Meeting a Great Need in Mexico

“Blessed is the man who trusts in Him! … Those who seek the Lord shall not lack any good thing.” —Psalm 34:8b, 10b

Reports from ministries serving in various parts of Mexico seem to include one descriptive word in common—LACK. Whether it be jobs, food, education, or hope, there is something lacking. Many areas served by faithful pastors consist of villages that one described as “practically forgotten.”

Pastor F.H. sent this report from a small community of 1,000 inhabitants in Chiapas: “A desire to evangelize in the community awakened in the church even though we did not have the materials appropriate to do it. We prayed for several months to find adequate evangelistic material. We were told about EHC Mexico and immediately called to request literature to overcome this obstacle. When we received the material we immediately went to the community to evangelize, reaching all the families, an activity that resulted in more than 350 souls giving their lives to the Lord.”

In 2017 WMP began our Hope for Mexico campaign to send three semi-trailer loads of Spanish Scripture booklets (at a cost of $80,000 per load) to assist EHC Mexico in completing a nationwide home-to-home evangelism project. Donors responded, and the fully-funded shipments were delivered in January, 2018. EHC Mexico Director, Gloria L. sent a moving message of gratitude:

“As a result of distributing the holy seed sent by World Missionary Press, thousands of people have received the Word of God to feed their hungry souls—people who never had the opportunity to know that there is freedom from the captivity of sin, there is peace for tormented souls, and there is hope for those who roam in darkness.   . . .Thank you. The fruits of your hard work are new believers in Mexico.”

Now, in these days of suffering and uncertainty, there is a strong move among believers in Mexico to carry this message of hope and peace across the country. Hearts are heavy and searching for comfort.

A testimony from Pastor H. demonstrates how the Spirit moves in hearts and uses the power of the Word to fill the lack in a life. As he met a man passing through a park, “we gave him the booklet, Who Am I that a King Would Die in My Place? After taking a couple of steps, he stopped and told me that in neither movies nor tales could you see a king die for the people. He asked, ‘Who is this king?’ I answered that He was the ‘King of kings’ and that His name is Jesus Christ and He died on the cross and rose from the dead to save us from being enslaved by sin. Then he said, ‘What must I do for Him to be my king?’ I told him that you have only to confess your sins to Jesus and accept Him as your Lord and believe in your heart that God lifted Him from the dead and then you shall be saved. I also said, ‘You can find this in the Bible in Romans 10:8-10.’ He decided to receive Christ into his heart, and today enjoys the salvation that only God can provide. This is the main reason why my heart longed to go out to the streets and announce the good news of salvation.”

The emptiness in home after home is being filled as the Word of God is received. Someone comes to the door to offer a Scripture booklet and perhaps some conversation. The booklet stays after the visitor is gone. Weeks may go by, but the message cannot be ignored, and the Spirit touches the heart and brings a lost sheep into the fold.

In recent months, WMP has been able to provide Scripture booklets for a growing work in north central Mexico. After experiencing positive responses from an initial supply and discovering many pastors in the region wanting to receive Scripture booklets, a new order was sent to help with plans for outreach events and strategic distribution. Again and again the Lord leads in His time, bringing new partners and opportunities for Scripture booklets to meet the need of those willing to go into the streets and homes so that none will be “forgotten.”

Along the US/Mexico border, many WMP distributors are sharing with pastors in Mexico and meeting people coming across the border or waiting in groups on one side or the other. Here people are looking. Here God seeks. The love of Jesus is shared by caring for physical needs as well as providing words of truth and hope.

Many years ago, a man felt called to Mexico but was unsure just how to proceed. He began by crossing the border day after day, often just walking and giving out World Missionary Press Scripture booklets. Then he moved into Mexico and began sharing the booklets wherever he could. Year by year the opportunities grew as pastors realized there was a source for reliable, Bible-based literature that could help their own congregations reach their communities. Over the years millions of booklets have been received and shared through this man that at one time carried a single box of booklets across the border on foot.

Praise God for all He is doing to reach the people of Mexico!

[You can help provide God’s Word for Mexico and the world. Every donated dollar helps produce 29 powerful Scripture booklets for people around the world in their own language. An investment of $100 will touch the lives of 2,900 people; $1,000 will impact 29,000 people who need to know God.]



Grateful Quotes

“Help from Above is a mini-Bible”

“I am an evangelist. We take these booklets, along with Bibles, food, and personal items, to physically feed the homeless, the less fortunate struggling since the Covid pandemic, and into the homes of seniors. Our goal is to help meet their needs while also feeding them spiritually with Jesus. . . .

“I have been saved for 32 years now, and I must say the booklets you have provided are far better than any I have ever seen. I already mailed some to people I know in the Philippines and Poland who were all very excited to see you had them in their native tongue.

“I pray that God uses your mission like He has ours. I truly love Help from Above. It’s not just a guide to salvation, but it’s a mini-Bible for Christians to learn how to live a Christ-like life. God bless you for all you have done.”

—Chuck P., Ohio, USA


Meet the Team

Teresa B.
Accounting Assistant

For many years I worked at a local printing company, and WMP was one of our customers. My department had prepared quotes/estimates and invoices for WMP. I found their salvation coloring books were a great tool for my children to get to know Christ better.

I was praying to grow my bookkeeping business as I looked for clients, praying also for opportunities to share the gospel freely with others as well as to be surrounded by other Christians. When I saw the opening for an accounting assistant at WMP, I knew it was an answer to prayer. God had placed me in the right circumstances to be able to take on this important mission at WMP. My goal is to uphold Colossians 3:23 in the workforce: “And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men.”

On March 31, 2021, I started working at WMP as an Accounting Assistant. I love working with like-minded, Christ-filled co-workers and supervisors who love to follow Christ and be a part of God’s plan to spread the gospel around the world.

I have many hobbies such as hiking nature trails, helping others, Bible studies, computers, biking, crafts, cooking, boating, gardening, amateur photography, designing my website, and living a healthy lifestyle.

I love spending time with my family and being involved in church activities with my church family. I have been married to my husband, Joel, for 28 years. He has been my best friend since high school and youth group. Our daughter, Nikki, who will be a senior this fall, is very talented with computers, and we are praying for her to be able to attend a Christian college with a full-ride scholarship to fulfill her dream of becoming a computer software engineer and that God will use her talents to glorify Him.

We attend a local church that has had a positive influence in our family’s life and has nurtured our faith with a great sense of belonging. By God’s grace, we have overcome the trials and tribulations sent by the enemy as our faith in God encouraged us to endure these trials. Although it is not easy to raise a family in today’s world, “But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD (Joshua 24:15b)”.


WMP Partners Around the World

Hope Community Church

Volunteers at World Missionary Press are an integral part of preparing Scripture booklets for distributors around the world. It is a special privilege to have young people come and give of themselves by doing whatever task is needed to assist our staff. They bring a joy and energy that encourages us as we see God preparing the next generation to carry His Word to the world.

WMP: Tell us about Hope Community Church.

Pastor Paul: Hope Community Church is located in Ypsilanti, Michigan. We believe the essential things of the Christian faith. We love and worship Jesus Christ, believing that He died and rose again to pay for our sins. We believe that He is the only way of salvation and that the Bible is God’s truth.

WMP: How did you learn about WMP?

Pastor Paul: We learned about World Missionary Press when Leah, a missionary from our church, met Jay and Vicky Benson nine years ago at a retreat for missionaries. They showed much love for her and interest in her work in Europe. She contacted Pastor Paul and asked if there was any way our church could be a blessing to World Missionary Press, since she herself was receiving such blessing from this wonderful missions-minded ministry.

WMP: How long has the church been working with WMP?

Pastor Paul: In 2013 we brought about thirty volunteers to serve at the Press. The next year as word spread about the joy of serving at WMP, the number of volunteers doubled. Now every year in June, we send about 75 workers, usually in small groups that serve for several days, and are then replaced by the next group.

WMP: How has this partnership blessed your young people?

Pastor Paul: First, it is a lovely training opportunity for our youth. They practice serving Jesus with their whole hearts as they help produce New Testaments and Scripture booklets as well as helping with cleaning, repairs, landscaping, and more. Second, it is a beautiful time of interaction with veteran Christian workers who serve at WMP. They may join us for meals, share their experiences, and give us a vision of how God leads and answers prayer. Third, we learn how God uses WMP Scripture booklets in many lands and languages.

Our young people return home with greater Christian maturity, as they have learned to work together and find joy in doing whatever job is assigned. Every Thanksgiving each family in our church receives a container to fill with coins as they pray for the ministry. It is a blessing to have a small part in this great ministry.

“Last week I was at World Missionary Press with my church volunteering. Working there was the best work I think I have ever done. God is doing something amazing there and growing us who come there to help. I have never experienced something like that, and it has had a big impact on me. The testimonies I heard truly put a lot in perspective that I personally have been going through and showed how faithful God always is in everything. I look forward to volunteering again!”

 —Ayla, volunteer from Hope Community Church