Vital Partnerships in Reaching Every Island and Village in the Philippines

One day a faithful gospel worker knocked on the door of a home in the Philippines. The man who lived there was known as a violent, drunken abuser with many vices. The visitor left a Scripture booklet at the home and traveled on. As a result of that encounter, the man accepted Christ as Savior and now happily attends a local church.

The availability of free Scripture booklets for such distribution is a vital key in fulfilling the mission of bringing the gospel to every home in the Philippines.

Emer E., National Director for Every Home for Christ (EHC) in the Philippines, expressed the importance of working together. “Without partners like you (World Missionary Press), how are we able to bring this sign of hope, the gospel message of salvation, to every doorstep in the Philippines?”


The enormity of reaching every home in a nation of 103 million people—spread over 7,500 islands (700 are inhabited), making up 81 provinces and 120 cities—requires great effort and expense. Receiving a supply of WMP Scripture booklets free of charge is a great help in light of limited local resources to bring Christian literature to every home.

EHC reports that literature distribution has resulted in enormous response and exciting testimonies! The simple, clear message of the gospel can reach through any confusion and deception of traditional or tribal religion. When offered a Scripture booklet, a devout woman of another religion received the message and is now serving the Lord with excitement and joy.

WMP has provided Scripture booklets for our national coordinators in the Philippines for almost 30 years and for EHC for 8 years. Over these years, WMP has provided these partners 27,901,000 pieces of literature with two new shipments currently in process.

“Boxes of the booklets are distributed through mail and shipping, especially in the islands of Visayas and Mindanao, where some of the provinces are infiltrated by communist and Muslim rebels,” wrote Rene L., WMP’s National Coordinator for the Philippines. “Our distributors in this area are fearlessly bringing the Scripture booklets from street to street and house to house, knowing that the Word of God will not return void when it reaches the hearts of their neighborhoods. Some churches there are also doing massive evangelism through these booklets and as a result, new converts are added to their churches.

“Late last year, Bishop Vic R. visited our warehouse here in Bataan to pick up some boxes. What he told me amazed and inspired me. Upon entering our warehouse, he asked for a specific booklet—Help from Above. He wanted to see that booklet again because, according to him, that was the booklet he was reading back in 1982 in college. He said that while sitting in the office of his subordinate, he found this booklet inside the drawer of a table, and while reading it, his subordinate came and shared with him what was in the booklet. Through that booklet he was converted, and today Bishop Vic R. is 53 years old and oversees 30 pastors with 30 churches. Hallelujah! He has been a blessing in many churches all over the Philippines. He is truly unstoppable in spreading God’s Word through these booklets. Today many Christians are inspired and challenged by his testimony to boldly spread the gospel of salvation through these booklets.”

Pastor Rene concluded, “We are praying that the great demand for these booklets will be met through the generosity of hearts there in America. May the Lord continue to touch your lives as we move forward to this great harvest in the end times.”

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Grateful Quotes

Sharing a treasure—Help From Above

“I shall be handing out these [booklets] as I seek to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and show God’s love for all people in my home area. Almost 90% of the population in this area are Chinese nationals, and many now eagerly respond to the gospel. We have many false religions about, so the work of evangelizing for Christ Jesus is very important all the time.

Help From Above is an important booklet to give to new or [mature] Christians. This is the booklet I received over 40 years ago when I was growing in the faith. I have treasured this booklet and love to share it with others. It is my reward to see a face light up with the words of Jesus and His gospel and to hear a voice say, ‘I believe in Jesus.’

“THANK YOU in the name of Jesus for your work for Him and His glory, and for enabling the gospel and the Word of God to go forth in these wonderful days of missionary work. God bless you.” —Alison R., Australia


Meet the Team

Landon K.

IT Assistant

I first heard about World Missionary Press when my high-school youth group volunteered here for one of the marathon events that goes late into the night.

I was coming to the end of a college internship in October of 2017 when my dad heard an advertisement on WFRN for an open house tour of WMP. He ended up going and found there was a full-time position available in the IT Department. Initially I thought WMP would be a good place to work because of the positive and caring environment and that this would be a wonderful opportunity to give back to God after all He had done to get me through college. I thought income could be somewhat of a challenge, but as the Lord had provided so much for me time and again, I went ahead and applied and have been working here since November of 2017.

My main duty is assisting Greg, WMP’s Systems Manager, in helping employees of WMP when their computers have issues (or refuse to work altogether). I also put together informational presentations about WMP that are displayed for staff, volunteers, and visitors to view throughout the day.

I love seeing a group of people come together like a family and truly care for each other beyond the expectations of a standard work environment. Although I don’t always express this, due to my somewhat reserved nature, I truly appreciate all that the WMP staff does for me and admire what they do for each other.

When I’m not working, I’m either volunteering at my church youth group or spending quality time with friends and family. I play sports and bike for exercise and enjoy reading from time to time. I keep my mind sharp by playing strategic board and video games and by working on jigsaw and Sudoku puzzles. I am currently living at home with my parents and have an older sister who has been married almost two years.



WMP Partners Around the World

Harry and Echo V., Swaziland

Harry and Echo V. with The Luke Commission (TLC) have been using WMP literature in Swaziland, a small African nation, since 2005. From a small shipment of 303 boxes to a full 20-foot container with 2,560 ten-pound boxes of Scripture booklets, Bible studies, and salvation coloring books in English, SiSwati, and Zulu, their involvement with World Missionary Press has grown as opportunities to minister to the Swazi people have grown.


WMP: Please describe the vision and purpose of your ministry.

TLC: The primary purpose of The Luke Commission Compassionate Ministry is to take Jesus Christ to those who are physically and spiritually sick. By establishing a strong trusting relationship with patients, the gospel is received with greater confidence. Operating since 2005 under the direction of Dr. Harry and Echo V., we take free healthcare to the most isolated and under-served populations in partnership with the Swazi people and the Ministry of Health.


WMP: How does WMP literature help fulfill your purpose?

TLC: Since first partnering with World Missionary Press in 2005, we have distributed thousands of your Scripture booklets at TLC rural mobile hospital outreaches set up at rural Swazi schools throughout Swaziland. Every adult patient who sees one of TLC’s doctors receives a booklet in SiSwati. TLC so appreciates that way back at the beginning of the ministry, when we could not find any tracts written in SiSwati, World Missionary Press stepped forward and offered to print two Scripture booklets—The Way to God and Help from Above—in the languages of the people we serve.

Thirteen years later, these booklets are still preferences among the patients and their families. We watch Swazis read them and put them in their pockets for later, knowing they are hearing from Jesus through your booklets. Countless booklets and Bible studies are also circulated in English, which is taught extensively in Swazi schools.

WMP: How does the printed material from WMP touch the hearts of the children you treat?

TLC: Receiving a booklet declares a child’s worth in the eyes of Jesus and His followers. It gives them something to call their own as well as something to share. It lets them read about God in their own language or gives them practice in English while receiving the clear gospel message. Their delight is obvious in their smiles and the skips in their steps.


WMP: Please explain how WMP booklets reach throughout Swaziland.

TLC: Every patient, young and old, who comes through the pharmacy is given two or three WMP booklets in their bags of medications. Hundreds of patients from each medical outreach take these booklets home to read at their leisure, to absorb as the Holy Spirit leads, and to share with family and friends.

In the past 13 years, TLC has given two million services free to Swazis who live in rural, often forgotten regions. Accompanying those services, and the patients who receive them, are the printed Scripture booklets from World Missionary Press. To God be the glory!

“When we first drove up to the World Missionary Press headquarters in Indiana years ago, your staff helped us load our SUV with booklets bound for Swaziland. We were impressed by their commitment to spread the words of Jesus to people throughout the world. That commitment and your partnership with us have never faltered. Now we receive containers in Swaziland, and for that we are more than grateful.” —Dr. Harry V., chief medical officer and co-founder of The Luke Commission