presses, one ingredient necessary to transfer that image to paper is ink. Ink makes the words appear on the page bold and legible. They stand out and shout, “Read this!” A 425-lb.drum of black ink costs $480 and will add God’s words to the inside pages of approximately 2,320,000 48-page Scripture booklets! A 5-lb. can of color ink (the red, yellow, and blue ink used for covers) costs $23.42; a gift of $1 provides color for 6,100 4-color covers!


Idea #5—Boxes and Pallets

As Individual booklets come off the booklet binderies stapled and trimmed, they are bundled and packed in sturdy boxes which can be handled easily by distributors anywhere in the world. Shipping a large number of 10-pound boxes in a 20-foot or 40-foot ship container requires that boxes be stacked on wooden pallets for ease of loading, unloading, and storage by national coordinators and major distributors.p2d

Boxes and pallets may seem to be mundane items, but they are vital to the shipping and distribution process. At WMP’s current in-plant monthly production (the equivalent of 7.5 million 48-page Scripture booklets), we need 15,000 boxes every month. These boxes, made specifically for WMP, cost $273.24 per thousand.  A gift  of $27.32 provides for 100 boxes. Volunteers may prepare stacks and stacks of boxes (by unfolding and taping the sides), but by the end of the day the stack is gone—filled by other volunteers with the Scripture booklets flowing off the booklet binderies! The need for boxes is a continuing one—one that perhaps you can help to meet.

A 40-foot container bound for South Africa—or Brazil or Thailand—will need 17 wooden pallets. At $6.25 each, you can provide for all the pallets needed for a 40-foot container with a gift of $106.25. A 20-foot container bound for Tanzania, Panama, or Hong Kong will need 10 pallets. Your gift of $62.50 will provide these vital pallets to ship 2,560 boxes over oceans to fill waiting hands.

Idea #6—Salvation Coloring Booksp3a

Salvation coloring books—God Loves You and He Is Risen!— are an enduring legacy from WMP co-founder Rose Goodman. While Watson and Rose served among children and young people in South Africa, the God-given thought of giving the Word to the world was birthed. Today children (and families) around the world are learning about Jesus and His love for them through the pages of a coloring book from WMP.

An opportunity to provide He Is Risen! in Indonesian and English for elementary school children in Timor has recently materialized. In addition, a large supply has been requested in Tok Pisin for Papua New Guinea. A major distributor in Liberia described this book as “gold” and shared how the Lord gave him a unique cultural presentation of the gospel to children and adults in Liberia from the pages of He Is Risen!

Children in Haiti will soon have the opportunity to receive this “treasure” in their own Kreyol language. The effectiveness and value of this beautiful gift to the children of the world has been confirmed over and over through the years. Your gift toward the printing of salvation coloring books will give the timeless gift of God’s love. Just $29 will provide 100 coloring books filled with the Word of God on vital topics. “Let the children come.”

Idea #7—New Testaments in Five Languages

WMP provides New Testaments in five languages (Arabic, Persian-Farsi, French, Kreyol, and Spanish) to meet specific requests by national coordinators and major distributors. The hunger of new believers for more of God’s Word often leads them to ask p3bfor a Bible or a New Testament. In many parts of the world New Testaments are too expensive or not even available. It is for these that WMP offers a free New Testament.
The New Testament presents Jesus’ life and teaching and His Commission to the Church to make disciples, empowered by His indwelling Spirit. It contains teaching needed for local bodies of believers to be a faithful light in this present world, and it reveals things to come. As new believers often face opposition and pressures from family and community when they come to Christ, they need to be grounded in truth and equipped to share it. Through the Word of God, the Holy Spirit can teach and strengthen them, using them to bring others to the Savior.

A gift of $95.00 will provide for 100 Spanish New Testaments for pending shipments to Panama, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, and Chile.



Idea #8—“Project India”p3c

From Asia comes the call, “Come over to India and help us!” Ministries large and small that are striving to reach the 500,000 unreached villages of India are pleading for tools to do the work. WMP has the vision to come alongside them with 100 million Scripture booklets over a three-year period as God provides the funds in answer to prayer. For the 1.3 billion people in India, the time is short and the need is urgent. Hundreds of thousands are entering eternity without ever hearing the name of Jesus.

Idea #9—Time to Volunteer, Time to Pray

p3dTime is one of the most precious gifts anyone can give. WMP is the blessed recipient of volunteered time from hundreds of friends and supporters. No matter where you live, your time in prayer for WMP is a welcome gift. Please consider requesting our monthly prayer letter to be mailed with the newsletter or emailed if you prefer.

If you live within driving distance of our plant in New Paris, Indiana, there are opportunities for volunteer work on our binderies, helping to pack small orders, or stuffing newsletters into envelopes for monthly mailings. Groups of three to six people can be scheduled to work for 2-4 hours per month (daytime or evening). Our volunteer coordinator will be glad to match your gift of time with a vital task. Call (574) 831-2111 (ext. 215) or email


Idea #10—Shipping Scripture Booklets to the World

p4aAt the heart of WMP is the sending of God’s Word to the world. The world’s trade moves by ship containers, and these 40-foot and 20-foot cargo containers make it possible for WMP to send quantities of boxes to foreign destinations for a fraction of what it would cost to send them through the postal system. The great savings allow us to print more Scripture booklets!

For example, a recent shipment of 2,715 boxes to Hong Kong (with Scripture booklets destined for tourists visiting from mainland China) cost $1,796 to ship. Sending those 2,715 boxes via the postal service would have cost $81,178! While container shipments scheduled for landlocked countries like Bolivia and Burundi cost more, as inland trucking across borders is needed, they are still sent for only a fraction of the cost of sending via postal service.p4b

Will you help save money by donating toward the expense of shipping another container load of “witnesses?” This past fiscal year God enabled WMP to ship a record 51 containers to various locations throughout the world, ten more than our previous high. How we praise God for putting it in the hearts of people like you to be involved with Him in sending His Word to the nations!