The Power of the Resurrection

“That I may know Him and the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of His sufferings, being conformed to His death.” – Philippians 3:10

At this time of year, thoughts of Christ’s sacrifice for sin and His resurrection from the dead three days later draw us to renewed fellowship with our Creator. Hearts and minds dwell lovingly on the promise of eternal life and heaven. Even now we are blessed to have access to the power of the resurrection and to see that power demonstrated in transformed lives, homes, and cities.


Armed with God’s Word clearly presented in WMP Scripture booklets, believers boldly go where only dead, man-made idols are known. “We are on missions now in an idol-dominated district, but God is transforming lives here. The Way to God and How to Know God literature helps a lot in places like this.”


One of the hallmarks of Christianity has always been the transformed life. Only God can give a new heart and a new spirit. A ministry working among unreached people groups in Africa testifies that the impact of the gospel is not only in calling people to Christ, but also in changing their manner of thinking and life conditions as they receive Jesus Christ as Savior. “Old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.”


Mr. M. from Democratic Republic of the Congo acknowledged that he had not known what sin really was, but now through the Bible studies, he understands what sin is and its consequences. In one area, “We are seeing a total change in the area as people stop their drinking and sorcery activities. Bibles and booklets are received and read. God is protecting us within the insecurity we face in the area. . . . Despite insecurity, we won souls for Jesus.”


When Oromiffa Scripture booklets were distributed in Northern Kenya and Southern Ethiopia, Joseph O. wrote, “Thousands of people in the most remote and tribal places on earth are being evangelized.” He was happy to note that every single Scripture booklet previously sent had been passed out, and they were needing another year’s worth.


By offering Scripture portions in 350 languages and providing them free of charge, World Missionary Press is a vital resource for anyone anywhere who wants to share with others the marvel of God’s redeeming love that transformed their lives. Many times when a booklet is received and the title read, an aching empty heart is drawn to know more. As the Scripture verses are read, the Spirit of God makes them real and personal. Hope flickers and is fanned into a flame. The power that raised Christ from the dead begins to work in the heart and eternal life is born.


In Bolivia, some of the government officials who had wanted to shut down all churches several years ago were given jail sentences. While there, they received the gospel in prison and were born again! Two of them are now working for the Lord’s cause. As Peter G. pointed out, “The Word of our God is powerful, no matter where it gets handed out!”


John B., a CMA Motorcyclist for Jesus, wrote, “Your company is like a silent Herald Newspaper, and we are the ‘paper boys’ calling out, ‘Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Jesus Christ has saved the whole world from sin and death and is giving out free gifts to all who believe the Good News in His message—EXTRA! EXTRA! Read All About It!’ Thanks to WMP, I am one of your paperboys!”


None are beyond the reach of God’s love and saving power. From a poor and needy widow in India, to a desperately suicidal woman in Brazil, to a lonely soldier in Colombia, to a prisoner in Paraguay—all received a Scripture booklet from someone they did not know, but who carried the name of Jesus in word and deed. World Missionary Press sent out more than 80 million Scripture booklets in the past year.  Those who requested them are busy spreading the word.


The world will feel the shaking as dominions fall to the mighty power of the resurrection.


Pressures against the gospel in India continue to grow. But God has His faithful ones, taking the Scripture booklets from village to village. Pastor Abraham reports planting two new churches in totally Hindu villages as a direct result of WMP literature. In each village, a few showed interest and talked to him, asking questions about the gospel. He was able to lead them to salvation in Jesus Christ. They spread the word and others came, who also accepted Christ. That’s how there came to be 25 believers in one village and 30 believers in the other!


The power of the resurrection can work through God’s people to enliven and bless the world if we are willing to acknowledge that we have no power of our own and allow His Word and His Spirit to have total access to our hearts and minds for His glory and for the salvation of precious souls.


[You can be involved in bringing the power of the resurrection to places around the world. Every donated dollar provides for the production of 28 powerful Scripture booklets for people around the world in their own language. An investment of $100 will touch the lives of 2,800 people; $1,000 will impact 28,000 people who need to have hope in God.]


Grateful Quotes

“Young people have abandoned addiction and accepted Jesus.”


“Beloved brother in Christ, I would like once again to thank your ministry that for more than 35 years has sent us this wonderful literature that has helped us so much to evangelize all of Brazil.


“Here in São Paulo there is a place called ‘Cracklandia,‘ where hundreds of young people live drugged 24 hours a day. [Note—This block of buildings is home to the biggest concentration of crack users in the country.]


“We are evangelizing these young people with the literature sent by you and many young people have abandoned the addiction and accepted Jesus as the Savior of their soul. I thank God for this ministry. May God bless you all.”


—Jose N., Brazil


[This faithful major distributor received 600,000 WMP Scripture booklets through the “Blessings for Brazil” campaign to send 6 million booklets in three 40-foot containers to Brazil. Thank you to all who participated in our special project for Brazil! The fruit is being harvested.]


Meet the Team

Roger W.

WMP Board Member


I was born into a pastor’s family, attended Bethel University, and graduated with a Christian Ministry degree in 1992. I went on to pastor churches in Michigan, Nebraska, and Indiana. In 2017, I accepted a position at Feed the Hungry as Director of Ministry Programs. In this role, I oversee our international feeding program, which is currently feeding more than 400,000 children each day in 24 countries. And now, since November of 2021, I am a corporate member on the board of World Missionary Press.


I first heard about WMP through my youth group when I was a kid. We went for a tour and packed boxes. When I started at Feed the Hungry, I learned that we used WMP resources to share with our feeding partners. WMP has been a great resource to share with the children and families we serve. Seeing the impact that WMP was having on our programs encouraged me to participate in a bigger way with the ministry. I love being part of an organization that is taking seriously Jesus’ mandate to “preach the gospel” and “make disciples of all people.”


When I’m not working, I like to fish. I also have an aquarium in my office at work and play harmonica. My wife Susan and I have been married for 30 years. She works as a school administrator in South Bend, Indiana. My oldest daughter Charlotte works at WMP, and my youngest daughter Claire is an interior designer. She and her husband Greg live in Arlington, Texas.


WMP Partners Around the World

David M.

South Sudan

Since becoming a new nation in 2011, South Sudan has struggled to find stability. A peace deal in 2018 provided for a transitional government which was formed in 2020. In spite of issues yet to be resolved, continuing unease with Muslim Sudan in the North, and recurring violence within the nation, there has been increased freedom to share the gospel and support Sudan’s believers. With more than 70% of the population under the age of 30, the need for the truth of God’s Word is critical to the survival and salvation of an entire nation. In partnership with Every Home for Christ, World Missionary Press has been providing Scripture booklets for Sudan/South Sudan for thirteen years.

WMP: David, how long have you been with Every Home for Christ Sudan?


David: I have been involved with EHC in South Sudan for three years, working with World Missionary Press literature. All the booklets in various languages are such a joy for our ministry. We know that God has made this connection.


WMP: What is the particular emphasis of your ministry at this time?


David: EHC is establishing an initiative to reach the unreached tribes of South Sudan. Of 64 tribes represented in the country, 27 are listed as unreached. Many do not have a written language.


WMP: Are all parts of the country open for the gospel?


David: The past two years have brought openings into greater Sudan. God has also opened huge doors into the Nuba Mountains, Darfur in the west, and Khartoum—without persecution or hindrance. To reach these areas we need more material.

WMP: What languages do you need?


David: Although English and Arabic are the dominant languages of the country, many unreached tribes have their own languages. We need booklets in the Dinka and Nuer languages to reach a greater number of people. EHC Sudan staff members can help translate booklets into these languages. [Scripture booklets in Dinka and Nuer are in process.]




The need for gospel literature in Africa is intense! Through a WMP donor’s gift of $211,000 to send Scripture booklets to “the corners of the earth,” a challenge campaign is in process to double that amount and send four 40-foot containers to South Sudan, Russia, Ethiopia, Argentina, and a partial container to Romania. You can help answer the cry of those who need the seed to sow.