Committed to Sharing the Gospel

“Therefore, my beloved brethren, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your labor is not in vain in the Lord.” — 1 Corinthians 15:58


The religious heritage of the Philippines has led to a population that considers themselves Christian. Bible verses appear everywhere in public spaces. But it is a nation in need of the truth of the Word of God. Operation World reports that the Philippines is awash with sects and cults that blend Christian ideas with all manner of false teaching. WMP National Coordinator Rene L. shared about the urgent need for more Scripture booklets: “The Philippines is made up of 7,641 islands with 8 major dialects. The need to reach out to people through the Scripture booklets is always increasing and challenging at the same time. This is why we are asking for more of your material for our beloved nation.”


Certain parts of the country, such as the southern region of Mindanao, still present threats and persecution for Christians. Many pastors and believers have been killed, and yet a significant number of Christians remain as a bold witness for Christ (Voice of the Martyrs).


During the shutdowns brought on by the pandemic, distributors were finding ways to witness about God’s love and use Scripture booklets as a continuing voice of comfort and hope. As the restrictions have eased, those like Pastor Jose are on the streets with the Word. His wife and a group of young people joined him for a short inspirational message and then went on the road to distribute Scripture booklets house to house. Others take the message into the prisons and the streets. All are eager to receive and share the precious seed of the Word of God.


One group chanced upon a paralyzed woman who believed that God didn’t hear her prayers. When the team shared God’s love through a WMP Scripture booklet, the woman understood the message and accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior.

A missionary couple relocated to a different region in the Philippines. They were able to receive WMP Scripture booklets in the language of this new area of ministry. “If it were not for the divine providence of our Lord connecting us to WMP and all of your hard work and prayer, we would never have had the materials needed to continue our literature ministry here in our new location.” —L.B.


The Every Home for Christ Oikos project which began in 2018 aims to reach every single home in the Philippines in 20 years. That entails saturating all the homes and every province—109 million people in 81 provinces—with the Word of God.


EHC’s Emer E. shares “The challenge is real; scattered islands, distant mountain ranges, weather that is either just right, too hot, or too wet and flooded, 8 major dialects! But we continue to step out in faith with God as our guide…because the Filipinos need Jesus.”


Across the nation pastors are eager to evangelize, but lack the ministry connections for substantial impact. “Many of our churches want to go, but they don’t have the training or the materials,” shares Ditas, an EHC leader.


The Covid-19 pandemic covered the nation and personal door to door contact was restricted. Despite the challenges, church planters in more than 60 provinces left WMP Scripture booklets on doorsteps and evangelized in the streets. EHC gave out bags of groceries which also included a Scripture booklet. Sister Emer emphasizes their need for more Scripture booklets: “WMP booklets are very much needed as our stock is almost gone! Pastors from Ilocos are waiting for Ilocano booklets. Church leaders from Cebu and parts of Mindanao are anticipating the coming of Cebuano booklets. Many other churches are needing booklets in Hiligaynon.”


New shipments are in process for Rene L., WMP national coordinator, and for EHC Philippines. With the new order Emer of EHCP wrote, “We thank God for how the gospel booklets from World Missionary Press are being used in spreading the Word of God in many parts of the Philippines. EHCP is committed to sharing the gospel and saturating all homes by 2038. More and more resources will be needed. With a total of 81 provinces, EHCP now has outreaches in more than 35 provinces. Pastors and partners are intentionally and systematically distributing the Scripture booklets. Thank you for another shipment (1.7 million booklets) that will be given for the Philippines.”

[You can be a part of reaching the islands of the Philippines. Every donation counts – Just one dollar helps us print 28 Scripture booklets! 2,800 Scripture booklets can be produced for an investment of $100!]



Meet the Team

Melissa S.

Partner Communications Associate


I first heard about World Missionary Press about 12 years ago. At that time I was attending a church in Nappanee that would volunteer for World Missionary Press. I have a heart for Jesus and furthering the Kingdom of God. There is no greater feeling than holding God’s truth in your hands. Once that happens God can dispel any lie from the devil in your life because you no longer have general knowledge of who God is— you have a special revelation of His truths. My favorite part of working at WMP is reaching people in their own language to further God’s Kingdom.


I’ve only been working here for 3 weeks, but I feel this is exactly where God has been leading my life. I’m WMP’s new Partner Communications Associate. I keep in touch with our donors and distributors and reach out to organizations who give financially to ministries like WMP. When I’m not working, I like to spend time with family and friends. I enjoy the beach, festivals, fishing, museums, concerts, Main Street Roasters, and the zoo. Sometimes I just like being at home watching DVDs, reading books, listening to music, and puttering around my apartment. I also enjoy writing songs, painting, gardening, and baking.


I have an amazing son and a daughter-in-law. I have three beautiful grandkids who make my heart smile. I am truly blessed to be a mom and grandma. Ohhh… and I have a senior dog who thinks he’s a puppy. His name is Raine Bo.


Grateful Quotes


God’s Word nourishes the children’s souls.


“With all of the unrest in Haiti, it is incredible that the children continue to make their way to the program each week. This month the children are being taught using a Bible study on the book of Matthew from World Missionary Press. The teachers continue to encourage the children to put their faith and trust in Jesus, ensuring that their eternal life is guaranteed even as the world around them is falling apart. Just as the rice and beans nourish their bodies, God’s Word nourishes their souls. Please pray for the safety of the children and the staff as they travel to the program sites and back home and please keep the people of Haiti in your prayers, that the Lord’s peace will prevail in that dark land.”

         —Jim O., Haiti



WMP Partners Around the World


Derryck D.

Trinidad and Tobago

WMP provides Scripture booklets for many of the countries and islands scattered throughout the Caribbean. It has been our desire to establish a centralized point of distribution to help supply the many distributors there. The Lord has led Derryck D. to offer help in getting boxes of booklets into this region. We praise the Lord for this new partner and look ahead to the blessing that will come as the Lord leads.


WMP: Please describe your background and current ministry.

Derryck: My name is Derryck and I serve with Every Home for Christ. I live in Trinidad and Tobago and serve as the National Director for the nation and the Regional Director for the Caribbean. Our mission is to serve the churches in reaching every home on the island with the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We do this by providing literature and training in the areas of prayer, evangelism, and discipleship.


WMP: When did you first learn about WMP?

Derryck: I learned about WMP in 2011. I have only recently been involved in the distribution of material from WMP but some of the other nations in the Caribbean have been involved in the distribution for over 5 years now.


WMP: How does the availability of free literature affect evangelism in your country?

Derryck: The availability of free literature has empowered and encouraged the pastors and other NGOs in a tremendous way. The resources are given to the members and a strategic plan is developed for the people to get out of the 4 walls of the church and go and meet the unbelievers where they are, whether at home, at the grocery, at the malls, the community centers, and every other possible place—even the rum shops and bars. The pastors now have a tool, a resource to help them connect with and pray for the people and still leave a piece of literature in their mail box or under their doors, in case no one is at home.


WMP: What challenges do you have in your country to the free and open distribution of the literature from WMP?

Derryck: The only challenge we may have would be the taxes that the booklets may attract.


WMP: How would you describe the effectiveness of the topical Scripture booklets in your country?

Derryck: I have gone through a series of the booklets. In terms of effectiveness, the only concern of my ministry directors is the length of the booklets. I myself have gone through quite a bit of your resources and even though it’s long, I think it’s quite good. The reality of the current generation is that everyone wants everything quick, rapid, instant.

In recent weeks Derryck has reviewed all the WMP literature and found the Path to Life handout to be especially helpful to many of his distributors. In addition he chose Who Do You Say That I Am?, Help From Above, and How to Know God for his first shipment of 20,000 booklets.